Many in the world take Americans for either elitists or suckers to the elitists. Since Americans potentially could be nature's faithful champions to help lead the world to freedom, American failure to be self-effacing lovers of life carrying the inherent flame in honor with zest like John F. Kennedy is a stark & bitter thing. ing cannot remedy at root the distrust & hatred of American character failure.

Now, the Arabic world is not so naive as not to recognize zestful honor in character which does express in a culture's music. That American culture is cluttered with banalities shows, & that both American companies & the Bush administration push genetic engineering shows.

Does the mandate of Heaven rest upon the man who one year ago signed into law the measure that sells US highest technology, namely American supercomputers, to the Peoples Republic of China? Does the mandate of Heaven rest upon the man who refused the formal request of the 116-man House of Representatives Caucus on Taiwan--which request was roughly to signify to Communist Party Chairman Jiang on 10-25-02 in Texas to remove the 400 PRC missiles opposite Taiwan or face the consequences? Is this man the measure of inherent pristine courage?

"Can Satan cast out Satan?" cried Jesus. The hard questions these days about the Bush administration policies are not being answered in the open American arena. As in the era of Henry Kissinger, people have swallowed whole the "expert" view that Washington, D.C. can compromise with the PRC & yet somehow still align to real victory.

The Middle East is the geopolitical center of petroleum power, but the Far East is becoming increasingly the center of ongoing production of computer technology. "The new economy rewards openness. A networked world facilitates free minds, free markets and free trade," wrote Walter Isaacson in Time Magazine of 12-29-97. But the key here is to keep true balance & perspective, not to push market "freedom" & control ahead of free minds & coordinating refreshing ideas, whether in Iraq, the Far East or in Washington, D.C. Putting freeing ideas forth in ways that Iraqis can themselves largely learn to evolve past a Saddam Hussein, in ways that Chinese can themselves largely learn to evolve past Mao & company is crucial. The US cannot & must not deny peoples the process of their own freedom path: to inflict an American/WTO democratic/economic set-up upon others IS NOT to allow the truly free ideas that carry joy, freshness, rapport & integrity to flow. Truly free ideas contrast to monopolistic strategies at core. -Mt. Shasta, CA, 10-29-02