326. Certain agitators hope that by continuously overthrowing everything they can ensure their own property. These thoughts are highly indicative of plunder and dismemberment. It is quite inadmissible to think of attracting the fiery element for purpose of plunder and destruction. I repeat, these are the ways of ignorance which must be abandoned. Let him who has cut down a tree immediately plant another in its place. Let the gardener reap with one hand, sow with the other. The simple rules against plunder must be among the first lessons taught at school. The teacher must prepare the spirit for the most fiery assimilations. Only by constantly affirming the ways of the unfoldment can one prepare the warriors of the spirit.

327. Someone wishes to know about the highest worlds but he lives like a pig. Undermining the roots is not consistent with upward striving. For pigs the pigsty.

328-9. The Teaching must primarily inspire one upward. Only adults consign Fire to a servile position. One should become attuned to sacred conciseness. Not a torrent but lightning is symbolic of command. Much innerwork is needed to produce the most concise and convincing.

330. Music unifies our emotions.

331. The understanding of another's thought is not supernatural but derived from many movements and glances.

332. Not only in dreams but actually amid daily labor we must direct thought to the fiery activity. People suffer most from inability to direct themselves forward. A limited consciousness only looks back. There is no earthly object of such value that the fiery domain should be renounced for it.

333. It is necessary to refine the senses while on Earth.

335. Can cognition of the inevitable be magic? We behold by Fire, we ascend by flame. There are no other propellants, therefore blessed be the Fire-conscious.

336. Affirmation of the initiatic path is necessary as natural steps to realization of Agni.

337. The intensity of common electricity is not to be compared to that of the fiery forces. The earthly body is consumed by contact with a fiery being.

338. As the diver must wear a heavy suit to resist ocean-pressures, so he who approaches Earth must also sheathe himself in a dense body. More than one set of seven years is necessary to master earthly existence.

339. The dark ones maintain a far greater unity with their hierarchy than do the so-called warriors of light. The fireflies flit about a great deal, argue much and love their Hierarchy but little.

340. Follow Me, strive to Me. Faith that does not guide one's entire life is worthless. When thrown off balance, a man requests a moment's respite. This respite affords an accumulation of will.

341. he who desires to see can see.

342. An object magnetized by thought verily has power. The sensing of magnets is accomplished by means of a particular current connected with Agni energies.

344. At times it is useful to sit calmly, directing one's spirit to infinity. We ourselves must attract currents, otherwise they glide on past. Whole thought attracts positive currents magnetically and repels negative ones.

345. A constant broadening of consciousness is the Teacher's concern.

346. One must strive in consciousness to realize the presence of the Teacher in spirit.

347. Only the presence of heartfire indicates the characteristics of the personality. The gardener knows how to combine his plants.

348. A ruler asked that a contented man be found. Finally after long questing one was discovered--he was deaf, dumb and blind!

349. The dark ones have often led people on with mechanical solutions, thereby hoping to occupy mankind's attention only to divert it from spiritual growth.

350. The dark forces endeavor to seduce with all kinds of narcotics, but the narrow boundaries of life are not broadened by stupefying the intellect.

351. One must eject repetitious indifference which paralyzes the best forces. Truly one can become exhausted not so much by enemies as by the indifference of friends.

352. One must be vigilant that fires be not extinguished.

353. A certain Guru remained out of sight in his cave. When his disciples asked him to show himself, he replied: "Foolish ones, is it not for your sake that I have hidden myself?" When you accept me as one not around, perhaps your own fires will burn more intensely."

354. The wordless thought is far more powerful, carrying a purer degree of Fire. We send fiery thoughts, they are fierily understood. When one doubts whether communion with the fiery domain be possible, remember its presence everywhere and that it requires an especially good frame of mind.

355. The Fire is in the rhythm of music.

356. One must augment harmony and find joy even in a hen laying an egg.

357. Regard the fiery domain as primordial, inalienable, manifesting in courage and heartjoy. He who fears the fiery realm is no firebearer.

358. Pythagoras forbade all raillery among his disciples because it above all things disturbs solemnity. His insistence on the solemnity of hymns reveals Pythagoras as a firebearer.

360. Sacred books such as the Hindu Paranas can provide a wealth of information of fiery dynamics. So too chronicles of saintlife bring fiery understanding. Yet not only scientists but even artists nurtured upon imagination avoid concentrating on scriptural treasures, as if such knowledge is inferior to other knowledge!

362-3. Acute sensitivities such as one's organism acting as a radio receiver is often strangled by mechanization, drowning in madness. During a difficult period a solemn attitude is essential.

364. One should discern which qualities become more pronounced thru realizations of the fiery domain. Among these justice is especially evident. Moderation without Fire becomes mediocrity, but the golden path intensified by Fire best exemplifies moderation. Similarly courage without Fire becomes recklessness. He who wishes to approach the Fire must watch all his motives.

367. Much infection has been destroyed around bonfires. Not rarely are objects made in an hour of hatred, fatigue, terror or despair which convey these sendings with them. In the hands of an owner under the same astrochemical conditions they act in accordance with that infused in them. Black fire fills every evil heart. How often have I stated that dense thoughts are far more virulent than poisons!

368. Why do many perceive so little of the fiery realm? Their eyes are poorly adjusted. Each receives according to his merits, these merits are not difficult to attain if not blocked by negation.

369-72. Tuberculosis is the most common result of unassimilated unutlized Fire. During illness especially catarrhal ones it is useful to perform a fiery pranayama. Direct the prana via full steady breathing to the seat of the disease, keeping in mind that ethereal fire is being inhaled, consumed Ur exhaled. The state of sickness increases the work of the spirit. Intensified assimilation of fires demands a certain tranquility. The chief beneficient protecting force for organisms is assimilation of the fiery energy.

373. Fiery understanding of obsession is called urumiya. Horses and dogs in particular sense and are hostile to the proximity of obsessed persons. One ought to develop urumiya not only for protection but also for expelling obsessors.

374-5. The mastery of directing fire lies not in the field of mechanics but in higher energy realization, thru experience in the subtle realm. True, even powerful fiery arrows can be repelled by the black fire; then it is better to wait or defend oneself. Actually, fragments of one's solar energies dissipated thru ignorance may become obsessing agents--then woe to the sleeping heart! The seed of spirit can both rest or radiate in vigilance. There is a vast difference between setting free and losing.

376-7. Remember the simplest paths of the light of Agni. For unfoldment provide yourself with the lamp of Agni. We must light especially intense fires in walking toward victory; remember this in days of oppression. It is nothing other than the bowstring for the arrow.

379. Only sensible explanation of reality brings health to children. The lama says one should pray each day, otherwise it is better not to pray at all.

380. Only the avowal of spirit with its trials replaces all else. The arhats and great spiritual toilers took the path of spiritual trials which not only subdue the body but take the place of all exercises of the flesh.

381. Among minor narcotics beware especially of bromine, an extinguisher of the fires, used very often in compounds. Valerian on the other hand kindles the fires. Fire requires pure fuel.

382. Worthless is the sophistry satisfied in uttering "My small thoughts are useless." Every thought is needed provided it is a thought.

383. The cosmic aspect of being would seem simple, yet what assiduous and consistent effort must be applied to give it beauty. It is not sufficient to direct a pupil, one must lead him to attainment. Only right and unwavering thought can overpower the darkness of chaos.

384. Let each wavering put us to shame! How dangerous to stumble when carrying fire!

386. Against cancer and other fiery ailments one may advise valerian. Any prophylaxis must be used systematically, every evening like the sun's daily course.

387. System and rhythm strengthen mind and Fire. The ancients in their breathing exercises introduced a certain rhythm, but now everything is permitted and man is everything's slave. Agni yoga should be another reminder of man's significance.

388-9. Malice deprives one of the means of communication, the language of spirit. Thru malice man degrades himself into the lowest form of ignorance. Indignation of spirit is that uprising of elements found in highest covenants. If all kinds of passions impede one's ascent, malice like a red-hot iron burns away all accumulations. Spiritual battle has nothing in common with malice. Light pierces darkness not via malice.

390-1. he blind and malicious sees horrible shapes where no particular phantoms exist due to his affinity to the lower subtle plane. One must conceive of the subtle plane itself as the most perfected state of worthy feeling.

393. The shield of light is not always at one's disposal. The ignorant assume that the world owes them a living, but the rational know how difficult it is to build out of chaos and thus bring their stone for the structure.

394. Every hour brings its lesson, one must be grateful for each experience.

395. In various Puranas the transition from Kali Yuga to Satya Yuga has been described with considerable accuracy.

Fiery World 1933: