Evolution and Light

Australian microbiologist Michael Denton has described in his book Evolution: A Theory in Crisis (1985) the tremendous degree of organization, function, capacity and economy of size of a typical biological cell. For example, the 1976 Viking to Mars spacecraft biology lab had about 40,000 functional components in an area "some 10 to the 13th power times greater than the volume of a living cell containing an equivalent number of components." -Denton, p. 335. This means that even if man has technologically miniturized 10,000 times since the 1976 Viking bio-lab operation, then man is still a billionfold less economic in size than a biologic cell design. (I cannot at this point verify Denton's numbers here, but at any rate the general idea holds.) By 1980 the electron microscope had allowed a millionfold magnification, thus opening up a great deal of knowledge. (The wavelength of light is around a millionth of an inch.)

Denton also reviewed evolutionary theory beginning with David Hume and Charles Darwin. (Hume stated in 1779: "A finite number of particles is only susceptible of finite transpositions and it must happen in an eternal duration that every possible order or position must be tried an infinite number of times." -Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion, Fontana Library 1963, p. 155.) Denton gave the crux of evolutionary theory, quoting his book Evolution: "Neither of the two fundamental axioms of Darwin's macroevolutionary theory--(1) the concept of the continuity of nature, that is the idea of functional continuum of all life forms linking all species together and ultimately leading back to a primeval cell, and (2) the belief that all the adaptive design of life has resulted from a blind random process--have been validated by one single empirical discovery or scientific advance since 1859." -Denton, p. 345.

Let us take up Darwin axiom #1: continuity of nature. Is it not light itself that is the linking, the threading of all the distinct biologic species as beads on its string? Is it not photosynthesis from sunlight that is the bioenergy source on Earth? Is it not so that most if not all organisms sicken when deprived for extensive periods of light? But because light has not fit the convenient notion of "bounded in time and space" that simplistic scientists have been imposing in biology, then light has been rejected as the evolutionary key. By rejecting light, then, was is effectively left for simplistic scientists as key evolutionary driver is trial and error and blind chace, Darwin's second axiom as Denton above gives it.

The velocity of light is constant in the mass-energy equivalent relation given by Einstein. What does this constant velocity of light represent? It represents that a certain rate of movement of intelligence--in light energy-waves--is the conversion ration between energy and matter. As the degree of intelligence rises to the velocity of light, voila, light-touched ideas are both very formative and very penetrating.

Now suppose hypothetically that light does consistently support and guide via its tempered energy thruout the biosphere, that with this aid even a rare adaption when reinforced by light-energies then benefit of extra strenth and resilience to survive. Suppose that light's very fine spirals and such of tuned energy encourage and support organisms in an intelligent manner.

This supposition is evolutionary theory, in my view. -R. Petrol, Sept. 10, 2002, Mt. Shasta, CA.

Excerpts of Paramahansa Yogananda talks:

"Understanding is the way of heaven. We must strive for understanding in everything. I remember that in my school in India, whenever I told the boys not to do something, they all the more wanted to do it. So one morning I said to them: 'No laws anymore. It is up to you to govern yourselves. You have to create your own spiritual rules.' After I did that they were breaking their necks to follow the rules they made which were even stricter than mine! Such is human nature. When told not to do something, most people feel impelled to do it right away. What they need is to understand the value of right behavior and to want to follow it for its own sake, because it is right." 7-11-1940, Los Angeles: "...moral success--freedom from the dictates of wrong habits and impulses--gives more happiness than material success. Your happiness is your success, so let no one take your happiness away from you. Protect yourself from those who try to make you unhappy. When I was young I used to feel very impatient when someone told an untruth about me, but then I found it is much better to have the satisfaction of my conscience than the approbation of people. Conscience is intuitive reasoning, reporting the truth about yourself and your motives. When your conscience is clear, when you are doing right, you are not afraid of anything. A clear conscience mirrors a certificate of merit from God. Be immaculate before the tribunal of your conscience and you shall be happy and have the blessing of God.

But I have found that if God comes first, spiritual organization is a hive and God is the honey that nurtures others with divine love and peace. If you rule others with the attitude "I am king", they will soon dethrone you. But if you guide others with sincere love, you can be a king of hearts. Of course your love is reflected more in true hearts, and when you love all impartially, you can recognize those who respond to that love.

To get response from God you must meditate deeply. Each day's meditation must be deeper than the previous day's. The mind is like a bag of mustardseed. If you spill those seeds on the floor it is hard to pick them up again. Your concentration must be like a vacuum cleaner, drawing those scattered seed-thoughts together again. But once you learn to concentrate on God there is nothing like it. Test yourself. The great man always does everything with the power of attention. When you use that focusing power of God, you can place it on anything and be a success. Use it to develop body, mind and soul. Therefore, friends, my last word is this: focus your attention on God and you shall have all the power you want to use in any direction." 7-28-40, Los Angeles: "The eyes are one's most significant physical feature. You should learn to make your eyes beautiful. How? The eyes clearly reflect what you are within. So there is but one way that can beautify the life and expression in the eyes: the inner cultivation of beautiful thoughts and feelings. As a being privileged to be made in God's image, you have no right to disfigure your inner life. Develop peaceful eyes, calm eyes, strong eyes, divinely loving eyes by cultivating these qualities within."

"When you discipline yourself, you feel the presence of God. It is He who corrects you thru your conscience. When your heart is filled with pure love, that also is the Presence of God. When you are calm and quiet you are with God. When you are really happy God is smiling thru you. When you have good and noble motives you have God with you. When peace comes you are one with God. Peace is the altar of heaven.

The ordinary mind is like a wet matchstick; scratch it and nothing happens. But the concentrated mind is like a dry match--strike it and it glows with vitality. You should lecture to your thoughts every day in the temple of silence; then they will become obedient to you. When your mind loyally follows your command to be still, you will be able to build a temple of peace that neither trials nor death can destroy."

--from the Diwan of Abu'l-Ala, translated by H. Baerlein: "Have conversation with the wind that goes Bearing a pack of loveliness and pain: The golden exultation of the grain And the last sacred whisper of the rose.

But if in some enchanted garden bloom The rose imperial that will not fade, Ah! shall I go with desecrating spade And underneath her glories build a tomb?" stanzas 7-8-----