Mother Mary: Memoir #11 (dictated to Geraldine Innocente, 1955, Bridge to Freedom)

In the name of the one living God that beats your hearts, in the name of the Ascended Jesus Christ whom I represent, I call today from the heart of Heaven itself the grace of the Holy Spirit, that sweet anointing from Above that descends, enters into your soul and stirs there again the remembrance of the perfection which you knew long before the world was! This grace of the Holy Spirit which I call forth for you now releases the perfume of your own divinity coming from that airless cell in your heart. It satisfies your souls, sublimates it and raises each of you again into the glorious and magnificent victory of your God-estate from when you have fallen into present limitation.

I speak to you this morning on the subject of grace. Grace comes alone from the spirit and is a gift from the Godhead itself. It is grace which makes it possible for those of you among all the great numbers of people in this city to believe that I AM here, to comprehend My words and to accept the possibility and actuality of the communion of saints with unascended beings. It is that spiritual grace which enables the soul to discern truth, that enables the heart to recognize the import of the cosmic moment, that enables the knee to bend before the cosmic law's fiat, and Our hands to be outstretched to give assistance. Even in your world of outer activity that which is done gracefully, that which is done with a spirit filled with a sense of grace, brings happiness to all the individual contacts. That which is done grudgingly or thru a sense of duty ofttimes brings little of comfort or happiness to either the benefactor or the one who is the recipient of the benefaction.

This spirit of grace is an ephemeral activity and yet it should be wooed, invoked and called forth by the students upon the path. Without it one misses so many of the wonderful opportunities of each hour. You see, the sounds of the outer world are so loud that the voice of the spirit within can scarcely be heard.

I have been called so kindly the Mother of Grace and have been referred to as being an individual filled with grace. As one who abided within a state of listening grace thru all My life, I can recommend to you the cultivation of that specific radiation which comes from God. My children, live within a state of listening grace, for you never know the hour of visitation. Never do you know when the voice of God speaking thru the lips of an outer man may be giving to you the opportunity of a lifetime! However, when you are calm and poised and your inner Self is filled with that consciousness of grace you can hear the Word of God and see his living Presence no matter what the disguise or the form thru which it manifests. I have been told that had I not been in a state of grace at the instant when Gabriel chose to come and give to Me the message concerning the coming of the Messiah I would have missed Him. If Joseph had not been listening within his secret heart We would not have heard the warning of the angel to flee before Herod's wrath. All thru Our lives in split-second crises the consciousness of harmony and living inside with God made it possible for Us to avert so many of the appearances that could have engulfed Us.

Grace is of the spirit. He who lives within that calm radiant peace, resting on the bosom of his own eternal immortal flame, such a man is wise indeed. He is ever alert to the Word of God in every sense and the direction of the great and majestic Presence, ready for the messengers from On High who would choose to use such an one.

You may enjoy knowing that your blessed forcefield which has been drawn this morning is in the form of a glorious Maltese Cross made of the Easter lily. As that forcefield expands I call upon you, upon the souls of all incarnate mankind, upon the great angel devas over every church in this great metropolitan area and over every hospital and asylum, the holy grace of the mighty Maha Chohan. I call that grace forth also thru the hearts, souls and spirits of every priest, minister and rabbis of every religion in this great metropolis and thru the spirit and very selves of everyone dedicated to God's good thruout the planet. In the name of the Ascended Jesus Christ I make this call and even as these words are spoken that glorious sweet anointing flows from the heart of the Universal nourishing the shoots of spiritual accomplishment within the souls of men. As this class closes today and the release is given to the angelic host thru Lord Michael's charge the angels of Uriel shall take those lilies which have been drawn in this lovely forcefield, expanding that magnificent Maltese Cross whose form they make, until the planet is held within that cross. Then from above the angels of the Madonna Temple shall shower the inner atmosphere of Earth with the form of the lily. This form represents the ascension, the redemption of the Earth and the ascension of all mankind. So, truly do we live in an hour of accomplishment.

My loved ones, do you know that I have written these few memoirs on your life? Just as if you took a plain piece of paper and wrote with a pen, so have I taken your life, life which you have used month after month and year after year in making these calls and applications. This has become a gathered momentum of substance and on it I have written My own words which shall endure. Perhaps they will become an interesting story to generations even yet unborn. I AM very grateful for this privilege of being able to so write upon your life.

Now as you enter into the glory of the sacred weeks approaching the Christmas season I believe you will feel a closeness to beloved Jesus, beloved Saint Germain and Myself. Remember I AM willing to intercede for you as a friend and an advocate if you want Me. I AM willing to offer My prayers and invocations with yours. Just as you would take a small candleflame and enfold it in a mighty compass of a bonfire so does the prayer, invocation and aspiration of an ascended being enfold the small slender aspiration and the timid application of the unascended. In that combined uward rush of energy your call can reach and be accepted by the higher heavens thru the momentum of that which We offer.

Now We shall turn again to the story which I have woven for you with much joy. While I have been doing this I have woven into the substance of your worlds a realization of Our actual practical reality as individuals.

During the journey from Judea to the Ises of Britain from time to time I was prompted to draw into our company certain lifestreams from the various countries thru which We passed. There again the state of listening grace was so important. Perhaps I would be just walking along the road or visiting with some friends and I would suddenly hear a very delicate burst of music when I would pass thru the aura of a specific soul I could feel and sense that vibration in My body. It was just as delicate as the song of a bird scarcely discernible, yet when I would hear that I would pause and look around to see whom I was to invite to accompany Us.

Out of the land of Egypt alone I drew twelve individuals. From Greece We drew several more and when Joseph of Arimathea put us ashore in Portugal We began that long wearisome journey thru Spain and France. Crossing the Pyrenees is no small task when one has not the comfort of carriages and has but the assistance of one's own locomotion or sometimes a donkey. We drew from Portugal those who were to be the children of Fatima later and We drew from Spain those who were to be known later as Loyola and Xavier. We drew from France a small child who was later to become Bernadette. All of these We gathered into Our group, depending upon the courtesy of Our host to accept Our ever-increasing number. When We got to Glastonbury We abided for some time as We were making certain records for a future day. There We drew a very small infant who would one day be the mighty St. Patrick and glad I was I had women in My company to help Me care for him. Those of you who have crossed the English Channel or know the rough seas off the shores of Spain can imagine what it was to travel these seas with small children in not so large a vessel propelled by oars and sails. Sometimes We were becalmed for days in a blazing sun and sometimes tossed about like a chip on those rough seas. Then I was glad We had woven cloaks for Ourselves from the warm wool of the sheep. These made Us more comfortable but even so there was very little privacy and very great proximity among those who were comparative strangers. Yet We made that journey in such harmony. Those oarsmen with their strong arms as they beat out the path for that vessel thru the blue waters of the Mediterranean were creating for themselves the right to be the first Knights of Arthur's Court. How long is the karma woven before the day of opportunity which gives man the right to wear the crown of victory!

It was a long journey back but We finally returned to Our home. You will remember We had left the beloved disciple John in charge while We were gone. John was a visionary and a dreamer. He was a mystic but not a practical man. Therefore when We got back Peter was distressed indeed to find that although thru Martha's care the household had run smoothly individual liberties had run down the morale of our new community. Peter said to James: "Never again shall I go away unless you remain. Never again shall I leave to this dreamer the fate of a community that is yet so new that it could easily be swallowed up again by the Sanhedrin or by Rome." I smiled within Myself for I knew that love was still the greatest thing in the universe. Not one had left and even as they had clustered around Jesus, now they clustered around John. In the fragrance of his Presence and his love they found peace.

Then I think began the fifteen most difficult years, the years of adjustment with the many selves, the years when I had to be Mother and referee among so many types of individuals. For lack of actual leadership the community at home had reverted to or continued in the celebration of the Jewish feasts, the Passover and others. Peter was incensed at this. He said to Me: "Mother, it is fitting now that We have Our own new and vibrant worship. We shall build around new holidays the events of Our Master, doing away with the old." I said: "Yes I think it is time." So We had Our first Christmas celebration. The disciples prepared a small crib as a surprise for Me and We re-enacted the Nativity with alot of happiness and joy.

I had meant to tell you that in the visitations of beloved Jesus after the Resurrection the music which you use today to "Joy to the World" always accompanied his Presence. Ofttimes when We would be together I would be amazed that the entire group did not hear that theme as Jesus would come within the room in the magnificence of his electronic body. He was a part of many of the festivities in which We all joined. In due time We had Our first Easter celebration, Our Ascension day and Our Pentecost services. Thus We began a rhythm of worship discarding the old and building in the new.

During this time I continued My work in the garden for even yet I enjoyed the natural activity of healing that is within the Earth. With the help of Mary Magdalene I was enabled to create ointment which We used to put on the feet of the disciples and apostles when they would return from their long journeys. As you know many were barefoot and others had only simple sandals to protect the feet. The hot sands would crack the soles of their feet but after We had put this ointment upon those feet in a few days they would be all right again.

Then one day I remember well Peter burst in and said: "Those heathen!" I said: "What heathen?" Peter answered: "Those heathen from India! Do you know what they have done? They have made a great big sun on the side of Our home and they are worshipping it." I said: "Well, Peter, let Us go and see."

So We went out and sure enough there was a great big sun symbolic of Osiris. I smiled and said: "You know, Peter, had you thought that the sun is very like Our Jesus? Each night it seems to descend into the tomb and each morning it has a resurrection. These blessed ones are newly come and do not know the Master as you and I do. They do not worship the sun anymore than We worship Our Jesus." Peter said: "Well, yes, but there are alot of people hereabouts who are going to pass by and they think We are fanatical enough without seeing the sun on the side of Our house." "All right," I answered. "Besides that," said Peter, "We just whitewashed the house." "Very well, get Andrew and whitewash over the symbol they have made there. I will give these men some sunflower seed. We will plant them against the side of the house and thru the symbol of those flowers they can worship their Sun." Then Peter was pleased. You know you have personalities to deal with wherever you are.

Another night I heard a great commotion in the yard and looking out I found Andrew and James intent on going fishing. Peter was opposing it violently. I went out. Andrew and James said they longed for the Sea of Galilee, the smell of the salt air and the fresh breezes. I said to Peter: "Now why don't you go with Andrew and James and preach along the shores of Galilee? You need not fish for now you are all fishers of men." Then they went off together arm in arm in happiness. It is joy to bring understanding.

Another day the lovely wife of Pilate came, her face flushed with anger and indignation, and said: "That man!" I said: "Whom do you mean?" She said: "He destroyed my lovely Apollo. I had placed him in the garden where I might use him as an ornament in a bird sanctuary." I said: "You go and get it." I called Peter who said: "We won't have any idolatry. We will not have the Roman gods in this community!" "Peter," I said, "this figure is only representative of beauty. It is an embodiment of love and beauty from the sun. Go get some plaster and replace that lovely head upon its body." Peter did as I asked. We had many amusing experiences and many happy ones.

One day as I was working I thought it would be lovely to have some bees to give us honey because the men had such plain fare. I had some brassware and knew a way to work with elemental life. I knew that bees respond to certain sounds so I went out into the fields and called the wild bees with the clinking of the brassware. They gathered together with their queen and We had Our own hive and honeycombs. Then the men were able to have honey with their unleavened bread.

Our beloved Mary Magdalene was very much interested in perfumery. Peter balked at that too, saying "What shall we call this? A foppery, perhaps?" I answered: "Well let Us put it into the ointment and when We anoint people's feet for healing the substance will be fragrant." Then he was pleased, so was Mary Magdalene, and there was peace!

Now looking back you may think that I sat with hands folded looking Heavenward. Children! I lived as you do and everyday brought its own experiences of happiness and joy but it brought the other sort of experiences also, believe Me!

Then came the folks from India and they all sat crosslegged in the corner of the courtyard. The disciples said: "Those who won't work won't eat." They are not going to sit over there in the corner all day while we have to till these fields and milk the goats, tend the sheep, etc. They aren't going to get any food if they won't help." I said to them: "Look! You are going to have men, women and children too from all over the world. Did not Jesus say 'There are also sheep that are not of this fold'? Those men who just sit there have come to be within the aura of Bethany just to absorb the radiation of the Master with whom most of you have had the privilege of living with and knowing so well. They are satisfied to go this whole life thru and never hear a word from his lips, ask no visitation, just willing to receive the radiation here which is the hem of his garment." Then the disciples agreed that this was so and supplied these people with food, fruit and drink, in fact far more than the ascetic could use.

Oh! We had happy times. We had the coming of the Jew, Gentile, Roman, the men of Persia, India, Egypt, Greece, the men of Gaul and Britain. It is not an easy thing to combine men in spirit. All this time Our beloved John was growing more and more like his Master even as to the contour of his face, the shine of his hair and the brilliance of his eyes. Remember, He and I had Our daily communion at the top of Bethany's hill and sometimes the disciples and friends who had known Jesus in life accompanied Us. John or Myself would be able to convey to them that about which Jesus spoke. For years John wrote down those magnificent revelations. He has now applied to the Karmic Board for a dispensation whereby some of those revelations may be given again in his Own words and written into the book of life. We are hoping They will permit this to be done.

Finally as time went on the beloved Saul of Tarsus came to Us. He was another great man who suffered agonies of torment. He suffered such remorse for what he had done to Stephen and others, besides the remorse that he had not been in a state of listening grace and so missed the opportunity of being a part of Jesus' ministry. Yet he had a terrific drive of energy in his determination to make things right. I would sometimes find him in the depths of despair with the tears running down his cheeks. Other times I would find him so filled with the arrogance and knowledge of the law, arguing violently with the untutored disciples. I would say: "Paul, listen well for these men have heard the voice of the Master in faith and they have lived in his aura. They have breathed in the etheric Presence of Jesus." Then he would subside.

During this time these various disciples and apostles were going out on their various missions and ministries and coming back from these. When Peter would go away on a mission he would be sure to have James remain behind so that We would not again fall into the confusion which We found on Our return from Britain. We the women would endeavor to see that the disciples and apostles had warm clothes, particularly for those going into the northern climates.

Dictations via Geraldine Innocente: