Finally within about nine years before the close of My embodiment I said to Peter: "If you will build Me now a small house and chapel apart from the community by the edge of the stream I shall cloister Myself and prepare to meet My Maker." This was done and there I lived the rest of My life. Mary of Bethany and other beloved friends would bring flowers, candles and fresh fruit. I spent those years in contemplation of My Lord, in reminiscence of the early days of My life, My first Christmas and all the years with Joseph, the parting while Jesus went into India so soon after his Father had left the Earth, his triumphant return, the resurrection and his own ascension.

It became physically difficult for Me to climb Bethany's hill and John kept the vigil for Me. I began to enter more into the world of the beyond than the world of the here. Finally in May right after the Pentecost I said to John: "Call the disciples and apostles home, for before August closes her radiation I shall have joined My Son."

You know, it took a great deal of time, sometimes months, to reach individuals who were in faraway places like Greece. They all came home but in the meantime I had asked that a small chapel be built on top of Bethany's hill, just a very simple one. On the 10th of August I walked up that hill, having asked that I might be alone on this occasion. I placed My feet in the shining footprints of My Son as I ascended that hill. For three days and three nights I remained there in that chapel fasting and praying. By then all of the disciples and apostles were home and they came up the hill for Me. I descended from the hill with them into My Own home and there spoke to them, the original disciples particularly. I told them that I would leave this world and that on the 15th August My ascension would be completed. I asked them how they wished to pursue the rest of their course. John said: "I shall follow You, Mother, as soon as I hear the voice of My Presence."

Paul said: "Knowing my nature I shall take no chances. If I have earned my freedom I shall take it!" Peter, James and Andrew said: "We shall tarry until He comes again. We shall endeavor to do thruout the Christian Dispensation, Mother, what You have done thruout these thirty long years." I blessed them all and then the other members of the community came in. I blessed them too. Then I closed My eyes on this world to open them in the Presence of Joseph first, then Jesus. As you know they placed My body within a rocky tomb and sealed it for three days. During this time I was free in the higher octaves preparing for the ascension of My physical form. Then did I return and raise that flesh form. I called it to Me, absorbed it into My Own Holy Christ Self and consciously entered into the heart of My Presence as My Son did before Me. I left within the tomb a white rose for each one of that community. That is why the white rose is particularly dear to those who were a part of that service.

When they rolled back the door from My tomb they found the body was gone and the fragrance of the roses filled the place. They then made the holy day which is now called the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin.

After that in My full God-freedom I enjoyed renewing My associations with all those who had assisted Me on the other side--Lord Maitreya, Gabriel and Raphael, Jesus and Joseph, Anne and Joachim, Elizabeth and John, John the Baptist and all who had gone before. Yes, with Judas too!

Then came the crowning of My humble Self for service. In a great and mystic ceremony similar to that in which beloved Saint Germain and beloved Portia engaged in the month of May this year the beloved Master Jesus placed on My head the Crown of the Queen of Heaven for the Christian Dispensation. Cosmically I became the Mother of the World. I have remained so until recently when I turned over to Portia the Goddess of Opportunity that great office for the new era.

So this morning, beloved of My heart, I give the white rose of friendship in memory of a conscious ascension. Remember, the day when you too lay aside the garments of flesh and stand God-free I shall greet you both as a friend and as a Mother. May the blessings of Our Lord Jesus and God in Heaven be upon you always. Good morning!

Memoir #12 (dictated to G. Innocente)

Beloved and blessed children of My bosom, friends of My heart, co-workers with God in establishing the glory and majesty of His Kingdom, how I love you! How My solicitude, My friendship, My devotion has flowed toward your lifeflame that has burned so brilliantly, so constantly and so enthusiastically amid the great seas of maya. Each of you tends the candle of your own light, breathing upon your individual vows the enthusiasms of your personal selves. However by your cooperative service you are emitting a light which has encompassed the entire planet thru the endeavors of just a handful of earnest, devoted and blessed lifestreams.

One does not know just how far a blessing will go when it is sent forth from the heart of love. A thoughtform of blessing no larger than the size of one's fingernail with beautiful wings upon it, created by love within the heart and released to bless life, may encircle the entire planet. It may rest upon the shoulder of some man, woman or child who is downhearted, giving just the right strength and courage required for that one to again take heart and face victoriously the problems of their daily lives. Such an one would be encouraged anew by a blessing born in your breasts, issued from your heart or lips but always propelled by feeling.

Lovely ones, as you stood together today and in the preceding days of this class your sanctuary looked like one of those beautiful eucharist cups which has been fashioned in memorial of the first communion service. From it has poured forth these various thoughtforms, each engendered by your own particular vibratory action and the ray to which you belong. All of them had tiny wings and they have gone north, south, east and west, anchoring in many hearts and in many of the forces of nature, remaining ensouled there by a devic being or a cherubic being as the encouragement of your light and as a lasting and permanent gift from this class.

You see, it is not enough to issue the decrees, fiats and blessings and then when they have spent themselves to let the world return to sleep again. Those decrees, fiats and blessings must be made alive and sustained in light eternal so that they live and grow even as does the light of My Son, increasing in splendor, in magnetism and in the power to stir other lifestreams to a like accomplishment. That is the activity of the Light of God that Never Fails, the activity of those of Us who serve it.

In the ascended master realm every thought, every feeling and every spoken word is so perfect, so beautiful that it has earned the right to live forever and become a permanent radiation of blessing to this universe. So this week We have carefully combed over the energies which you have released. We have sent forth those which have earned the right to live in this physical appearance world and the mental and feeling worlds of mankind as well. From the eucharist made up of the living cells of your own life and light there has flowed a benediction to the nature kingdom and man's kingdom too which will be felt long after you return individually to your small orbits and your respective localities.

Today on a million altars candles are burning to My Son. Today before many pulpits knees are bent and the words of the Rosary are going forth. Thru the worship of the people today remembrance of Me too is rising like a blue cloud of incense not only here in America but in Europe and the Orient as well. All that magnetized energy becomes a bridge over which My life may flow back into the hearts of those who remember Mary, those who remember Joseph and who remember Jesus. Abstract as their devotions are, thru this activity this morning We bring back to them each one the blessing of a simple and homely Family who lived but to serve God and to do His will. We lived to write on the records of akasha a message of hope, of God's goodness, of Jesus' light and life, so that succeeding generations might read it, hearts be kindled and spirits stirred. It was Our hope that here and there among the plodding masses there might be one or more who would step forth into the shining footprints of Our beloved Jesus upon the path of light and walk upwards into the glory of the resurrection and the ascension.

We wrote on the akashic records and so We prayed in constant vigilance. We lived a natural life and closed a pilgrimage. When Our days were done thru the graciousness of God and the mercy of His love We were called Home. There seemed to have been little accomplished except for the very few who had the honor of proximity to the beloved Master and his message. It seemed as though there had been but little accomplished too when My strong young boy was placed on Calvary's cross. It seemed that little had been accomplished by his words of wisdom, his life of grace, his miraculous healings.

John and I stood at the foot of that cross and as I looked upon the turbulent and curious mob gazing at the seemingly helpless one, I reflected for a moment, thinking what has all our long life come to? What have We accomplished? We touched the hearts of a few perhaps and even those few are scattered today. Youth and beauty here are wilted. Yet on an Easter morning some time later as I stood looking at the resuscitated form of the one I loved so well and kissed his blessed hand, as I saw the morning sun reflected on his shining hair and that luminous warmth in his eyes, as I felt the very texture of the robe I had woven with My Own hands, I thought, yes! even if one man has done this, even if no one but Myself and He should ever know of this victory, it has been worth it all. What one has done all may one day do. You see, that was the promise of the Father of life before We took embodiment. That was the promise of Lord Maitreya before We took the initiation that if one could do it and one would do it, all men, all women, all children would have like opportunity when they chose to accept it.

Therefore beloved Jesus and I stood that Easter morning in a great happiness of accomplishment and We took a new vow together. We vowed then that that which We had begun in simplicity but in great faith We would sustain so help us God! Even though Our paths might part temporarily, although at inner levels We should not meet again for some time, We would sustain the birth of the Christian Dispensation until the resurrection became not only a creed but a manifest externalized truth to the decadent flesh of all mankind.

So when Jesus said to Me: "Will You tarry for awhile?" I said: "Son, I who have lived so long for You, I who have breathed for nothing else but to give You the courage of My life, I shall remain if it be an eternity!" There We made the pact that We later fulfilled at Bethany when Jesus walked up that beautiful pathway to the lovely rock where I had prayed so often; He to walk triumphantly into the heart of the Father from whence He came, I to remain with a few, the few who had heard his voice, the few who had felt the heart-throb of his Presence, the few who were then scattered and shaken. I was to be their strength, their comfort and their love. Then together We would magnetize whatever currents Jesus in his light and wisdom would send to Us. We did this so that the Christian Dispensation might have the vitality, the fire and the necessary spiritual strength to sustain itself when We had passed from the screen of life.

Beloved ones, you do not yet know what it means to have a complete and thorough dedication to a God purpose! You are in the process of learning and that brings you so close to My heart, for you know I AM your Mother! I AM your Mother and My love for you is as great as it ever was for Jesus as I cared for him. The immaculate concept which I hold for you is as shining and perfect as that given to Me by Gabriel on that day when again He brought to Me thru the veil of flesh remembrance of My vow, remembrance of Jesus' ministry. No whit more beautiful was Jesus' immaculate concept than is your own! Ah, no! You will come to know as you rise and rise in consciousness that all of God's children, each and every one, is as dear as the other. The fullness of perfection for each one becomes the very motivating power of the pulsebeat of your sweet hearts.

Dictations via Geraldine Innocente: