Great Divine Director, 4-4-37, San Francisco, excerpts:

The call of so many in America today has made it possible for this blessing of the great cosmic light to enter in the fullness of its power. To this end We hope for complete freedom. Tire not in giving your mighty decrees for the freedom of the Earth! Know you not, o precious ones, that in the call to this light for the freedom of America and the world your freedom is compelled to come forth, because in this call your thought and feeling are withdrawn from self? Do you know that intellectual vanity and self-pity are the greatest tragedies in the experience of mankind today? It takes away from the individual the recognition and acceptance of the power of light which beats every heart, which gives each one the service he requires.

Arise! Awaken in the fullness of the light of your Presence that your light may shine and illumine the Earth, that you may pour forth such a mighty radiance from your Mighty I AM Presence that the very radiance becomes visible to the human form. So I ask you to be patient. No longer does the power of darkness control mankind. Today it has lost its power. Tomorrow you shall enter thru your gates of freedom! to the degree that you can feel the truth of my words and feel it active within you shall it be quickly or otherwise manifest. This is for you individually as well as the nation. You, precious ones, are responsible, because of your willingness to stand the impact of human thought and feeling, your willingness to go on in the acceptance of your Presence in spite of the ridicule of the ignorant. As the Earth enters thru this into its own once again, then all shall have all required for use. All human selfishness shall be wiped from the Earth forever. How privileged you are to be a part of the great vanguard which is enabling this to be done.

Feel your authority and power in the acceptance of your Presence to let this light flow forth to bless, heal, prosper and enlighten all with whom you come into contact and flood the Earth with its purity and perfection. Mankind being the creator of all that has limited the Earth and yourself, then in that great call shall come the release. Even the Earth shall find itself rejoicing in the glory of this freedom as well as yourselves. Will you not let this light expand? Remember, nothing binds you but yourself. There is no power in heaven or earth to bind you longer but yourself.

Mighty I AM Presence of each one, I call thru the higher mental body of each one the activity of my Presence and power of divine love to do its perfect work for these beloved ones of the light. I call forth the might violet consuming flame to dissolve and consume quickly every vestige of human creation. Will you join me in this call in the silence and sacredness of your heart, that its service and assistance may be given without limit? No longer may the students of the light practise any deception. Accept tonight my eternal enfolding love, light, wisdom and power to hold you in its embrace until your full victory and ascension. I thank you.

God Tabor, Los Angeles, 6-27-37, excerpts:

Keep reminding your outer intellect, which naturally charges your feeling world, that in the change which comes there need be no battle. In the great calm serenity & issuing of these decrees into the mental and feeling world of mankind the light proceeds into action with the infinite power of the universe to produce this result which you desire so much and which is so imperative for America.

Now mark you, if you be the head of a business, if you be the head of an activity, then you have also become the heart-center of it. Do you know that it is only the revolving and repeating of a thing which makes it gain momentum in your life and finally bring disaster upon you? You can see an appearance that is destructive, but you do not have to accept it in your world. I say there is not one thing in all this Understanding of the Mighty I AM Presence which can in any way conflict with any other constructive activity. I tell you the accumulated discord has no power to intrude into the heart of this planet which is America. It has no power!

How do agitators originate? By two means--first, by the power of revolving any human discussion, second, by discordant entities who have failed on the pathway of light and want to spread only destruction! Beloved ones, incredible as it seems, I tell you that when only the human qualities are acting within the individual, as beloved St. Germain has told you repeatedly, the human ungoverned is more vicious than the animal in the jungle. What all are seeking to be, beloved ones, is the conquering Presence of life!

The individual who does not understand the Presence cannot release the great volume of energy that you can, it is not possible. Therefore, beloved ones, stand guard! Call the Presence to stand guard over your world! Do not have an opinion about another. Just because you come into the understanding of the I AM, do not think you do not need to make application, that you do not have to purify and correct yourself! This must be obvious to one who thinks at all. It is the little things, dear ones, just a little thing here and a little thing there which finally gets to whirling in your feeling and makes a disturbing activity. You are the only one responsible for your world. Do not feel any concern about the other person's world except to bless it and praise it. Do you know, precious ones, how important it is to bless everyone and give all courage? If you have some serious problem to handle, be careful how you let others know your need. If the knowledge of your need touches someone who is discordant, you have that much more to handle. This is the point! You are a focus on Earth of the light from your Mighty I AM Presence. As you hold yourselves, your feelings harmonious and call your Presence into action, it does pour out a mighty radiance like the heat from a great furnace all the time. This is really your responsibility in your understanding of the Presence. Remember, your responsibility is greater! And there is no excuse any longer for listening to or expressing discord of any kind!

I call on the Mighty I AM Presence of each one of you to cut you free this instant from each vestige of such desires! Mighty I AM Presence, hold your invincible tube of light about each one of these precious ones so invincibly that never again can a discordant thing act within that tube of light or within the mind and feeling world of these beloved ones. I can render you this service if you will accept it. Will you while I AM speaking issue the silent decree that all the students of the I AM receive this same assistance today? There is one power, one substance of which you are all composed. Knowing this you must feel the need of your own individual harmony in order to more quickly allow the great host of light to release their light with sufficient intensity into the Earth so all perfection comes forth into action and is sustained. I thank you, beloved ones.

Lord Himalaya, Pasadena, 6-27-37, excerpts:

In my country of India, what We would give to have what you already have in America--this Understanding of your Mighty I AM Presence.

If you do not hold about you the wall of light invincible, you may accept suggestions which are not yours and act them out. Let us be so careful of this and be so sure of ourselves that we accept only the perfection of the Presence. Anything less than the perfection of the Presence we do not want. We will assist you if you will take your firm stand and do that. These are very simple things, but o they are powerful in your life. This is why We keep returning you again and again to these fundamentals. Do not blame persons, places nor conditions for taking your attention off your Presence and placing it upon the discord. Just say to your human self: Now hold on! You are not going to do this anymore. I AM responsible here for what is in my world! You cannot go farther, beloved ones, until you conquer this thing! Without harmony maintained, you cannot do it! One day our India people must know it: to bring the power of the Presence into man's form and into the activity of the individual is the only victory on Earth. In India We have thousands and thousands of fanatics. We do have in India many wonderful beings, ascended and unascended, but the great mass of our people do not know what is needed to win life's victory. You can call this mighty infinite power of the Mighty I AM Presence--which is the great cosmic light and substance--into the mental and feeling world of mankind until the fullness of its power acts there with infinite dominion.

In India our fanatics are so much worse than your agitators that there is no comparison. Remember, beloved children of the light, these agitators who thru sinister imaginary things create disturbance in your industrial world and prevent the people from having their livelihood have no power!--unless you give them your life energy thru your attention and accepting of them as having power. There can never be a solution of anything unless you call the Presence into action to bring forth divine justice to capital, to labor and to all industries. Then you will find the only solution. As Donald Ballard said to you tonight, "Union is the power upon which America is built." The union means the harmony of mankind which allows the God Presence to flow forth, causing divine justice to act everywhere thruout mankind. With this good brother I would transform half of India in one year.

How We rejoice and how great a privilege is Ours in assisting in any way We can, for this great incoming perfection will one day spread over the entire Earth. Anyone can prove it who will! Those who will not are the losers, but you who are so in earnest, read read read those precious books! Dear hearts, apply apply apply this amazing energy of your Presence!

The greatest service ever rendered on Earth in any age is being rendered by the Divine Director in calling the angels of blue lightning and sword of blue flame to sweep thru your cities, take out all discarnate entities and continue that service until it is done. I call to the infinite power of the Mighty I AM Presence to take command of the young people of America, expand the light within their hearts and bring them in touch with this Understanding of the Mighty I AM Presence; take these books to them or provide some means by which their attention can be called to this great Presence. Then, o mighty ones, thru the great power of radiation enfold those wonderful young people in thy invincible protection and give them this truth!

Would you like to hear the results from the radio broacasts in New York? Out of the number of people who heard those broadcasts only three people--and We watched it--rejected the explanation. It is the most stupendous thing that We have ever witnessed. In the quiet and freedom of listening undisturbed they grasp and more clearly understand it. It is very marvelous.

In everything that is required straighten up your spine and say Mighty I AM Presence, You are the governing intelligence of me and my world, therefore whatever this appearance is, it has no power. Take command and produce your perfection here!

We call the law of life to see that all mankind in America and the world give joyous and willing obedience to this great law of life, the Mighty I AM Presence, that its dominion reign forever. First in a few hundred thousand, then to the world.

May I place my mantle of light and love about the shoulders of each one of you? May it be sustained there as long as you require it for your strength, joy and the release of all that is required for your happiness and comfort, to assist you to your certain victory. I thank you.

Maitreya's Era: