Queen of Light continues

Many thousands of students today when they first heard the Messengers and the mention of the ascended masters rebelled like fury. They said "It cannot be! If such beings exist why do we not know it?" How did you ever know of anything unless your attention was held upon it? What is obedience? Compelling your own manifestation to be harmonious! That is all it has to do! Then the currents of energy will flow forth to produce health in the body, harmony in your achievement, perfection in your attainment, and any condition to which the attention is directed. In my capacity I have been assisting voernments into the height of their perfection, by this identical law and action of energy.

You must realize the power of momentum, which means the continuous carrying of power from your Presence. It would be better not to gather it than not to balance it by Self-control in man's octave. You must face the law of life, and I AM prompting you. When you call forth power of the Presence in a greater volume, you must balance it in the physical octave by Self-control in your feeling world--and everyone can do it. Remember, beloved ones, your attention held upon an objective of attainment is the power and releases the currents of energy from your Presence which floods out continuously thru your attention to the objective to accomplish its purpose. When you take the attention off, the energy stops. You may charge the higher mental body to keep that energy pouring until it is accomplished. Each time you have a few moments turn your attention back to your objective and let the energy from your Presence flow into it.

Beloved ones, observe the Chart of the I AM Presence please. Perfection and freedom are absolutely within your reach! Therefore, beloved ones, tonight in my earnest sincere effort to assist you, will you be kind enough to accept my assistance? Therefore, in the glory of your great Presence of all life, I say to you tonight: Stand glorified in the mighty activity of your own Mighty I AM Presence and accept first your Presence, then all that the ascended masters and great beings of light wish to give you--and you cannot imagine what They will do if you are earnest and sincere. Accept the fullness of the power of your Presence and the assistance of the great ones! Go forth feeling the full victory of the light acting within you and your world! If mankind but understood that, every person would become a mighty power and focus of healing wherever he goes, even the radiance pouring forth from him would heal where it passes. Such is the joy and perfection which is before you.

In the fullness of the light which I represent I call its full power into action to clothe you forever in its transcendent activity and hold you forever victorious in its light unto your ascension and eternal freedom. I thank you.

Great Divine Director, Philadelphia, 3-25-38, excerpts:

If you will still yourselves, in this stillness is a great calm feeling of the Presence and power of light--interpenetrating your physical structure, filling your physical world with its infinite power of light. Then in great full acceptance of the world of each one that no one ever has the desire again to feel irritated or discordant or to have a single opinion about anyone except to pour forth love and blessings and to wish them well.< Tonight in this room there is the power and activity from the Cave of Light in India, that the fullness of its power may render its service now to these children of light. It is taking its dominion, holding its commanding conquering Presence there to bless each one with the fullness of its happiness, its enthusiasm, its goodwill to all things. It holds the feeling world harmonized in the ever-increasing power and perfection from the call to their Presence, which continues in its expanding, intensifying activity to glorify each one with the eternal freedom of the light. (Silence) We thank Thee, o great powers of light! We thank Thee, great cosmic light! We thank Thee, great cosmic beings, great Legion of light and great host of ascended masters!

Now, as We follow this, mighty Goddess of Liberty: charge into the feeling world of each one thy mighty feeling of freedom and loyalty to America. Let it expand in the feeling world everywhere and do its perfect work in the regeneration of the feeling of all mankind. Lift them out of all communistic feeling in the world! Set them firm in the light! Charge them with the feeling of love and loyalty for America. Mighty Victory: charge into the feeling world of each one thy mighty power and feeling of victory, self-control and thy mighty power of light. May each one release thru the power You place there this radiance to all with whom they come into contact.

In the fullness of the infinite power of light which is yours cherish it, love it, adore it and call it forth with full consciousness that this light which you are speaking to knows no opposition. It moves forward into action. Try to feel, beloved ones, the power and authority of light! (Silence) I speak to the points of light within every cell of the body of each one: expand expand expand. Dissolve all human qualities! Release tonight that light! Dissolve every bit of density; restore now perfect health, strength, happiness, courage, power and dominion even in the flesh structure of the body. Mighty Victory: dissolve all doubts and fears within the feeling world of each one! And let these beloved ones go forth now in the full courage, strength and power of the dominion of their own light--unobstructed, untouched by any human quality longer. Then, make this radiance so powerful and draw the tube of light so powerfully that no longer will they feel a desire to have to do, to be anything but the power of light in action! So charge this forth that no longer will the glory of Thyself be withheld from mankind!

Stand forth, o America, to your victory of the light! May no nation, may no group of people of any kind ever be able to touch your shores with discord! Great cosmic light: cleanse and purify the feeling world of every person in America now! Charge forth all that is required to give every assistance! Charge into our government the ascended master Presence, intelligence, activity and power to hold divine justice everywhere, in all governmental offices. Hold the dominion of the light there. As the class enters into action in Washington D. C., great cosmic beings and great cosmic light: take your dominion in that city! Cleanse and purify all! Seize, bind and remove all entities! Dissolve and consume all human creations about the people there and all officials. See that thy power of divine justice reigns there now supreme forever in the glory of thy eternal light! (Silence)

Beloved ones, enter into the glory of your activity here with greater happiness, freedom and certainty within your minds that the great wisdom acts correctly. Let all harmonize themselves and release the power of light from within. It is energy! It is substance! Then the great powers of light can take it up and bring into the earth that which is needed. Be natural, beloved ones, in the joy, happiness and enthusiasm of your understanding of the powers of light. It is just naturalness that is trying to find expression. Because of old custom people could not release themselves from the old false pride of custom and human creation. They from tonight never need to feel limited again in any way whatever. Let the light sweep out every pain, imperfection--cause, effect and record.

In just four minutes for the first time there shall flood into this group of students the selective quality of the great cosmic light. As it sweeps into the room may everyone accept it with the fullness of his or her heart's light, qualifying it to be self-sustained in its eternal activity--as the great wisdom directs, for the release of the supply of money and all else required, for the producing of perfect health, for the producing of freedom and the ascension. (Silence)

May I tell you how powerfully the selective intelligence of the Great Presence acts? Besides yourselves, there are 56,000 of the I AM students in their etheric bodies who have been drawn to this focus tonight! Please use your power of qualification silently that this be forever sustained and active for you. Will you each one silently make the call to the great cosmic light to perform this same service for every class in the future and every group of I AM students gathered everywhere in America and the world?

You are held in the embrace of light as though you were in the far-away Cave of Light in India. Such is the power of the walls of light, which one day you will find are as impenetrable as a wall of steel. Do not let your attention be drawn by the noise without. Remember this night! It is showing you how the two opposite conditions can have only a thin wall of light between them, yet it is impenetrable to destructive forces. Thus, you may have the assurance that the power of light can have its dominion on earth thru individuals, thru cities or the nation. That is what I want to anchor so firmly within your thought and feeling world tonight.

This assistance given you today is unparalleled in the history of the Earth in more than 6000 years in this particular activity. Remember, you came with great joy, happiness and enthusiasm tonight, and see the results, beloved ones.

In the fullness of this power which has been released tonight will you be kind enough to bring back the memory each night before you sleep and remember what it means to you? May it be an eternal memory of joy, happiness, freedom and the victory of the light to you.

As We stand in the Presence of all life, may each one feel its penetrating sustaining power which brings the fullness of its victory into the mind, body, feeling world and into the home of every beloved one. Let its peace, harmony and glory hold its dominion there forever, flooding your being and world with such dominion and self-control that as each one calls hourly or daily to the great Presence of all life, the Mighty I AM, so the response will come more and more quickly.

May each one be supplied as he moves among mankind to heal, to bless, to prosper, enlighten and glorify all. May each one be supplied with and release the limitless gifts from the treasurehouse of the Presence wherever he moves, whether it be money or whatever it may be that is required to bring greater happiness and perfection. Then shall this mighty power take its dominion and produce the perfect results. We give praise and thanks for the full acceptance within each heart, for the glory of its expanding activity. Remember: as the power of the Presence is called forth into man's octave, it must be balanced in manifestation by Self-control in the feeling world. I thank you.

Maitreya's Era: