396-8. One should first establish the direction of evolution. There can be but one true direction, all other efforts errant. The ability to discern true direction is a great fiery quality. The most dangerous thing is to strive in only one fixed direction.

399. The Teaching gives the precise direction and kindles fires along the entire path of labor. One can proceed by these beacons. One may hear exact hints but the spirit must by its own will combine them into a mosaic. To affirm the path is the ordainment of the great architect.

401. The nature of Kali Yuga is division of the entire organism into its components. But the Blessed Mother arises at dawn to gather these scattered parts of the One.

402. Wherever possible one should certainly attune to the concept of the unexpected.

403. The man asserting that religion obstructs his understanding slanders religion and thus blasphemes against spirit.

404. People in the mountains enjoy the nourishment of spirit, Agni, in the prana of the heights, and this should be studied.

405. At least a half-hour daily period for thought is good, to consider the best aspect of everything taking place, thus stimulating the flow of gratitude and magnanimity. Thought tension about the best generates aspiring of the nerves. Nerves should also be given work, but only good strengthens nerves.

406. In the most ancient writings there are references to the transmission of thought thru water and chrism.

407. An arhat possesses the ability to prevent his feelings from becoming blunted. Daily routine is the great testing stone.

408. One can see how human consciousness evades everything threatening its established comfort. Likewise the concept of evolution is turned into an abstraction, thus not disturbing the consciousness of the petrified heart. People observe only approximately half of that which is evident. One should feel that the planet is in space, just as seamen know the vast ocean is beneath their ship. At first seamen are terrified by suspension over an abyss, but reality and experience attune them to this.

409. Unusualness noted well yields many views of the fiery realm.

410. Who boasts of attaining the full measure of striving? Each heart understands where the benign path of ofiery acceleration lies. How beauteous to be constantly aflame! There is no dungeon such that the heart cannot illumine.

411. The initiatic school must discover the resourcefulness of pupils by the test of giving one word of an idea--asking the pupil to fill in the rest of the thought, and later comes the task of understanding at one glance. Every schoolteacher knows how flexible must be his language in order to make friends of his pupils. I insist on the expression "to love fierily"--only thus can one assimilate this element which is so difficult for the earthy. Thus we bring Earth to a closer cooperation with cosmos, in other words we evolve.

412. At a time of dire urgencies the farewell to travellers is: Agni.

412. At each hour one must know what is most timely.

414. The manifestation of heartache actually arises from thoughts being sent.

418. As with everything else the approach of the subtle domain in awareness should be acknowledged and fearlessly studied. We must not condemn that to which we did not even give attention.

421. Indiscriminating and irresponsible dissoluteness results in the most deplorable consequences in the subtle plane. It is like a child's playing with fire.

424. A tiger may roar but scorpions sting silently. Let us gather in thought around the Teacher.

425. Useful deeds are necessary to help our near ones.

426. One can stave off the approach of the dark ones by giving My Name as mantram. It is said continuously that malevolence bears fruit after a century.

428. Everything worthy, austere and vital gravitates toward creative thought and will beneficiently sustain its creator. Thoughts like drops of energy attract small elementals. One can imagine how thoughts void of any vital bases litter the lower strata of the Earth, and this dusty debris causes illness. Sowers of evil and slander, can you realize what a suffocating dungeon you prepare for yourselves>

429. Will not the oncoming cycles bring a Day of the World Mother if people realize the uselessness of evil?

430. Nothing so helps the kindling of Agni as the properties of deodar. Sandalwood is also very useful.

432. Neti neti, the ineffable, guides us and often we are touched by the highest potency.

433. Faith is the realization of truth tempered in the heartfire. Truth does not reject--it directs. Truth when observed draws nearer and shines forth. Regard the path of the Teaching as the affirmation of what is beyond doubt. Proceed by testing each word, statement and covenant. Disparagement, denial and abasement are poor guides! Say to one doubting the Teaching: test it, be aflame in your heart and broaden your spirit!

434-5. The realization of the Teaching as a necklace of light provides a precious thread upward. Let the billions of worlds stay the disconcerted from the danger of negation. Falsehood and darkness fill the end of Kali Yuga; one must realize this in order not to lose one's strength. It is impossible to avoid the dark days, only knowledge of their cause gives patience to survive them. People do not want to simplify the path to truth, and encumbrances like technocracy only serve to reveal the dark chains of less harmonious matter.

438. Fiery self-disinfection is the best prophylaxis. During the period of oncoming cosmic waves it is necessary that people be not ashamed to acknowledge the fiery principle in themselves.

439. No sermons from without can enable one to attain that improvement of health which is created by a single spark from within. We tirelessly urge consciousness toward the first gleam of enlightenment, then the natural follows.

440-1. The bringing of Fire is the ancient symbol of purification of spirit. The new sowing can be accomplished only with pure seeds. One must help when the Sower goes forth into the field. When ear is open to the ringing of far-off currents then consciousness is also expanded for the appraisal of events. Thus Agni works and transmutes all existence.

442. One of the most difficult qualities is to be able to refrain from divulging that predestined not to be divulged. It does not matter how the cage of a savage beast came to be open.

443. The most difficult yet indispensable discipline lies in acting for common good. To find a starting point for renunciation means to construct a straight path to the fiery realm. Being conscious of the fiery realm reveals most simply how worthless are the tortures engendered by egoism. The crystals of fohat are so concentrated there that each approach purifies one's finer energies.

444. Let the tormentors think that they torture you severely.

445. The Teacher must remember that each carries his own load.

447. One can picture how the equilibrium of the worlds is founded upon fiery chakras. They contact and interpenetrate each other forming inseverable links. The figure of the fiery person merges into the rhythm of space; all is subject to the one law of rhythm.

448-9. Egoism is self-isolation or revolt against cooperation. The rhythm of space is expressed in the higher spheres.

450. There is no human imagination that can picture the turmoil of the cosmic battle of light and darkness!

451. Even a physical glance makes a man turn his head; how much more powerfully must the fiery cosmic energy act!

452. The oppressive feeling from the black stars and the feeling of calmness from the blue stars is quite distinct.

453. Each finer energy experiment requires fiery spiritual purification. In unventilated laboratories where dust is full of poisonous deposits little can be achieved. Not without reason have healers asked "Have you faith?" The healer also seeks the kindling of fiery chakras. Rotation of chakras brings considerable purification.

455. People should not be surprised that they themselves must place the final stone in the mosaic. Much has been given and much not applied.

456. It is impossible for an impious man to sit upon water, just as immunity from fire cannot be attained without a certain rhythm and exaltation.

457. There is a parable about the trial by difficulties in which it is shown that people always try to choose the easiest way, whereas that which seems easiest turns out to be the most difficult.

459. It must be understood that every success is based on the quality of thought.

460. Gypsies carry much finer energy. Unfortunately one must watch their scrupulousness. Very often the increased energy via atavistic accumulation is accompanied by mediocre consciousness. Interesting cases also exist in the northern races found in Norway, Karelia, Scotland and among Eskimos.

461-2. One must urge the scientists to live in greater harmony lest precious observations be dispersed thru hostility and denial. Sound unity is needed in order to expand the horizon of new investigators.

463. One should refrain from fishing in a puddle of denials.

464. Let your fire be a beacon for your companions. Forward, forward, ever forward! Each moment of torpor is a loss of progressiveness.

465-8. Mockery causes stoning to death; the mother of mockery is meanness. The shallowness of people's side-stepping expanations indicates that people prefer to remain with their illusions rather than deal with reality. Loss of concordance of rhythm destroys all possibility of fresh achievement.

469. The fiery light leads to a mutual attraction, to true unity. The flesh on the contrary gives the impulse for each disunity. The potency of Fire left unused merges into the depths and becomes inaccessible. Verily for the fiery splendor a purified imagination is needed.

470. Need milk be only from earthly kine and serpents only of Earth?

471. Mechanical concepts are basically so ineffectual that one should prayerfully turn to the seed of the spirit, glowing brighter than all electric lamps. Many of you think Fire only as torment of conscience; the fiery realm is cognized thru joy.

Fiery World 1933: