Archangel Michael

What do the devas hold? What does Liberty hold? What do I radiate and bring? Qualified Life--that is all! Thru freewill, second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, year by year, century by century, it is builded into a heritage that is beneficial for the race. What do you offer life? Each one of you has lived almost as long as I! You came out of the same eternal Father-Mother God, have had the same freewill and choice, the same intelligence and exactly the same light! Think upon it!

Your Master Jesus has said it were wise that you lay up your stores in Heaven. He meant to lay up within the glory of your own causal body momentums of good that can be used and utilized from time to time beneficially to bless life. You have lots of momentums--irritation, depression, etc. I shall not make you uncomfortable. I just wish to give you examples, for homely examples drive truth home better than spiritual aphorisms.

Now I hear often even in this room tonight lifestreams say "O that is all very well for Lord Michael or Jesus or some other great power, but what could I do, limited as I am, in poor health, perhaps half a lifespan spent!" You can qualify Life!! You cannot stop qualifying Life and have being!

Beloved ones, think this thru in practical terms! We have come to reach your consciousness not for amusement. We have come to teach you the simple law that Life is qualified by thought and feeling. Thought does very little. Feeling is a dynamo, and the meekest and mildest soul when fired by self-justification qualifies feeling with a power which meets My Own. It is marvelous! It is a gift of God that you can qualify Life! You have built momentums as I said, some of them are shadows, but you have also built beautiful momentums, momentums of faith, the faith that stands in the face of almost insurmountable odds, that stands in the face of reason, faith that stands in the face of human appearances. As Job said "Even though God Himself should slay me yet would I believe!" You have builded momentums of great wealth and beauty and refinement. You have builded momentums of healing and teaching, each of you bringing a different heritage to the heart and throne of Sanat Kumara and offering it as your gift to Life. It is a magnificent sight. I have never seen the like of it since this planet Earth took on the discord and inharmonies which bind it round! Within the causal body of the seemingly limited lifestreams who are among you are tremendous momentums upon which Hierarchy count for the salvation of the planet.

You were taught years ago by your Master to reach into your causal body and draw forth those momentums and CHARGE CHARGE CHARGE them into your world and into the worlds of others. I remind you of it! If you have no such momentums you have opportunity because you are qualifying Life even while you are sitting here attending Me tonight. You will be qualifying it while your body is asleep and when you awake tomorrow morning you will be qualifying it again, for the constant stream of electronic light that flows from the heart of God never stops. It is relentless, waking, sleeping, day and night!

The little tiny electrons carry a perfect pattern within them flowing down into your heart and out into your world becoming the light of the world or the death shroud. So, that is where application comes in! The opportunity to build momentums where they are lacking, opportunity to call them forth when they are already active in your casual body, opportunity to use them wherever you have them for the good of the whole. Then you will see the great ones weave all those colors, all of those momentums, in class work, in group work, in an endeavor such as this, into a tapestry which is offered as part of the great divine plan.

May I say that you are by no means the entire hope of the world, but you are a great integral part because you are illumined from Our Side as to what We are doing, how We are doing it and as to how you individually may cooperate with Us to help those who may have greater momentums than you but have no contact. They have not the faith within themselves to bridge the abyss of reason and enter into the realm wherein We abide. We are using you the student body and those who have accepted the ascended masters as real to bridge that great abyss. In your occult and spiritual teachings that chasm is referred to constantly. There are many who cannot pass it. There are many highly evolved and developed lifestreams in orthodox channels who for superstitious reasons, for fear of ridicule, of bigotry and other weaknesses that are within the soul are unable to grasp the unseen hand of the master or accept the reality of the radiation and the power that you individually and collectively have been able to do. There is your tremendous service and opportunity!

Beloved ones, I remind Myself constantly that I must not release such tremendous energy. I AM accustomed to working constantly in a cosmic capacity and I beg your indulgence. I become fired with enthusiasm to fan your light and set you free. Forgive Me!

How can Hierarchy fulfill the divine plan of God thru unascended beings unless They can talk to them, unless They can tell them what They are doing and give them an opportunity to volunteer to assist Them? How can a sainted Hierarchy upon marble pedestals that have been denied the use of intelligence and voice for centuries do much except by radiation? You are those to whom We have confided Our plans, Our hopes. Those of Us who have walked the way of Earth have confided Our homely little personal experiences, the way We attained Our victory. We have endeavored by sharing with you the fact that We are men and women like yourselves to draw you close in the realization of Our reality and accessibility.

You would not be here if you did not accept the possibility that We Are. All of you do not accept it fully but a goodly number do. I AM grateful for that fact. I AM grateful for every opportunity that you afford any member of Our eager Brotherhood to reach thru the veil. God bless you for it!

Your Master Saint Germain! I cannot close without speaking of Him! Have you thought of the fact that He was chosen to represent the Father to Jesus? All thru the impressionable years when that baby had no remembrance of the eternal Father whom He was destined to externalize, Joseph was clsoe by. And within his love and compassion and brotherhood and his great all-encompassing mercy He was to that infant and growing boy the embodiment of the eternal Father which one day Jesus in Himself would draw thru his own flesh!

Yes, Jesus was born without karma. He was born without sin as the orthodox world says. He was born to a great destiny, a destiny whereby thru his own flesh body and far more difficult thru his etheric body his own feelings and his mental form, He was to externalize for the entire Christian Dispensation the nature of God Himself. Jesus submitted as Mary before Him and you and others have done since to the law of this octave when the bands of forgetfulness were bound around that soul, shining and brilliant as it was before his sacrifice, and He was born a tiny infant. It was many years before the Holy Christ Self could flash thru the consciousness the immaculate concept of the eternal Father, but the wisdom of the law, beloved ones, gave Him an embodied father as magnificent as any human being that has walked the way of Earth, a magnificent tribute to the strength of St. Germain, a magnificent thought for you to ponder over! It wasn't until the beloved Jesus had attained his majority that the picture which Joseph expressed was no longer required. I was there that day when Mary and Jesus bade Him goodbye. I was there when his soul slipped from its earthly tabernacle. I wiped the tears from Mary's eyes with My Own hands as She said goodbye to Her protector. Do you know how She loves Him? Do you know how Jesus loves Him and how I love Him? Of all the Sons and Daughters of Heaven I can say in honesty He is one most loved and you are his children!

Two thousand years now stretch ahead of you and what can you do for Him? Make this activity what He hopes it will be! You know, let us give a gift this season to your master. Let it be as much your interest as his to make the coming of these cherubim, which is of such deep interest to his heart, something that will abide with you thruout the year.

St. Germain has wanted to establish a brotherhood of angels and men. To this end He brought a number of cherubic beings earthward with some trepidation, much prayer and hope. They have remained. May I say this, cherubim, angels, devas, and all those who work with the angelic kingdom are feeling beings. They are radiations of feeling, They are qualities. In other words They are virtues. They are truth, happiness, love, peace, purity! O beloved King of the Seraphim, great and mighty one! We are ready! Descend now, o Thou glorious and gentle spirits! Abide in peace in the world of men! Show your master that You can walk hand in hand with human evolution! Know that You are no farther from Me than a prayer or a call! Know that these hearts are sweet and earnest! Show them the joy of the angels and the beauty and the peace! Little Ones, I leave you in the company of men and women dedicated to the King of Kings! Beloved ones, accept the Cherubim as your friends! I thank you and goodnight!

-The Seven Beloved Archangels Speak, Bridge to Freedom, Inc., 1954.

Dictations via Geraldine Innocente: