"Not weariness nor irritation, nor divided thought, lead to advancement. You know that arrows do not strike a person in love's motion, that his rotation returns them against the enemy. The fiery heart sends forth the spiral of Agni which blunts the most malevolent arrows. Of course courage and resourcefulness are needed for such action. Pay no heed to the voices of darkness. Blasphemy, mockery and slander are their weapons." -Morya: Aum 1936, pts. 447, 398; Fiery World 1933, pt. 558

"I AM where you discover the fire that glows. Only when you challenge the dweller on the threshold of your own cosmos and your own consciousness--the rebellious one--can you breathe the breath of life and know I AM free! Therefore that judgment that has come to the Fallen One (Lucifer) meted out by Alpha and Omega must also resound within the consciousness of every living soul." -Alpha

"Great and ever greater tests of faith will come these days to the disciple or the initiate. Be therefore patient and tranquil, and when life seems to become difficult, beloved, to some very difficult, seek the quiet places of the spirit and visualize the power of love sent forth unto each one from the body of the Cosmic Christ. You will receive peace of mind and serenity of spirit will be yours. My beloved, there is no surer means by which an initiate can test his faith and its adequacy than by his success or failure in dissolving fear." -Azrael

"And so in our temple of light at Banff our angels do come to receive the fires of protection. There they dip in and they are recharged for the service to mankind which they perform 24 hours a day. Angels of Archangel Michael's band would never go forth to do battle without the armor of light and the full protection of the law. I charge you then to learn a lesson from your angel of faith--to put on that armor, the whole armor of God as you have been taught, and then to go forth as you shall go forth with the legions of fearlessness flame." -Archangel Michael

"If men's lives are lived according to the divine plan, then conformity comes not as the result of struggle but as the result of happy and joyous submission to the Christ idea, to the God design." -Serapis

"It is the motive that transfigures. And if your motive is to help the universe as well as yourselves, you are absolutely justified in enhancing the qualities of your mind, in building up the forte of your spirit, in learning how to drink into the happiness of God, in communing with cosmic beings and invisible forces, in learning the best defenses against the negative energy upon the planet, in trying to understand what the brothers of light are doing for mankind, in consciously aligning yourself with the information that the brothers of light are dispensing to you, and in doing everything in fact to enrichen yourself so that the universe thru you can be enrichened." -Mark L. Prophet

"Excellence does not remain alone, it is sure to attract neighbors." -Confucius

"There is no greater vibration in cosmos than pure absolute sacred fire burning with the love of God, burning with the wisdom of God, burning with the power of God. Understand that this truly and surely as your defense. And therefore to allow yourselves to become concave in the doldrums of human moods and in the temptations of the fallen ones and therefore to allow the sun of your heart to momentarily go out or to flicker to to sag leaves yourself vulnerable to the fallen ones who, I might add, wait for those moments when you are offguard and when the sun of your heart dims for want of your attention upon the light of Helios and Vesta (of the Sun)." -Archangel Jophiel

"Truly, men who build in the holy will do build for eternity." -Morya

"Do not postpone the victory, for the victory is a torch suspended in the atmosphere within your grasp! Seize it!" -Apollo

"Let men cognize that it is in the strata of human thought and feeling that the battle for divine reality must be waged and won. The schoolrooms of earth are intended to be places of divine harmony, but it is necessary that the children of God upon earth should understand that they have a very real responsibility to endure all things on behalf of the light and to overcome. Men must show forth the victorious sense of a valiant love. It is not enough to submit to the world order and its patterns. Where necessary the disciple must break those patterns and make men aware, by a forthrightness of attitude without hatred or despair, that their course of action is contray to harmony and pure reason. If you invoke love, then stand willing and ready to receive the two-edged sword of love. the pain of love is the chastisement. It is an energy of absolute adoration whereby the fire of God, adoring the soul in the state of becoming whole, sends forth a presence and a light that is the rebuke to all energies that have gone out of the way. And instantaneously they are called back into alignment, and this is the sharpness of the blade of the sword. It is the rushing and the movement of your very own energies which now must give way to the greater light of love. The fear then is not of love but the fear is to be neglected, to be cast aside, to be unwanted because one does not feel the firm hand of the Creator nudging, nudging the soul back to the center of the path." -Archangel Chamuel

"An initiation is offered to those who would be present-day saints of the ruby ray, embodying the flame of the preacher, of one who announces the good news and discourses on the gospel with the understanding of the prophet. This Mark L. Prophet did. And he gives us the promise that when we take up the mantle of the preacher, he will enter our temple and bestow upon us his mantle and not leave us until our mission is fulfilled in the name of the two witnesses." -Elizabeth Clare Prophet

"Happiness is the natural consequence of the laws of your being. It is only he who mounts to higher altitudes who knows the joy of living--he who has triumphed over self and who has fought bravely with temptation and won the victory. It is only when he lives in accordance with the highest that is in himself that he enjoys the greatest happiness." -Azrael

"Life is worthy when men make it worthy." -Mother Mary

"Understand that sif the fallen ones can destroy love, they can destroy all. For love is the foundation and the fountain of life. Love is the essence of creation. Without love life is desolate and the skies are dreary and elemental life is despondent. Where the love of father, mother and child is broken, as in the totalitarian state, there is a depression that hangs over the land. And to compensate therefor, the people engage in a fierce rationalization of dialectic materialism. Without love the justifications of unreality are piled upon justification, and the impenetrable wall of self-deception that is erected, stone upon stone of the hardness of their hearts, is sealed with the mortar of their rejection of the God of love. And so the superstate is built as the tower of Babel was built. And men and women are saturated with an enormous pride in the ego and its accomplishments--all of this to stifle the aching in the soul." -Archeia Charity

"Remember, the cross stands for the path of liberation. The cross is life-giving. The cross symbolizes the way of renunciation and surrender of self-will to God's will." -Azrael

"Let wisdom crystallize the image of the Christ within you. Precious ones, as the truth is that which makes man free, wisdom is the explanation of that truth. Mankind crave to kn9ow the law, and therefore I say, teach them. Know the teachings and know them accurately. Be prepared! There is a gentleness in the flowing stream of God's illumination that can be felt only when the cares and the burdens of the world with its knowledge, its pursuits, are set aside. And then the gentle, rhythmic, rolling currents of the mighty river of illumination that flows from the heart of the Father to the heart of the Mother is sensed...and when it is drunk, he experiences the illumination of the Buddhic consciousness, of the thousand-petaled lotus. We would never allow a pupil to sink, for We would consider that it would be our fault and not the pupil's fault. I trust you will invoke my flame and askm me to intercede with the Cosmic Christ for you to release methods of teaching, the teachings of the Brotherhood, on film, in all forms. And I say, would that not be better than showing films of pornography, of lewd entertainment, of all types of astral nightmares that are paraded before the youth of the world every Friday and Saturday night? By an action of the flame of Jophiel and Christine We can activate the memory of the life in those etheric cities--the pastel trees, the radiant hues, frolocking thru the grasses violet and blue in color, the games that are played by the children where excellence is the goal rather than competition and pride, and where the Christ example is the solution to all forms of problems that eventuate in the age of the adult and in the lack of mastery. Abide in the gratitude of divine love for wisdom's flame! Make the effort! Come up higher! Let men then follow St. Francis, beloved Kuthumi, in the following of all the avatars of wisdom down thru the ages that they may make of their hearts a cradle where the holy Christ-child in illumination's flame may live again and where the angels may bow and fold their hallowed wings of love round about that sacred child until, grown to maturity, he may take that Christ-dominion over each life and over the earth." -Jophiel and Christine

"Of our vices we can frame a ladder, if we will but tread beneath our feet each deed of shame." -Longfellow

"We are watching with the all-seeing eye of cosmic charity as each one of you with new determination sets sail for the cosmic haven of surrender and of fulfillment, of purpose in action as God within you unites with God within all." -Charity

Crystallization of the God Flame: for those wanting deeper study