Mary the Mother, Glendale, 6-30-37, excerpts:

Beloved children of the light and of America, why should I not speak to you? The need is very great, as it was in the time of our Ministry so long ago. Beloved ones, my friends of long ago, We are entering into the eternal perfection which all have worked for so earnestly thruout the centuries. Many times, from the dimness of the light within mankind, it did look uncertain.

I make the call to the infinite source of light once every 24 hours--according to your time--in praise, thanks and blessing to Saint Germain for this Work which He has given to mankind. One day you will come to know how wonderfully true it all is. May I tonight for an hour just be a mother to all of you? You know a mother has power to convey a feeling to her child or her children, sometimes stronger than a father. One day not so far distant you will come to know this too as a great reality--you will speak heart to heart to each other thru the feeling, as definitely as you now speak to each other in words.

We often use worded expressions but still it is not really necessary. As soon as We have a thought, the color flashes which reveals the feeling because the thought carries the form and the feeling the color. It is just as natural as breathing and is absolutely definite. You come to know what each color and thoughtform mean as they appear. Thought and feeling are completely invisible but are absolutely tangible to you. Beloved ones, will you please feel how natural all of this Instruction is? Once you come to a place where you are beginning to feel your dominion and your victory, o what a change in your world takes place. Only by having your attention fixed upon the Supreme Giver of life can this possibly come about and be sustained. One must know where one's focus of perfection is.

At the time of my Son's Ministry We were taught this identical application. Jesus was taught it by the Great Divine Director. Then He taught John and Myself. This very Instruction enabled Us to soon follow Him in the ascension. These are not unusual things; only because mankind has not understood them do they seem at first unusual, but in all manifestation and activity of life there is not one single thing unusual, beloved ones. According to the advancement of the individuals do mankind receive clearly or partially the portion of the law, which is released by whatever feeling is within them.

The inception of the Catholic Church was brought about by and thru the power of the ascended masters, and since guarded by Them. If mistakes began to creep in too much, they were checked. Today, beloved ones, in all activities of attention on the divinity, the culminating point is arriving, closing into this one central point: the Mighty I AM Presence! We see that! We know this must come!

Your beloved Messengers have grown steadily more fearless since the beinning. That is why so many people have accepted this blessed Understanding of the Mighty I AM Presence. Many times the Messengers have said to individuals in reference to the orthodox world: "Go forth fearlessly and speak the truth! Let everyone be free to accept or reject it." Never try to force the truth upon anyone. Pour love and blessing to the people! Call their Mighty I AM Presence into action to awaken them to the truth and remember always that all activity of the Presence is NOW! People must be turned to their Presence! It is the only way mankind can come to a point of decision about themselves.

There are both the Motherhood and Fatherhood of God. They are two mighty elements which are acting in the world of amnkind all the time. Intellect represents the father, heart the mother. The great beauty and power of this application is that it only requires right motive and great sincerity within the individual. Some have discovered the great fundamental: that as long as their feeling keeps harmonious and their call to the Presence goes forth into action, every call is answered very quickly. When you stand in and to your Mighty I AM Presence it means that you are undivided in your attention, in its power.

If every word used in your so-called courts of justice today were so simple that the layman could understand it, great would be the divine justice to all! Be not discouraged, beloved ones! St. Germain has told you so truly that owing to the great cosmic law, it is becoming more and more possible for the ascended masters to release greater power and light. The imperfection of mankind has come to its breaking-point, beloved ones! It is losing its power every day! Mankind is awakening to the great truth of life and they will not be so easily deceived in the future!

Our hearts entwine with yours! Do not waver, beloved ones! Keep your feelings harmonious no matter what the appearance is and go on and on in your earnest determined call to the Presence! It is the law of life, it cannot fail you! Be sure that it is wholly constructive, then stand firmly by it!

Life is beauty! It is perfection! It holds no imperfection in itself. You have the right, the freedom and the privilege to think and worship as you please! Remember the great one who has said: "When I was searching for the truth, at first I heard many voices. Then suddenly from above me I heard this one voice and when that voice spoke, all others became silent. That voice always told the truth." All outer voices, sources visible or invisible, become silent before your Presence which is dominion. May the fullness of the light of the Mighty I AM Presence expand, illumine the mind and set you free in the fullness of its great perfection made manifest in your world today! I thank you.

Sanat Kumara, Los Angeles, 7-11-37, excerpts:

I know, unless you saw as We are able to do, you could not comprehend that which I AM going to say to you, but your awareness of it is enough to make you realize that your part of this great service is no idle thing. It is no imaginary thing! It is a mighty activity. The great Presence of life has always said: Command ye Me.

The brain of an individual is but an instrument which must be qualified and tuned to where the finer vibration from your Presence and the ascended masters may act thru you consciously in the outer world's activity. The attunement of the brain structure goes on until clearer and clearer comes the feeling (or wave) of the impulse from the Presence thru the higher mental body. Mankind quite often rebels at obedience to certain things in life, but that obedience means the attuning of the brain structure. There are certain habits which have prevented them receiving these higher vibratory activities, that would have given them the Knowledge they sought. I say to you, beloved ones, that the use of tobacco in any form produces a secretion in the brain which will not permit its attunement beyond a certain point. The use of meat will fill your atomic structure--now notice this carefully--will fill your atomic structure with fear. If you waste your sex energy for pleasure gratification, then you have carried out of your body the energy of the Presence which you must have in order to maintain the courage and strength to call the Presence into action and hold to it until the human qualities--which you have gathered thru the centuries--are dissolved and disappear. The liquid light which flows thru the nerves contains the courage and strength of life pooled as feeling. The great mistake which the sinister force has seized upon, hypnotizing certain individuals and channels among mankind, has made many believe the sex activity was just for gratification. The encouragement of that mistake thru various avenues and the excuses that many teachers have made because that desire is strong within them is the greatest tragedy before mankind today.

Mankind's world is filled with human opinions, in most cases not correct. Therefore, if you want to be free, if you want to have perfection in your world, there is only one place from which you can ever receive it and that is from your own God Presence the Mighty I AM. We have watched the operation and effect of alcohol, whisky and all those things on mankind. They are quite bad enough, but gin is the worst thing that human beings put into their bodies. It acts almost wholly upon the generative organs and makes the passions uncontrollable in individuals.

Before the sinking of the last remnant of Atlantis an attempt was made to raise a whole province of people into ascended beings. Because the time had not yet come, when the cosmic law permitted the violet flame to be brought into the outer world for their use, they in secret dwelt upon the sex desire until the rebellion in their feeling became so great within that the great master was compelled to withdraw. Now dear ones, you are many of those come again! I say to you, in giving the entity decree which you use for seizing, binding and removing all entities from the Earth, you are rendering mankind one of the most magnificent services in the universe.

After some great impulse within mankind has lifted it--as in every Golden Age--to a great height, where thousands and thousands became master of themselves and their worlds, yet they failed. Thru the human desires, because the accumulated sinister activity of mankind began to encroach upon them, finally the great mass gave way to it, and our Work was undone.

The only way you can sustain harmony, I mean by your outer activity and consciousness, is to refuse to have a single opinion about another human being. You have the strength when discord comes to you to say "We will not discuss that, no matter who it is! Our part is to make the call to that one's Mighty I AM Presence to take such firm command that the individual, even if he be making a mistake, will discontinue it. Simplicity is the great law of life! Humbleness is the means by which your freedom comes! Every person must take his own responsibility! Your Presence, your higher mental body, is you only judge and no man should judge another because to judge another is interference with the free will of the individual.

O blessed ones, please understand that in this assistance being given you are almost being carried on a golden platter, as it were. Everyone must be so in earnest that the light comes first in everything. You know, momentum is a tremendous thing, and yet people know so little about it. Nothing of importance was ever done in this world without some one of the ascended masters assisting. Why has the Earth been called the dark star? Because of human discord and creation which becomes darkness.

Mighty Unfed Flame! In your perfect work for the children of Earth in the fullness of the perfection which We have called forth We rest, in joy and in the mightiest action of the great silence, that the fullness of its perfection may take command of all things. Glorify each one with the full power of the Mighty I AM Presence to hold its dominion. I thank you.

Maitreya's Era: