"I AM the crystallization of the God flame." -Jesus Christ, dictation at Pasadena winter 1976-7

The following material is copyrighted by The White Lodge 1979-90. These are excerpts.

"We have to be willing first of all to take the bull by the horns. We've got to be able to recognize that this gift of God's grace that lies in our hands will just lie there until it blows away unless we just grab it. It isn't going to sit around there in potential forever." -Mark Prophet

"Your reason stops very frequently at the boundaries of the know, so you must proceed forward by other means. Now you must be sure that the intuition, genius and inspiration of the wise ones of past ages have gone far beyond your ordinary contemplation, and you can most surely hope that what they have told you will ultimately be proved true." -Azrael

"Run to greet the wave of light and see how the great wave will swallow up the pollutions of the river of life. I would like to point out to you then that there is a method whereby you can keep your own consciousness high. That method is to feel God's love anchored within your heart simultaneously while you feel God's love and wisdom anchored within your mind." -Archangel Jophiel

"It was the faith of an archeia that was focused in the vigil of the three Marys. By faith they kept the vigil at the cross, by faith they stood at the door of the tomb, by faith they beheld the risen Savior. You too must uphold your faith in the sons & daughters of God in the moment of supreme testing." -Archeia Faith

"The ascended masters make karma in delivering unto an unascended chela more light than that chela can hold in balance. That supreme magnet of love harmonious is all-attractive of all good and all-repelling of all evil. Therefore, those who would survive when the earth is in chaos and disintegration and death must understand clearly that the antidote for all of this is the purity of harmony. Harmony is a science, even as music is a science. Harmony then is the balance of light, of sun centers, electronic forcefields. When there is balance, then there is harmony. When there is balance & harmony, then & only then can there be acceleration.

"You may have wondrous gifts of virtue, but often in a lifetime or many lifetimes an individual lifestream does not exceed a certain level of attainment professionally or a certain level of virtue because the individual reaches the line where there is no longer balance, where he cannot carry into an accelerated momentum that virtue which may function at a lesser vibration. Whatever energy is tied in knots of self-deception, of dissonance, of selfishness, of hatred--all of these manifestations including anxiety itself cause the deceleration of that which is God-harmony within the fiery core of the threefold flame itself. When its three plumes are of differing height, out of balance, it cannot spin and therefore the resurrection fires do not glow. May God-harmony provide you with the key to light--which itself is the alchemical key. Thus harmony is the key to the key. Think upon these words and ask yourself this question: How many doors will I pass thru, how many keys must I find to finally enter into the holy of holies of my very own God being? In the flame of God-harmony I release to your heart the answer to your question. I send you forth on a mission for the self-sustainment of harmony. It is, my beloved, the key to the crucifixion." -God Harmony

"I AM Gabriel. I AM the friend of God. I do not compromise my friendship with Him for friendship with those who have betrayed Him. There is a cosmic honor flame. Live by it! Serve it! And know what it means to have access to the courts of heaven. Know what it means to speak the name of Gabriel and to have Gabriel at your side. Consider the price: the cosmic honor flame is the flame of the Holy Spirit. It is the flame of the ascension. All who have not the flame, I say of them, they shall not pass into the circle of our oneness, into the Guru/chela relationship. They shall not cross over the line of the circle of our wholeness. Therefore, search the soul! The lily symbolizes the chalice of the soul awaiting the resurgence of the divine light reaching out the mouth of its longing toward the universe that it might receive the boon of cosmic grace and extend it outward in all of its activities--an external offering from an internal source, an internal creativity, an internal imagining, an imagining born from the mind of God by divine wings and divine winds upon a mystic sea. While billowing sails convey this precious cargo to the mind, the tradewinds of exchange are also present, and men understand that they will trade their temporal state for infinite power, that they will trade their vision of human love for divine love and see the stepping stones on the way. I AM the angel of the annunciation. Therefore I announce to you your virgin birth in the womb of the cosmic virgin! I announce to you that you are the seed of Alpha, that you have been sired by Almighty God, that you have been nourished by the fires of the heart of Omega and that you have been set for the fall and rising again of many in Israel and for a sign, which is the sign of the Logos and which shall be spoken against. You have been sent into this world--although you are not of this world--as instruments of the Lord's judgment even as you come to balance the scales of your uses and misuses of God's energy." -Gabriel

"I AM forever Chamuel in the heart of love! As long as your heart is filled with love I dwell in your heart and you can visualize Me there--angel of pink fire ministering unto the souls of mankind from the altar of your heart. I came in love, I go in love--this is the victory of the age! The judgment is the light, the enerergy of the Great Central Sun that flows as a giant torrent and that energy is the confirmation of the judgment. Why then do you remain silent and why do you not give forth the call for the action of the sacred fire to come forth from the white-fire core? It is the action of the secret rays that is effective to this purpose. I give you this key this day, this understanding that Mighty Cosmos' secret rays--implemented by the archangels and the ascended masters--is the effective means to deter global warfare and the tearing of hearts from hearts across the planetary body. But you must understand that as you take the bow and the arrow and you make your mark as the divine archer, so you must direct that word, you must not forget to focus in on the very specific conditions. You can call forth the will of God and fill the very atmosphere with the smoke and incense of that will, but if you desire to direct a ray of light of that will into the cause and core of a certain condition, then you must name that condition, you must name it by the authority of the Christ." -Archangel Chamuel

"There is a starting point for the calling forth of the soul from the tombs where the discarnates dwell. Love is the starting point, love is the middle way and love is the ending point by a song, by laughter, by a poem or the music of the spheres, by the loud cry of the master: "O soul, come forth from the tomb and live!" By all of these and more the soul may be nurtured from sickness unto health. But always it is the wisdom of the disciple to accompany this work of the Holy Spirit with fervent prayer, deep meditation and extensive dynamic decrees on behalf of the soul who must truly be born again before it can see the kingdom of God." -Sanat Kumara

Crystallization of the God Flame: