Tall Master from Venus, San Francisco, 3-21-37, excerpts:

The great Kumaras came forth so many hundreds of thousands of years ago to assist the Earth and to hold it in balance until enough of its children could be raised into perfection and hold the balance themselves within the Earth. This is being rapidly accomplished now and ere long Their work will be finished.

O dear ones, you must realize that it is not just the words which We flash before the Messenger which are important. They are but to hold your attention while the great inner work is being done. We are making a tremendous effort to free a certain number of mankind for that which is to follow! In 1900 when We came and looked over mankind, We saw so few whose light had expanded until it could be amplified to give them strength, courage and dominion. We found it could not be done then. I AM taking you especially into my confidence tonight--and We had to withdraw.

As the beloved Charles Sindelar in his depiction of St. Germain and Jesus has placed Them hand in hand in the magazine, so do they act for the children of Earth. The law of your life and your Earth is that credit must be given where credit is due, and an acknowledgment must come forth from mankind for what has been accomplished. That law of life for your Earth is irrevocable! It is imperative because mankind has drawn away from perfection. Of their own free will all individuals must come back thru gratitude and acknowledgment, giving credit to those who lift them out of the limitations into which they have drawn themselves.

Do you know that tonight you are really transcending time and space? Why, because your attention is on Me. I do not consider time and space. It no longer exists for Me and that is why I AM here tonight, to help you to more quickly transcend time and space. Ere long all broken rhythm will disappear from your Earth, for it has brought such distress upon mankind in recenbt years. It has shattered many hundreds of thousands! It has shattered the emotional bodies until they were unable to gather together and hold sufficient cohesive activity to maintain their health. Do you know why the majority of the savages of the jungle lives so short a time? Because of the tom-tom rhythm that is in their jungle activities. Few live past middle age.

O how greatly We love and give praise and thanks for this Messenger's courage and strength to go forth and carry this message which means everything to mankind. I want to charge into your feeling world my very powerful conviction that you cannot fail in a single instance, dear hearts, in your application of your Mighty I AM Presence. You cannot do it! I will not accept failure for any one of mankind! Everyone shall apply this law of the Mighty I AM Presence to their eternal freedom. I shall stand by it, for it was decreed that I be that authority for the earth, and having sent it forth I stand back of it and of all of you until you have your freedom.

To every appearance that is less than divine justice say "You have no power!" Mean it, feel it! And let that mighty decree go forth, doing its perfect work. Use your determination to hold in obedience everything from your own human intellect, your human creations or anyone else's which would attempt to interfere with your decree. Then you have become the master of whatever you call forth into manifestation and action.

This Messenger has been clean and pure enough to be able to receive dictations from beings who for thousands of years have been wholly pure and perfect. I want you to know, o beloved ones, that the light protects its own. You are children of the light--the light of God that never fails! Thru your call and the use of the violet consuming flame to keep all creation which has been drawn about you consumed before it finds expression, you will never find anything in the world that can harm you. I thank you, beloved ones, and in the great love of my being I pour forth to you your freedom, your invincible protection, your quick journey into freedom from all limitations and your ascension. Will you not accept that from Me? To all I say, do all your understanding permits to cooperate and have it as quickly as possible. I thank you.

Jesus, Los Angeles, 1-3-1937, excerpts:

In all the universe there is only the action of divine law which is the Mighty I AM Presence in action. No man in all the world exists unto himself or herself. All is a great consciousness and all are a part of that great consciousness in action, whether it be in your physical world or whether it be in the great higher octaves (of energy vibration). All is law and order acting under a definite law of life. I knew many of you during my Ministry and have observed all that has taken place in your stream of life since--seeing the evidence, the activity and the willingness of many individuals to accept their Mighty I AM Presence. Thus, for the individual to set himself free is the only transcendent activity.

Your experiences in life are like a great whip that lashes you back to your source of life, the Mighty I AM. Do you not agree with Me when I say that in almost all cases it is sufficiently severe? There is no permanent foundation upon which any human concept is formed. There is no place to go without the attention upon the Supreme Presence of life. How do you suppose I knew, when speaking to this good brother your Messenger two thousand years ago, that in a far distant time he would comprehend my words? Because in the great cosmic light of the I AM all is revealed. In this embodiment there is being fulfilled that which I knew then. Thru him his freedom and yours is assured.

All the world is perishing for love! O that all mankind might understand that if enouch love--divine love--is poured forth, nothing in the outer activity can be lost to them. When different avenues of truth battle with each other because human concepts do not agree, what a tragedy upon Earth it is! You will notice these beloved Messengers battle no thing, no person, for they have learned the law, praise God! They go serenely on presenting the truth they know to be. This good brother in association with St. Germain saw the action of that law. He condemns nothing but loves all. This is the secret! If every avenue of truth on Earth had this secret, it would transform the world into a perfect paradise within a few months. Once more with my blessed beloved brother St. Germain, hand in hand, We move forward to bring light, freedom, blessing and the ascension to mankind. In the fullness of my love I enfold you, o my beloved ones.

I congratulate our beloved sister Lotus on receiving so clearlyt and vividly the use of the substance from the Love Star. That is a still greater intensification of the ascended master substance as you previously have understood it. It is impossible for any inharmony, any discord, to come ffrom your call to the Mighty I AM Presence or your call to the Unfed Flame. The privilege is before you! You must choose!

I extend to you the love, the eternal blessing of the great host of ascended masters and the great angelic host, to bless you and give you your freedom quickly, to give you the power, strength and courage to feel the reality of the Presence and to allow it to do its perfect work for you. Eternal infinite light! Clothe these beloved students of the I AM all thruout America and the world with the ascended master substance from the (roseate 9-pointed Secret) Love Star, enfold them and fill their minds and bodies with the perfection which it is. It cannot be requalified by human qualifications. Rejoice! And be free!

Chananda, Los Angeles, 1-20-1937, excerpts:

With you who have read the Magic Presence, I feel well acquainted, for you know to Us there is no time, space nor absence. These Retreats are real places, mighty focuses of light and power and wisdom by which mankind are held in the light. Mankind must have this assistance today if they are ever to survive. The I AM students must render this service for the blessing of all the mass of mankind. There is no other way to help the people out of their own discord.

There has been no source on the face of the Earth that has ever (outside of Retreats) taught individuals how to use these mighty decrees. I know some of you blessed ones still wonder how far-reaching these decrees are. You cannot thru the human activity force divine justice! It must come thru the power of divine love generated by mankind. This is why you, as students of the I AM, have a great privilege and a joy before you in bringing about this transcendent activity and change which must come. It cannot come from any source that does not know the mighty power of the I AM. We give all praise and blessing to every channel of light that has ever brought any light to the people, but this Knowledge of the I AM is the final Knowledge (keystone in the arch) which is to set mankind free, regardless of any human opinion. Not one of you beloved earnest students who considers yourself 100% for the I AM is the same being at all that you were even a year ago--not in the slightest. I say from the inner standpoint, you are in no wise the same being.

No earnest precious one is ever forsaken, dear hearts, once you have touched this light. O it is so wonderful to know how the great ones are watching over you--watching for the opportunity at your call to amplify and assist you in every way--in ways you could not outwardly imagine. This is no idle activity: you have entered into a mighty stream of light and unless you deliberately and willfully turn aside from it, it will serve you without limit. You are here because your light was strong enough to make it possible for you to be selected. You are the choosers of what shall come into your world. Remember this! You can in the Knowledge of your Presence dismiss anything that you do not want. If you wish to give assistance to someone, you do not have to ask that person's permission in calling their Mighty I AM Presence into action because it is the full law and authority of their being and wants perfection to reign there. You are but making the call for their perfection and freedom; everyone on Earth has a right to do it. O how these beloved Messengers have poured forth dynamic application for your freedom.

I stand as the champion of St. Germain's mighty activity to all mankind and shall always do so! Jesus has asked Me to make this statement tonight! St. Germain has had the courage and took upon Himself the responsibility of bringing many civilizations to their heights. Each time He has carried it thru with the assistance of the beloved Nada. These beloved Messengers have had under His direction the power and strength and courage to carry forth the message in the face of the most destructive element mankind has ever sent forth. I say that to you with authority!

We thank you and in deepest gratitude We bow before the great Presence which beats your heart, calling it into action in greater and greater dominion in your mind, body, home and world. We charge you individually with the great ascended master substance which will assist you greatly in gaining your dominion, but do not give power to anything else but your Presence! I plead with you, stand guard thru your Mighty I AM Presence so you do not in the feeling accept anything ever again but its full power and action. Tonight We leave our blessings with you and cause them to be ever active and wholly sustained in thru and for you, your home and your world. I thank you.

Maitreya's Era: