Meta, Los Angeles, 3-23-37, excerpts:

Beloved children whose home is in the light, We reach forth our loving arms to hold you in our embrace of light in your conscious endeavor to free yourselves from human creation and limitation. There is but one road to the eternal perfection and freedom for mankind! It is this very Knowledge of the Presence which St. Germain has brought forth. Everyone of Us had to follow these same steps which He has brought to you, so simplified. We found that by a great flood of light from the Presence, We could sweep out of our minds and bodies every discordant thing.

Now, beloved ones, this is the first fundamental activity. As you use the violet consuming flame it causes the Presence to set it into action and keeps it sustained when your mind is on something else. Call the Presence to sustain its activity and keep it going all the time until every particle of your discordant accumulation of the centuries is dissolved and consumed. We have called to the Divine Director and those directly in charge of this activity to impel you so earnestly and powerfully to do this, so you will never have to look upon any single part of your human discordant creation. If you once knew the mercy which the use of the violet consuming flame is to mankind, you would sing praises forever. We plead with mankind to believe Us and prove Us; I had maintained youth and perfection in my body for more than 500 years before I made the ascension. In those earlier centuries the great paramount idea was to be able to do that.

Let not one morning pass that you do not raise your hands to your Presence for to charge your room with this pure substance of the Mighty I AM Presence. Charge it to be sustained and continually pour forth that purifying harmonious radiation to every one who enters. Beloved ones, if you would only do that!

Why, beside your call to the Mighty I AM Presence, are you receiving a definite and powerful assistance from the great cosmic light which is flooding the Earth? Because your own light within your heart is a magnet for the drawing of this great cosmic light to you at your point in the universe. Never in the history of the world has such an opportunity been offered mankind! As you call your mighty Presence into action, people will love to serve, for that is where divinity enters into the activity of the Earth. The great cosmic light has said "The Earth must blaze forth more light!" And so it shall be! All those who cooperate with that great law will find such expansion of their light that no longer will they be aware of any discordant thing. As they pour forth the great radiance of love from their Mighty I AM Presence, it becomes so powerful that nothing else can come in. See how great your privilege is, o precious ones, not only in having your own freedom, but in the blessing you can pour forth to the rest of mankind who are struggling, struggling, struggling.

One day possibly in three places in America will stand visible to all that mighty Unfed Flame! Then you will not require human laws in your land to hold all in obedience, but because of the great light within themselves all will give natural and willing obedience, as they did in the civilization in South America referred to as the Buried Cities of the Amazon, as they did in the 70,000 year civilization in which St. Germain was the ruler. All of that great perfection will come again on a spiral higher in its great perfection; this time it is to be eternally sustained.

Your Presence is not limited in what it can do in for and thru you, but it does require your continued harmony long enough to let its power gain dominion. Keep this before your outer consciousness. Precious ones, think! There are but three things in the world which really deprive mankind of a flood of every good thing, and they are criticism, condemnation and judgment. The marvel of it is that you may call on the law of forgiveness and set the law into action to dissolve all mistakes. Do you not see how the full scepter of power, I AM, is in your hands for your freedom?

The first fundamental in all education in the world is the understanding of the Mighty I AM Presence, then all outer phases of education must become easy for the children. It will bring about the perfect order of the educational system you want to use as a natural sequence, and it will always be in divine order. So We want you to know you are entering into the great pathway of life which is the balance between religion and education--your Mighty I AM Presence. I thank you.

Old Man of the Hills, Los Angeles, 3-25-37, excerpts:

The great, the greatest creative word, I AM, in the universe is given into your use without limit. It only remains for you to apply it with firm determination to enable you to stand in the octave of light where We do.

Think how long We have endeavored to minister to mankind and yet have seen so little evidence of accomplishment. Not for more than two hundred thousand years has mankind had such an opportunity! I plead with you, o my children, feel how important it is that you apply, apply and never weary of applying, this Teaching of St. Germain which is absolutely certain and without question will bring you freedom from every limitation and then your ascension. With the Knowledge of the greatest Presence in the universe which gives you life and beats your heart, how can you ever again fear?

O I plead with you, do no longer listen to human gossip and suggestions which make you waiver and feel disturbed. The pity, o the pity that mankind will longer gossip or accept vicious suggestions of another. We are striving so earnestly to help you to set yourselves free, but without your cooperation and obedience it cannot be done.

St. Germain was the one to try out the great cosmic law, being of the seventh ray, when He said to the beloved Messengers: "I have started this great law in action. My success now depends upon you, whether you are strong enough to stand with Me." And they have been. We shall be happy to give you the assistance to be the full guardians of the light which has done such wonderful work in California.

I plead with you, continue until the fullness of your achievement is attained. This Messenger will continue until you realize the glory of the scepter of the Mighty I AM Presence is in your hands to command your world to be free. Beloved ones, tarry no longer, arise in the glory and the light of your Mighty I AM Presence, apply this law with determination and never can victory be withheld from you. Do you not see, beloved ones, it is only as you waiver that disturbance intrudes? Never doubt for a second that every assistance thru the power of radiation is being poured forth to you constantly, and no sincere effort is ever lost. May I remind you just why these many dictations have come forth in such rapid succession? To charge you and your world! For while you are listening to the various ones a great consuming activity is going on. Look! As you are decreeing for yourselves and for mankind, then do you not see, precious ones, that you have opened your door for Us to not only pour forth thru the light rays the radiance to you but you have made the way definite for Us to give you the assistance which your hearts so greatly crave? Your mind must be occupied in some constructive activity if you want the greatest results. When you apply, apply dynamically, firmly, then go on with your other outer activites until you feel impelled again. Then give it again. With firm determination call your Presence to take command of you and give you today the perfect thing every hour of the day. If you become discouraged it is the human; then simply say: "Mighty I AM Presence, now you are the doer thru my attention to Thee. All things are in your hands. You take command and see that the perfect thing is done and that I do the perfect thing also." Then you will have no difficulty, I assure you!

Remember! We who have come forth to speak our wishes to you have made Ourselves a part of you. Will you not accept this tonight, as I call it forth for you to become eternally sustained and active--for your blessing, happiness and freedom? Feel the full glory of the Presence acting within you this instant and glorify it with Me, to be eternally sustained and active there, to produce its perfect results without limit, that all human accumulations about you be now dissolved, that you go forth a free being of light which you are, and in the mighty directing intelligence of your Mighty I AM Presence, receive be and act its mighty glory. I charge this activity of the Voice of the I AM with the mighty perfection of the Mighty I AM Presence, the ascended host, the Legions of light and the cosmic beings! That this remain in a mighty harmonious activity that no human creation has any power to qualify with anything but harmony and perfection so that the feeling of its activity and blessing to mankind may ever expand, until all mankind know the Voice of the I AM. Your beloved Master Jesus decreed that this magazine go forth; your beloved brother Mr. Sindelar accepted the responsibility and the charge. Then you as students of the light--it is for you to pur forth such a blessing that only harmony reigns in the midst of his activity in the tremendous work which is required. Will you not join with Me in this always and see that no quality of criticism ever goes forth against him or against Mrs. Ballard, who works so ceaselessly and earnestly so this material may go forth in a beautiful marvellous manner for your blessing and that of mankind?

Only as you apply, beloved ones, can you have your freedom. No one else can do it for you. Everyone can help, but you alone are the decreer of what shall be in your world. Feel it definitely, give your command, stand by it until the fullness of that decree finds manifestation in you and your world. Stand glorified forever in the fullness of the mighty power which is your Mighty I AM Presence.

Great infinite cosmic light! Come forth before these blessed students of the I AM! Clear the way! Set them firmly upon the path of light! Hold them there dauntless until their full power of achievement is attained. We thank Thee, it is done and sustained forever unto the perfection and ascension of every one. We thank Thee.

Maitreya's Era: