Serapis Bey, San Francisco, 1-23-38, excerpts:

Beloved students of San Francisco, America and the world, I greet you for the first time in the outer world and bring to you the greetings and blessings of the Brotherhood at Luxor. For the first time in many centuries this greeting comes to the outside world. The order of which I AM the head has long been one of the guards of mankind, and as our beloved Lotus has told you, our order is perhaps the most inflexible because it demands absolute obedience from those who have come to Us. I wonder how many of you are willing to give the full obedience required to bring your complete freedom quickly. I marvel at the feelings of mankind which deprive them of the joy of saying in purity of thought and feeling to each other "I love you."

Know you not, precious ones of the light, that without the conscious calling forth from this Presence and the releasing of its power of divine love, you do not have true happiness? I should not call it work, for it really is not, but of all the centuries of honest sincere effort upon our part to awaken mankind to what they really are, at last they are responding. Remember, all that is destructive is but force in action. It is not intelligent because it has no sustaining power of its own.

Do you wonder why it is possible for this assistance to be done for America, instead of any other part of the world today? Because it is the only spot on Earth where the great mass of people have sought divine justice, freedom and liberty. Just because there have been projected into your government or into your world of activity those individuals who are the claws of the sinister force does not warrant you in believing that you have not the protection of the infinite power of light--because the mass of your people in America want the freedom and the light. This is what mankind has sought for thousands and thousands of years. They have sought something which would give the balance of all qualities and activities in mankind, but no one can have it sustained without the knowledge of this Presence, your Mighty I AM.

I venture to say there are not half a dozen in this room, if a pendulum were hanging here, who would not turn involuntarily and look at it. That is the reason, beloved ones, why you must be firm enough to compel your attention to stay where you put it. We do not consider the human viewpoint. If We did, We would not get far, would We? Therefore beloved ones, as the great law has seen fit to send Me forth into your midst, I trust you will think better of Me than you did before. I AM not so fierce as you might think, but dear ones, if you knew, if you saw what my inflexibility has meant to those who came to Us thru the centuries, then I think you would love me too.

O what a trembling fear comes over you--those bill on the table at home staring you in the face are saying "How are you going to take care of me?" Then you succumb to the suggestion--I plead with you, do not longer yield to the appearance world which has frightened you so long. As long as you give it power--energy--which is your life, then it will come back and say "I am still your master." Suppose after you return home tonight you immediately say "That all sounds very good, but here are these things." Then, these things will have you by the throat. Instead of succumbing to its appearance, say to that thing: "You are finished! You scared me once, but you will never do it again." Therefore, dear people, the time has come when your call to the Presence must be strong enough to silence those things in your midst! It is the master of every condition that ever confronts you! It does not matter what is going on around you, one with this Mighty I AM Presence is a majority! Let us first take you individually. When you call this power of light into action to flood your being and world, exactly the same thing takes place as took place in this room when you turned on the lights. Now the darkness of your human creation is not a particle more powerful than the darkness in this room before you turned on the lights. If you came in with a candle, you would not see so clearly, would you? If We do not get some results, I AM going to know why. Now I mean business. You blessed ones are not going to wobble around in these outer things after tonight. The more determined the human is, the more firm you must become in calling the powers of the Presence into action to dissolve it. Sometimes people would come back to Us and sometimes they did not, and of all things, those students would swear to you that I did not care whether they succeeded or failed--because in my capacity I did not show them my feeling. To see a beloved blessed one with not enough strength or light within him to win the victory is sorrow indeed.

I marvel at those who thought I was severe. The law of life is moreso, because it never prompts you. It just waits and if you want to misuse its energy it says "Just run along, you will get tired ot it."

What do you suppose any accumulation in the flesh structure of your body can do against the power of that light which CAN dissolve it like lightning? Only because the human hugs it and says "I am afraid I am going to let go of it." Do you know I AM quite serious in that! Do you know that is what your feelings actually do? You want to get rid of a disturbing condition, but when you call forth the full power of the Presence and it begins to hurt a little more you say "O dear!" Pardon Me if I remind you of these manifestations which We have seen manifest thru mankind for hundreds of years. O let Us not yield any longer to discordant things of any kind! Remember that within all life, everything is loving kindly cooperation. In all life in all nature does the apple tree interfere with the cherry? Your physical heart is the anchorage of the power of God, the infinite power of light in your body, for within it is a tiny Unfed Flame from the heart of your Electronic Body (I AM Presence). That is why your heart cannot be disturbed except from suggestions imposed upon it. We have the records gathered from mankind where 37% of the tumor and cancer cases among the people come by the power of suggestion, for the feeling of the individual begins to accept it. Then later the individual wonders why that condition exists.

O just accept that great joy of your I AM Presence filling your world and holding its dominion there. It is so magnificent! Let Me decree tonight your mighty eternal dominion and victory in the light! I thank you.

Queen of Light, Kansas City, Missouri, 2-16-38, excerpts:

Because of the service which this beloved Messenger rendered Me in a time past, the law has so regulated it that now I may render a service to the I AM students, the children of America. I had maintained life in my body for more than 500 years when this occurrence took place, but I thought I had won the victory over the condition that then existed. For nearly 70 years of that time I had been on guard against the group of black magicians who were trying to catch Me offguard. It was easy for Me to win the battle and govern the conditions, but when I was too sure of Myself, not realizing that they had not accepted the victory I had won, I unknowingly let down the guard.

For 300 years I lived in that condition that was imposed upon Me--and I could not pass thru so-called death. Then from your beloved North America one who lived in the civilization before this came to Me in the Andes Mountains, and in a few weeks again my victory was complete. My ascension followed swiftly. Why AM I explaining this to you tonight? So you may understand, beloved students, that never until your ascension should you ever be offguard for one moment. In the acknowledgment of your Mighty I AM Presence remember your higher mental body is the guard which you can call into action to stand guard over you and your world forever. It will always do so and remain harmonious, so that the power can flow thru at any moment to render the service. These are simple and majestic laws of life which every one of you can use if you will, but if you believe they are half-truth, you will get half-results.

Why do you suppose that a great cosmic being gave Me this name? Because I AM the victory of Light! I had to release Myself from the condition which had been imposed upon Me.

Because of the secrecy of the time is why in those earlier ages the truth as St. Germain has presented it to you could not be given--because people would have been burnt at the stake. You have lived thru all of it before. I say to you tonight, there is not a person sitting in this room who cannot call forth his Mighty I AM Presence with infinite power to release anything your blessed hearts desire which is constructive. There is no question about it, the choice is yours!

This is why I AM here tonight in connection with the Great Divine Director because of the intensity--now notice--of the point to which you have raised yourself by your application. Beloved ones, you do not imagine, you do not realize yet what your application has done for you. There is not one who cannot govern his feelings if he really wants to. When you want the light, when you want your freedom more than you want your breath, then you will have it! Step by step you are rising out of all conditions of your own creations and one day you will stand wholly free. Make no mistake about it! I want to give you the assistance so you feel within your feeling world my power of victory and consciousness.

The light with which I enfold you within this great globe of light, which the Divine Director has provided, is a current of energy I AM giving to you! It is yours but it will act in you with my power of light. This light which I AM giving to you is my current of energy charging into your feeling world to produce perfection for you. Do not just look to the energy which I AM giving, but make your earnest sincere application in the call to your Presence. Then this energy will give you the assistance that makes you the victorious Presence quickly in your health, in your supply of money or whatever is required. This energy from your Presence, the law of life called forth into action, is divine justice! It shall reign in America! And if you will stand with Us in your call I tell you divine justice shall reign in your government! Do not yield for one second to the present conditions which exist.

Follow this carefully if you will. In the beginning of this Work the great being Victory came forth at the Royal Teton and issued certain edicts for the Earth. Then the Goddess of Liberty came forth into action. Today, by the great law of life, I have been called forth into action to produce in the Earth the all-powerful activity of the Threefold Flame. The mighty power of the Threefold Flame represented in the Royal Teton shall take its victory in America and shall draw into its mighty power everything undesirable, and such things shall be no more! Try to feel that, beloved students, in your future application. Remember! Victory, the Goddess of Liberty and Myself form the focus at your call upon the Threefold Flame for the Earth! One day, We trust not long hence, it will come forth visible to every person, and when that comes America will lose all her troubles! In every age when the victory of light comes forth the constructive activity of the Unfed Flame comes into visibility at some point upon that landed area.

The Great Presence of Life has said to mankind in all languages in all ages: "You shall hold your peace & I will fight your battles for you, for I have weapons you know not of."

Maitreya's Era: Queen of Light dictation continues