Maha Chohan (Great Lord), NYC, 10-10-37, excerpts:

I wish you to realize for your encouragement and strength that it takes more than an ordinary outpouring of divine love, earnestness, sincerity and determination to draw the attention and power of the Great Initiator. As St. Germain's Work is the activity required for the Earth today, so it is my obligation and privilege to sustain his Work.

Some repelled things of the light were strong within seekers but nothing was ever consumed because the consuming idea and understanding was not there. In all the centuries past there have been civilizations of which rarely more than 25% came to this great height of Understanding (I AM/Brahman), but the mass of mankind having free will would not accept it. Therefore, We just had to take our hands off. The Great Divine Director has consumed two-thirds of your own human creation to give you greater freedom and strength in consuming the remainder. Understand and accept the fullness of his power.

Do not use those words--Mighty Focuses of Light, Retreats--lightly in your outer world today! Today the power, the activity which is within those Retreats has come to you in the outer world. This light, the light of the world has begun its journey in the Earth to free mankind. You are the one who needs attention, each one! Never have opinions about somebody else! If you do, then you are charging your world with whatever that feeling is! "how can I stop those feelings which want to mind the other person's business?" Well, it has to be done! There is only one thing that produces ill health and that is discord in the feelings! We have observed the rebellion in mankind among so many people when the Messengers tell them that they must govern the sex activity. You cannot waste thayt energy and have your freedom! It like anything else has become a habit. All energy even that used thruout nature passes thru my being from the great octave of light above the physical world. Can it be possible that anyone for a momentary sensation would want to waste my energy, or that which is released thru Me to produce their perfection? We condemn no one! You are your own condemnation in the limitations which you have drawn around yourselves. When you have found that you are making mistakes, please do not condemn yourself. Try to do the same thing as the Messengers did. They had to win their victory by dynamic powerful application. Keep it up, o blessed ones, with ever increasing joy and intensity. Every one who is vicious toward this Work is scared lest he be deprived of his own sense gratification. Remember, the I AM cannot wonder if, cannot doubt.

I say to all the students under St. Germain thruout America and the world: within a few days there has come the great final outpouring to the children of the light (of a certain cycle). Having drawn the attention and assistance of the Great Initiator and Myself, it should bring the victory very quickly to every I AM student in America and the world who is sincere. Your heart cannot be troubled for it is the heart of the Mighty I AM Presence! We clothe you in the great eternal light and its instantaneous eternal victory. I thank you.

Elohim Cyclopea, NYC, 10-10-37, excerpts:

Within the All-Seeing Eye of God, with the All-Hearing Ear of god is the means by which individuals may understand their position as outposts of the Godhead. Each one of you is a focus of that Presence wherever you move. To the degree that you keep yourselves harmonious, call forth and pour out the activity from your Presence do you bless or mar the great cosmic perfection which is always endeavoring to come forth. The All-Seeing Eye of god within you, within your brain never forgets!

In the years ahead after the great change there will be thousands of people in America who will be able to receive in this same manner as this Messenger--words flashed before the physical eyes by whosoever is dictating--it is but the natural process and activity (of attunement) which is within every person. Today in the octave of the ascended masters They communicate great distances by flashing their light to each other.

No one ever did or ever will control his thought who does not control the feeling first. It is not possible because the feeling is the powerhouse, and unless that is regulated, thought will express what is in the feeling!

Light is the father of the universe, the only doer! There is no death, never was, never can be in the whole universe! All is life and its eternal expression and manifestation. The stream of life, which is light and energy, withdraws from the garment that has become useless, leaving it to disintegrate.

In your bank-vaults today which are even 12-18 inches thick of solid steel, light will penetrate thru that steel and make visible what is within. Your Presence has projected the light pattern upon which your physical structure is built. That is what your Presence projected, not the limitations which you express and which came from the power of qualification. I see the whole picture of your eternal youth. Just now as I look upon you I do not see your outer forms. Please accept the pristine fully that I may see it strong enough to cause it to outpicture. Let Me cause you to feel eternal youth acting with full power so you may sing and speak with the voice of your Presence, never again interfered with by anything.

O these precious young people! How I long to take them by the hand and thru my hand-clasp charge into their feeling world such a power that no imperfection could ever act again. Just let this go on and on, producing beauty, perfection and divinity on Earth. Not only will perfection be achieved among mankind once again, but divine ones in the fullness of their perfection will once again walk and talk with mankind. I thank you.

Silent Watcher, NYC, 10-12-37, excerpts:

The war entity is the created form, dear people, which draws into itself the destructive qualities of war, and when mankind becomes too discordant, it seizes upon one or more individuals among mankind and instigates war. It stirs up one nation against another for no reason at all. In all the wars that have ever been on the face of this earth, & I have watched them all, there has never been a reasonable cause for one, not once! Any excuse was used to pit men against each other under some pretense, usually for commercial purposes. The great cry of mankind has gone up so long! And now the explanation is being given for the first time. These from mankind came into our great octaves of light and have called to the power of the Great Central Sun as you know it. They have called for the power of the great cosmic light to be released to prevent mankind destroying itself.

No longer will the discordant destructive qualities and creations of mankind retard the progress and freedom of the Earth. With tremendous speed this great cosmic light is being charged into the atmosphere of Earth, and hundreds of thousands of discarnate entities, earthbound for years and centuries, are being taken out of the Earth, for they have harassed mankind in every conceivable way. Never waiver in your call to the Presence, remembering its law is all-powerful. You are the victory of light in the acceptance of your Presence and your call to it. Learn to still yourself. Then in your firm calm determined call, the greater volume and intensification of its energy will flow into your heart first, then into your brain and you will feel clearly and definitely its promptings concerning what you should do when you call.

I wish all to know that in the ascended masters' Understanding of the great law of life, which is your life, the outer world has no authority at all. The only ones who know the solution of life are the ascended masters who have lived in mankind and by their call have released themselves from the earth limitations. No one is compelled to come to the classes of the abundantly blessing Messengers, but thousands could come and be harmonious within the freedom which is here in the Teachings of St. Germain. It will not apply itself, but you can if you will apply it with infinite power, freedom and glory and bring to you the supply of every good thing your heart desires for use. The Presence is your life and beats every heart in this room, the heart of everyone in the world, and the individual who is foolish enough to be stubborn or who will not receive this truth will go down in his limitations in the years ahead. I AM not talking to hear Myself! Europe and the Orient are in such a state that unless some great cosmic miracle, so called, is performed there is little hope, but America which is still free in the call of her blessed people shall remain so. Do you know, beloved people, that should the third episode in Washington's vision take place in your America there would scarcely be enough people left on the Earth to make one small city?

I do not mean that you should become excited or frenzied. You know the assistance and the call which are required. The great simple truth is that previously the individual's attention has not been called to his own God Presence, which beats each heart. Without that, beloved people, I say to you there is no hope for any man on Earth! There is no stabilization, no anchorage anywhere. This is the final battle between light and darkness upon the Earth. Being Silent Watcher to this Earth I know whereof I speak, and I lend all of the powers of my being to produce the victory of light in America and the world. I say, in all mankind there is not the power which is in one of my hands.

Poor unfortunate men who quibble over the idea that St. Germain has been put ahead of Jesus! What a silly nonsensical thing! Jesus is assisting in this Work for mankind as much as St. Germain and so many of the other ascended masters. The Gods of the Mountains, the God Tabor, Meru, Himalaya and the Guardian of the Swiss Alps, are doing tremendous work for mankind. These great beings, beloved people, are real! Where your attention is, there you are! What your attention is upon you become! Do not lose sight of that, please, if you want to be free!

Maitreya's Era: Silent Watcher dictation continued--