Silent Watcher (continued):

Until individuals turn away from imperfection and turn to the Presence, allowing the power of the Presence to dissolve it by the use of the violet consuming flame, and to envelop them in the tube of light which makes them invincible to discord, how in the world can the people have freedom? I say to the beloved ones, you cannot compel people to listen, but wherever there is opportunity, let each one at least try to gain one or more individuals' attention to this light. Put the power of your I AM Presence in your decrees to open the way and let these broadcasts go thruout the whole of America. It is the quickest means by which the attention of mankind may be called to this great Presence. In a ten-day class only a small part of this Work can be covered, but the Messengers can give enough to enable mankind to understand the power of the Presence, apply it and have their freedom. Tonight, as blessed Lotus broadcasts, I utilize the opportunity to amplify it with tremendous power and speed that it might go forth and do its work everywhere.

Let Me tell you that actually, tangibly, today starts that great Legion of light across the face of the Earth. Remember it! Feel it with all the power of your entire being. That mighty Legion today starts its move across the face of the Earth and all human darkness shall disappear!

Our blessed Lotus! Beloved people of Earth, you will never know (outwardly) the service that she has rendered. Remember, today the effort is almost nothing in comparison to the first year that they gave out this Work. Then they had to break down the human walls of doubts, fears, criticism, condemnation and hate. Those walls went down every time and Our eternal love, blessing and gratitude pour to these Messengers.

If you need money, say: Mighty I AM Presence, I must have money. Release it into my hands and use thru the power of divine love! Then stand and be receptive to whatever direction you will receive, for you will be caused to do whatever is necessary in assisting in its release.

May you feel the great, the mighty truth of the words I have spoken. Let them do for you all I should love to do. Feel their strength, power and courage flooding your feeling world, your being, with the power which they are. Have the eternal glory and freedom come quickly into your experience, which is permanent and eternal. All that you are gaining these days is yours forever! In the fullness of the Presence of the great cosmic light I call it to enfold each one of you in its strength, in its alertness, in its activity, in its mighty directing intelligence, to clothe you in itself and carry you forward quickly into the full consciousness of your dominion and freedom in the power of your application. Permanent results come only thru your own dynamic application!

Mighty I AM Presence of each one of these beloved ones, every I AM student thruout America and the world, charge their feeling worlds this hour with the power of thy courage, strength and thy eternal freedom. sustain them in thy activity and power of light until the outer consciousness gainst the full realization of thy power of light and its eternal freedom acting in and thru each individual who will give his attention to it. Great powers of light: strengthen mankind! Cut them free from every limitation of every kind! Seize and bind all entities, carnate and discarnate, take them from the octave of Earth, and set all mankind free forever, that the fullness of each one may find its immediate dominion. I thank you.

Goddess of Liberty, NYC, 10-13-37, excerpts:

O beloved America, how great is your mission! O people of America, how great is the service you have rendered and are still to render! O I know you are not quite fully conscious yet of what the past week means to you and America! Just try to feel the full importance of these great beings who came in person and gave these dictations. Without your attention these great ones are unable to render the service which is required. Without your call They could not do it and would not, because you are the cause of your limitations. There is no other discordant destructive force in the universe but that which is created by mankind.

I say this to you tonight: if it had not been for the Statue of Liberty in your harbor, New York would not be in existence today! If it had not been for the Christ of the Andes, South America would have been in the condition of Spain today (Civil War). For when the Christ vanishes from a country, their people perish. The greatest tragedy on the face of the Earth today is men who try to take from others their faith in God.

Now let Us join in one mighty activity! May the service America needs be rendered quickly? All infinite power is invisible, and so it was in the activity which gave America her founding freedom! St. Germain tried in every conceivable way to help the people to see, but the ignorance and arrogance of the human is terrible to behold. There is not anything so great in this world as to be humble before this great Presence and power, your Mighty I AM, firm and strong against human suggestions, but humble as a babe before the great Presence which gives you life. Not so long ago in your blessed city of New York there was anchored an activity which would have destroyed the Earth, because it was the head of the sinister force whose body rests over Europe.

Read o read, beloved ones, the magnificent things which St. Germain and other ascended ones have brought forth for your use and blessing. So many have passed by the opportunity to know, to understand and to use these things and give obedience as He has asked. It would make them impervious to discordant things, for these must return and mankind must meet the qualities they have sent out. How they will cry out for mercy because of a lost opportunity.

Therefore dear ones, remember that it is only thru the outpouring of love, kindliness and blessing that mankind open their doors to the power of their Mighty I AM Presence to set them free. They cannot have their freedom unless they know where and how to call.

Never before has the cosmic light come to the assistance of mankind. It is the consciously projected activity from the heart of the great intelligence who governs this system of worlds, which the Messengers have brought to you as the Great Central Sun. It is consciously projected by those great beings there.

Make more earnest dynamic efforts in your call! You can have the assistance if you will! We cannot force it upon you! You who have gained your present position in the understanding of the Presence can never lose it in the world! Before you retire tonight, anyone could stand on the floor in the silence of his chamber with no one present and in a low firm voice call to your Presence: Mighty I AM Presence, take command of every mind and body in New York tonight! Hold your dominion and produce your perfection in the mind, body, world and activity of everyone in America. What do you think it would do? Call on the law of forgiveness for all the mistakes of the people of New York. Then call down the powers of light and love and blessing upon all of them. Think what that service would do. O beloved ones, do all you can, won't you? Those great ones see and know the service which you are rendering, and hence, have come to you rescue. Will you allow Them and urge others of mankind to allow Them to complete the victory? I thank you.

Pelleur, NYC, 10-13-37, excerpts:

We from the interior of the Earth are cooperating with the great cosmic light and with that which is on the earth surface to hasten the release of the greatest perfection for the Earth. Let the wisdom of your Presence bring all about in its own good time. Your discordant creation must be consumed before the visual revealing of the ascended masters can take place.

We were driven into the interior of Earth by the discord on its surface, by the invading hordes whom We did not care to slaughter, so We withdrew of out their reach. In our civilization within the interior of Earth there is no discord because our beings are trained from childhood to be harmonious. The outer experience of mankind is but a make-believe existence--it is not the real. Sometimes I have longed to bring you to visit Us and see in this great wonderful blaze of light its great calm stillness and peace and the solft white light which has neither night nor day.

If your time is cut short by needed service in the outer world, you can have the rest in two hours which you ordinarily have in eight if you but consciously call your Mighty I AM Presence into action to produce that blessing for you. Then be careful what you do in the morning when you first awaken. Every inch you gain in the call to your Presence remains.

I rejoice to see how still you are able to become. Is it not strange that mankind have been so governed by feelings of the outer world, when beating each heart is the great calm sea of the eternal silence? It has thus been established. When you wish to again return into this silence, you will find you can do it instantly, sometimes out of very great seeming agitation. Try to accept this in the fullness of its power and let it act for you. Remember, the light is taking its dominion upon the earth. Feel this day another step in the great victory gained. We thank you.

Maitreya's Era: