Lord Maitreya's Era

aum buddha maitri vajra raksha ham

maitri maitri maha maitri svaha

(Sanskrit: aum buddha loving-kindness active & passive; loving-kindness loving-kindness great loving-kindness so be it)

Lupins blow by the Castle Jestem--Polish I AM--/by the Western Gate near Pan Pacific Expo pillars that soar/Ma in June '86 gave devotees an initiatic name--/Jestem, Polish I AM!

When I find the way I AM, Eden come again,/ As water to fish and air to birds, love's the crown of creation!

Maitreya and Manjushri have been principal helpers to Gautama Buddha for some 2500 years or more. A leading exponent in Maitreya's circle of mighty initiates is Saint Germain. The following material is from a major undertaking in America in the 1930s. It is helpful to understand the sevenfold spectrum of pure clear light: blue, yellow, pink, white, green, purple and gold, violet. Goodwill is one of the 10 Perfections of the Law as taught by Gautama, as well as alms, precepts, renunciation, wisdom, courage, patience, truth, resolve and indifference.

Leto at Pasadena on 1-17-1937 delivered this, quoted in part: All of these great activities which come forth in the higher octaves of the ascended masters, or the activity which comes forth thru the host of ascended masters, is all prepared. These books (of Guy Ballard experiences) were written years and years before they came into physical form. They were just the outpicturing of that which was already recorded in the experience of this good brother. Everything that comes into form out here first must have its light pattern, your own form included.

First, charge your consciousness to go forth into the ascended masters' octave of light, to retain the memory and bring it back when you awaken in the morning, that you may feel their courage brought back with you. Do not try to go forth in your etheric body unless you feel thoroughly anchored in your own I AM Presence. Call the ascended masters' invincible protection about you before any such attempt is made.

When one has gained more than 50% of perfection, then the great onrush from the momentum gained gives one the assistance where in one sweeping decree you can release the power and energy from the Presence to come forth and do things almost instantaneously, where before it might have taken you weeks to accomplish the same thing. You are the loser if you listen to sinister suggestions, precious ones, do you not see that? Go on and on with your work and one day you will rejoice beyond all words can express that you did continue to render this service to your fellow man and yourselves.

Do you know how greatly We love you, blessed ones, and why We are making this tremendous effort to stabilize, to anchor you so firmly in this Understanding and your application of it, that nothing in the world can shake you loose from it?

Just for a moment still yourselves and feel the mighty freeing radiation which is pouring from the group of ascended masters here tonight. Just let it permeate and saturate your whole atomic structure, your whole flesh body, and cause those points of light within every cell to expand, expand and expand until the light floods your whole being. Let the great light at your heart just expand expand and expand, until it envelops and saturates your emotional and mental body, cleansing and purifying every imperfect thing and taking it out of your emotional or feeling world. Just feel this all dissolve as if it never had been. Then feel the great ascended master light substance from the (9-pointed roseate Secret) Love Star replacing it. Just let it replace and fill every cell of your body with its great purifying substance and light.

Oh sweet, precious Presence of divine love, flow in and thru and fill each one with thy wondrous Presence. Go out into their worlds and fill all their activity with your Presence of divine love, which makes everyone who looks upon them love these precious ones. Make everyone happy to serve! Give them encouragement and strength. Then, great source of light, flood their beings and worlds with thy mighty radiance, again carrying forth thy substance, thy ascended master substance from the Secret Love Star--filling the mind, the body, the emotional body, the mental body with light! light! light! until there is not a single shadow in either mind, body or world. Great power of wisdom, flood in and thru the mind and body of each one! Take full command of all activity there, causing your wisdom to act at all times, until no longer do human concepts have power to act. Silence them! that this great wisdom may act at all times in each one, producing the Threefold Flame of life in action.

How We thank Thee o great Presence of light, o Mighty I AM, for the service which Thou hast rendered this night. We thank Thee, o beloved Jesus, beloved Saint Germain, mighty Divine Director, beloved Nada, beloved Cha Ara, beloved Chananda, beloved Lanto, mighty Gods of the Mountains! We thank Thee tonight for this service rendered to these precious, o such very precious ones of the light. May this hour never be forgotten in their continued journey in the light. May this radiance forever enfold and protect them with its invincible power, directing them by its mighty intelligence, enfolding them in its mighty all-encompassing love and light, that all may feel the freedom, the glory, the infinite life and freedom which is theirs.

We thank Thee, great source of all light, for thy service rendered tonight! Great group of ascended masters, amplify this feeling within these precious ones, and each day make all more powerful, more certain within their feeling, more firm to keep out all undesirable things. Make them stand with the spine straight, receiving into their minds and bodies and pouring out into their worlds thy great great and mighty purifying substance. It carries within it all supply of everything that is required, which will take form according to the degree that you call it forth into action.

(In case of a mistake,) do not be disturbed. Go right on and call, saying "Mighty I AM Presence, I have made a mistake. I call on the law of forgiveness. If I have misappropriated your great energy, I call on the law of forgiveness, but I AM dauntless in having your mighty intelligence which is clear and definite, without limit." As you do this you shall have it.

God Meru, 1-21-1937

Children of the light, be forever certain and reminded by the great host of ascended masters of the majestic privileges you have in rendering a service to the great mass, unknown in the history of mankind. a few have had this privilege, but you today are children of the light from namy civilizations in which you have lived--sometimes higher, sometimes not so high. Yet in this embodiment you enter into the culmination, the balancing, of that which your inner light has sought in every embodiment. We never lose an opportunity to watch the expansion of the light in every one of the beloved children of the light, until their light expands to the point where We may give assistance to quicken it into the fullness of its blazing glory, that the individual may become a blazing sun of light wherever he moves and that We may envelop such a one and pour forth a mighty radiance. The happiness within your feeling is the great golden key which the light of your being turns and the door opens into your freedom.

Watch! Be alert, o precious children of the light! Silence every discord and inharmony that attempts to find expression in your world, either thru yourself or outside. Then you will find great calm, peace and serenity filling your world, filling your heart, until when you call there will quickly come the answer from your Presence. In the Presencee is all you require, not yet possibly in outer manifested form, but the pattern or idea, the intelligence for its perfect manifestation in any required form is there.

I say, all human creation that has limited or bound these children of light, let go! All human creation that has limited or bound these children of light, let go now! And be replaced by the full power and perfection of their Mighty I AM Presence--in full power and action! We accept this in the full power of its activity for every blessed one and qualify it to be eternally sustained in this mighty activity. Please, in your mental and feeling world accept that this human creation is fully silenced.

In the simple words--the power of your attention--do you not see, o precious ones, that it is the simplicity of thought and expression which brings the great release of the powers of freedom? Only in the complication of expression is the truth so often hidden. Ever shall St. Germain be blessed for bringing this Knowledge of the Mighty I AM Presence forth in such simple language, that all may understand and apply it.

We see from our great field of activity, the vicinity of Lake Titicaca, from which one day shall be released its great powers. Many of you will see and know this of which I speak. Remember that not so far from this great focus of light there was one of the greatest destructive activities on the Earth. There are caves in our beloved Andes where one day there was broken up the greatest focus of darkness on the Earth. In that age the final battle was won between the light and darkness. The light of course always wins, and so it will again in your beloved America, in our beloved America.

Our precious Lotus, We thank and bless her for her ceaseless service and her great happiness in that service. I shall for one stand by and see that she never lacks for energy and strength. I with you tonight call to the Mighty I AM Presence of each one of these precious ones who have for one reason or another allowed themselves to feel unkind to the Messengers or to be critical. Mighty I AM Presence, dissolve once and forever every human creation about them, cause and effect, and set those blessed ones free in the light that they may have the freedom which is so near them. O that all might understand this and be so firm in their refusal to speak or accept from others any inharmonious expression! Then their worlds would quickly be at peace, filled with the glory of the Presence and the abundance of every good thing they require for use in the service of the light.

God Tabor, Lord Himalaya & Guardian of the Swiss Alps join Me in pouring forth tonight a fourfold activity for your blessing, for your freedom. May I ask you to accept the fullness of it to go forth and do its perfect work for you? We love you, We thank you, We bless you.

Maitreya's Era: