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Great Divine Director, 3-18-1937, excerpts:

Notice this, dear ones, all of you who have entered into this great special stream of life energy: I shall tell you what your willingness has done. In entering into this special service--the 100% group--the great ones from Venus, who have been the vanguard of the mankind of Earth so many hundreds of thousands of years, have accepted your service. Do you realize, o beloved ones, what that means to our beloved St. Germain? He saw and had the courage to step forth, assuring all of Us that there were those who could carry this message successfully, that it must be done now or never if the Earth and its mankind were to survive. Then, there had to be someone who could carry this message, and it was achieved. Your being willing to serve joyously has made you a part of that great great light. Will you not feel tonight while I speak to you this great reality? You made yourselves ambassadors of that light and in it you have the privilege of not only allowing but calling forth the light of your Mighty I AM Presence to spread its radiance everywhere you move. Think what it means as you move about among mankind!

O beloved ones of the light, you have heard so often why there is the need of your call to the Mighty I AM Presence in order to give Us the privilege of releasing the power and amplifying your earnest sincere efforts to go forth and do the work required in the world--the outer as well as the mental and feeling world of mankind. This last issue of the Voice of the I AM magazine which has the Chart of the Presence will spread over the entire Earth. Blessed ones, great great is your privilege in being in the vanguard of this service, which will one day set America and the world free. The Golden Age has existed many times before and will exist again--this time permanently for the Earth. Is it not well worth making every effort which mankind can make to once again find that established on Earth?

Your higher mental body, precious ones, which know the perfection of the Presence and knows your needs, will answer your every call and does answer it. But watch out that in your feeling world there is not a lurking doubt which is obstructing the way or the feeling of your inability to call your Presence into action. It only requires your earnest sincere call! Keep it up until you have the power of your Presence acting everywhere. There is nothing in the world to stop it! It knows no resistance or interference and y9ou shall have the power and the freedom which it holds for you. There is only one obstruction to the perfection which the Presence holds and that is in your feeling world. If your application is not producing the results which you require, then say Mighty I AM Presence, take out of my feling world every single thing that seems to obstruct the way and release your mighty intelligent energy to go forth and produce these results. Mighty I AM Presence, see that this is done now!

So I want you to feel how really close We have become. O no! No! We are not far away off somewhere anymore. Your hearts are beating with mine tonight. Will you feel it and ask your Mighty I AM Presence to qualify it eternally sustained for you? (Silence)

Ere long you will find that no appearance of limitation or discord will have any effect whatever upon you. You will just say to it: "O run along, you have had your day! Do not bother me; you are just wasting your time." The rapid change is taking place! The human is dissolving, it has to. I command it to do so and set you free forever! Will you believe Me when I say I shall long remember this evening?

It is always amusing to Me when I touch upon this point with students, because sometimes they think they are still having a struggle, while to Me that is all past. Do you just get my meaning? To Me your struggles are all past! I AM not speaking in riddles. Remember, to Me your struggles are all past! Accept it will you not? Do you know I just love to feel your heartbeat. When my rays of light go from my heart to yours, then you become a part of Me--not the Messenger you see before you, but of myself, and do you know that for some time this has been going on? This is what We want to do--help to assist you to become that which WE ARE.

Say to all limiting appearances or discord of any kind: You have no power! Mighty I AM Presence, take command of my world! Fill it with your perfection and hold your dominion within it forever. Then feel the glory of it actually operating. My love enfolds you forever in its transcendent light. The blessings of the great cosmic light enfold each one of you unto your perfection and ascension.

Elohim Arcturus, 3-21-1937, excerpts:

This great stream of life into which you have entered, may I remind you again, is self-luminous intelligent substance. Try to get the fullness of this idea. Notice! Feel within your being that you are constantly thru your acceptance of the Presence absorbing into the atomic structure of your body this self-luminous intelligent substance. Do you not see, precious ones, that you must have perfect health, that you must have energy without limit to send you forth like a rocket into any achievement in any direction for perfection?

You are not wavering any longer, you know. Now you straighten your spine and stand firm in the acceptance of your Presence. Remember again, dear ones, your determination is the activity of the inner will of the Mighty I AM Presence. Be determined that America shall be free! Be determined that your application brings results immediatelyt! No longer do the children of America have to give way before discordant forces, whether it be in your private life, your home, in your city or government. Listen closely! The call of the children of America for this light, for this protection, is the only thing that has been required thruout the centuries to release and cause the great cosmic light to come forth and give this protection. The unfortunate thing is that some among mankind cannot yet understand that what they sow they must reap.

Go on and on and on in your mighty application and you cannot fail! One day you will find that wall of human creation gone down. You will look thru and see the great light which is yours.

Do not accept any report that is less than perfection which comes to your ears or your eyes. Every time a report of limitation, distress or disturbing thing comes, still yourselves for an instant and say: Mighty I AM Presence, I refuse acceptance of that into my world or America! Take it out! Stop it forever and do not let it occur again. You, precious ones, if you will do that individually as you become aware of these things, o how quickly will they cease to act in your minds, your city or your country. Dear hearts, from today forth enter into the full feeling of the power of your Mighty I AM Presence to go forth at your call and do its perfect work.

As your attention is kept on the Presence, the light expands and the human--the clothing or density with which you have clothed it--steadily and surely dissolves and disappears. It is a law of life! It is not a matter of someone's belief. As individuals among mankind accept the Mighty I AM Presence and call it into action to produce perfection in their lives and worlds, all nature must also take on the perfection which mankind has called forth. There will be greater beauty and greater distribution of moisture thruout the Earth and balance, all that kind of thing.

Precious ones, you do not yet have but a fragmentary realization of what you could do. You are really God-beings, and once you really feel that, can experience your full freedom. While it is true that the greater part of your Mighty I AM Presence is above you, yet this part of you is anchored right here in your heart, and as you give attention to it, this part expands until in one sweep all can be dissolved which has been limiting or discordant. Let Me give you this assistance, will you not? Mighty I AM Presence, sweep thru each human form, sweep out every imperfection and every limitation that is within each one's consciousness! Replace them by the ascended masters' substance and intelligence, to act there will full power henceforth to produce quickly the mighty manifestations of the Mighty I AM Presence when called into action. Hold thy dominion in the feeling world and give everyone this mighty confidence in their Mighty I AM Presence, in its full power and ability to do everything they ask it to do which is constructive.

Today let us accept forever all that is required, whether it be money, confidence, courage, happiness, whatever it may be! Let us accept the fullness of the Mighty I AM Presence flooding our world with it. It is for the use of all, beloved ones. You cannot be limited in the acknowledgment of your Presence. In your heart is all the gold you require for use. If there is any shadow attempts to come into that light, say O no you don't, you are finished! I walk in this pathway of my Mighty I AM Presence and there is no human creation of mine or anybody else going to enter into that again. Use your determination. Will you not do that for Me, for yourself?

My joy is boundless for this humble service which has been my privilege to render today. Carry it with you always into your full victory. We shall often hold your hand in the closing pilgrimage upon Earth for you and give you thru our radiance that freedom, courage and confidence of your victory, for God the Mighty I AM Presence in you is your certain victory always. I thank you.

Maitreya's Era: