Lanto, Grand Teton staff meeting, 8-30-37, excerpts:

Beloved ones, your efforts have not been in vain. There shall come the fulfillment in its fullness of that great desire within your heart, which is the creative activity of your Mighty I AM Presence. Remember, every constructive desire of your heart is your God-power! I welcome you into our radiation, into the nearness of that which was once your home! Today you have taken the first step of entering within tose great great walls, whose magnificence and splendor are scarcely excelled anywhere. Today there is a record made of each one of you on thin sheets of gold. It means if you will you can win the victory quickly--all of you; but it also means a firm command upon yourself, to hold it under control.

Should you decide to come up to the lake in the morning, I shall be there with you and several others, not for a dictation but for a radiance which We shall be happy to give you. This spot bnrings you within the direct radiance of the Grand Teoton. Feel its great power flood your being and world! Qualify it to be eternally sustained and active to produce its perfection in you and your world. I just want you for a few moments to drink in this radiance in its fullness! Just feel it charge your minds, bodies and activities with its mighty conquering expanding perfecting power to produce perfection and give you the courage, strength and assistance which are required to win your victory more quickly than might otherwise be.

Now notice closely what I shall say! The one who came to establish this Retreat projected forth the power of the Unfed Flame and made the Tube or entrance. Then that one went down into the Tube with the same Unfed Flame and cut out the Great Audience Chamber. That mighty one did not have to dispose of the refuse, for there was none. By the same power of those rays He polished the walls more perfectly than any instrument in the outer world can do today. Within the Cave of Symbols were prepared the metals, the sheets of gold which have been used to make all those records. For more than one thousand years the making of those records by hand has gone on. We always have the etheric record, ever accurate, which is the counterpart of the outer record. We took all of the important records from the Alexandrian Library before the fire started. We went to the Vatican and took what We wished from there. Why do you suppose these certain jewels have been held within the Royal Teton for so many many centuries, thousands of centuries? Because there are those who must one day wear them and wield the power which they give for the lifting of the mankind of Earth. I trust those may be some or all of you. Do not let anyone or what some one else does disturb you. Just be at peace and rest, trusting the great Presence to do the perfect thing, and as you continue to call it into action, it cannot help but do all you require.

My child of long ago, Lotus, the great cosmic light is soon to do its great and perfect work! The greatest thing which can be done is to call this cosmic light to do its perfect work for China and India. The distortion that drove into China and India thru the priesthood was the thing which makes the deplorable condition there today. In Tibet the fanaticism has grown so great that but for Our Knowledge of the great cosmic light and its refining purifying activity, there would be but little hope for the restoration of that once great nation. Still, you shall all see the great change which will take place in the next hundred years there. Try not to feel human responsibility, but place all of the responsibility in the hands of your Mighty I AM Presence, knowing it is all-powerful to direct, to protect and to regulate all that is required--remember! Everyone must regulate his own life. We must handle the people as children and just be patient.

If there be disturbance in your body, feel the sparkling golden light from your Presence flow thru your body covering every nerve and cell in it. Then feel that light substance penetrate every cell and flow around your body as you call it down from your Presence. Dear ones, if you really get as you call it the click on that activity, you can sweep out of your body within two or three minutes any disturbance that might register there. Go on and on knowing there is no longer such a thing as failure in your vocabulary or in your feeling world. The elixir of life is a real wondrous thing, a clear as crystal liquid that will purify man's form so quickly and make every cell release its own mighty radiance. O be firm, dear ones, in a great calm poise and feeling of mastery. Be so kindly and sweet to everyone! Just feel our arms about you in loving protection, guard and strength. then with great firmness hold your own poise and Self-control.

In the glory and radiance of the Royal Teton I salute you and clothe you in my radiance. I qualify it to be forever sustained and active within and about you, to more quickly perfect you and your world, if you care to accept my humble efforts.

Lord Maitreya, New York City, 10-8-37, excerpts:

Awake! Arise, o children of New York! Your light is come! Your victory is assured in this light. All ascended masters are very practical, but I think Saint Germain is perhaps the most practical of any because his Work is concerned more with mankind's octave than that of most of the other ascended masters, although many have joined in this tremendous activity, hoping now to free mankind. May I add my assurance tonight, although it has been so often given, that your attention to your Presence is the most powerful thing in the entire universe? There is the need of your complete cooperation in your feeling with your call to the Presence. When you have made your call to the Presence, do not let your human have a single opinion about it except to accept its full outer picture or manifestation of that which you have called for. It is not that the powers of the Presence are limited in any way, but your application of them at the present, and in the present condition of the world, needs very great discrimination. While this is my first time in coming close into the radiance of the students, yet I say to you, I AM rejoiced to find as much purification going on as has already been accomplished. Whatever you gain in the outer world of mankind today is a greater victory than if you went within the seclusion of the Retreats as in the past. We who have been the Initiators of mankind for hundreds of centuries know the exact requirements, beloved ones, of everyone.

You think your experiences of the outer world are severe, but they are not in comparison to those which the individual went thru in the centuries when St. Germain and others gained their victories. That which St. Germain refers to as the sinister force is but human creation, your own creation, beloved ones, insofar as you have allowed discord to find action and expression thru you. In all the initiations of the past no one had greater forces pitted against him in his tests in winning his victory than this good brother standing before you. The Presence enabled him to be free from fear when he saw and knew these destructive individuals of some momentum were watching every moment, waking or sleeping, to catch him unaware in order to snap the lifestream and release him from the body.

Remember, my energy, my light, my qualities which go forth are intelligent. They go forth into the mental and feeling world, finding their way to everyone here who is attuned sufficiently to let them act. Say with determination: "Not once again shall anyone less than pure touch my mental world or touch me, so get out!"

If the inhabitants of your city saw the inner activity tonight they would declare a terrific conflagration was going on in New York. It is but that conflagration only destroys and removes imperfection within, about and of the human creation. It is tremendously interesting to watch the awakening of mankind and to see the homecoming of so many. Some few individuals have been entity conscious. They have revolved such things in their minds until they have disturbed themselves. We want that to cease among the students everywhere. Be calm, firm and determined in the power of your Presence and all perfection will flood forth into and thru your world. Let Me help you against the acceptance of any lack or illness. Therefore, live in that power of your life. Feel it deeply! Be it! Be the glory of God your Mighty I AM Presence in full command, full dominion, full power and action.

I use this opportunity to extend my love, greetings and blessings to all the students of St. Germain thruout America and the world. I trust that We shall meet again in the glorious victory of the light of your Mighty I AM Presence. Tonight from the great octave of light from which I come, at the request of these ministering so earnestly, I have anchored a ray of light from that octave into your city of New York, also one in Los Angeles for the activities of the future, to hold the balance of the east and west in beloved America. I thank you.

Maitreya's Era: