Joseph said to Me one day: "Mary, I suggest that You go up to Bethany as soon as possible after My passing. The beloved Jesus must go eastward and seek his own Teacher in India, the beloved Divine Director. You stay in Bethan and if possible have Elizabeth and John (the Baptist) visit You. I leave You in the hands of friends." At the hour of Joseph's passing Jesus and I stood alone with Him and Joseph said: "You know, Mary, I AM going to make a vow as I leave this life. As I look upon the beautiful Presence of Our Son, as I look upon Your light and strength, as I find the passing into the Father's Home so sweet, I AM going to make a vow to life. That vow shall be that some day I shall assist every man, woman and child belonging to the evolutions of this planet to leave the Earth in the same happiness and dignity, the same control of their faculties, the same assurance of life eternal as I do! If they have done their work well, they shall step consciously into the hereafter in peace and joy." Thus Our beloved Joseph became the patron of a happy passing. You are all acquainted with that, I know. Those of you who are interested in mankind en masse if you will so call to Him you can make everyone's passing such a dignified, happy and beautiful one.

Joseph was not gone very long before Jesus prepared to go eastward to India. I went up into Bethany and there I stayed for a time. I shall not repeat Myself for My experiences are chronicled elsewhere. I found that hill of Bethany which was to become the place from which Jesus ascended into the glory of perfection, the apex of his ministry. By walking up that hill every day alone, praying and sending forth My invocations for his victory I was actually making a pathway of light for Him. By so doing I made a pathway just as every individual does who passes victoriously thru the wilderness experiences of human creation. Every such an one makes a wider pathway of faith and truth for those who follow on. So with My Own physical body again with My very Life I made a pathway of light for Jesus up that hillside. On the top of that hill I made a pathway too, here thru the psychic and astral realm connecting with the consciousness of the beloved Vesta. Over this pathway My Son would later walk in triumph. Even though the strength was his, the vitality and fire, still all of My life added to his gave Him added assistance.

Jesus returned from India, you will remember, and We had a short time together before his ministry began in earnest, before He set out to find the men whom Joseph had previously alerted. Jesus quickly found these men and returned with them in happiness. Then for the first time I met those of whom I had previously heard, those whom I knew in character and nature thru the descriptions given Me by Joseph, My beloved spouse. Thru his service He bridged Our consciousness.

For the most part while Jesus was engaged in his ministry I remained at home, endeavoring to prepare for the victory of the resurrection morning. I have already spoken to you briefly about that. Now as the ascended ones always come to bring light, strength, beauty, courage, happiness and positive assurance to all, while I have spoken to you this morning I have opened My heart, opened the treasurechest of sweet and sacred memories I have never shared before. During this time also We have been giving Our blessing, Our benediction to all mankind. Please feel that while I have been speaking to you My love and light have entered many bodies where there has been pain, many souls where there has been darkness, many minds where there has been confusion. That love, light and life shall stand there giving the assistance long after you have hastened back to your loved ones in this world of form.

Before I close I would like to speak briefly to you on the elemental kingdom with which you are primarily concerned during this class. I was trained for My service to life in holding the immaculate concept for the Master Jesus in the Nature Temples. Therefore I can speak with some certain authority upon this subject. My feeling of that authority I wish to charge into your feeling worlds before I leave you today. The nature of the elemental kingdom is to mirror that which it sees. It immediately becomes that which it looks upon! After We were trained We were given eight or ten small elementals to teach. The first experience We had was that as We appeared before our little audience every elemental there immediately looked just like Us! It was like looking into a mirror and seeing eight or ten replicas of Ourselves. Each of Us had this experience. At first We did not realize what was happening. I thought within Myself: I guess they have given me elementals to teach who have an affinity to Me and that We are all more or less alike because that is the harmonious way to work. I proceeded for many months under that assumption!

Then I began to realize that if I came in pink they were all in pink too! If I came in blue they were all in blue also! If I wore a wreath of flowers in My hair they all had exact wreaths of flowers in theirs! Now either there are no beings here and I AM externalizing into maya My Own form or there is something wrong with what I AM trying to do, I thought.

Beloved hearts, in this work you must learn to think! You are given just a hint, let us say, of the entire scheme and you must develop it. To some you can give an experience and they will develop it, others still sit with the same kernel of truth at the close of life and nothing has come forth in the way of flower or fruit. However if you have determined to get somewhere on the path of life you will begin to examine the experiences you have. So I did.

From then on I carefully watched the response of the elemental kingdom. I learned then that it was their nature to mirror that which they saw. Well, what had they seen here but just an inexperienced girl accomplishing nothing? It came to Me then: You are not teaching! You are just mirroring yourself in alot of tiny beings, you are just duplicating that which you are. Now why don't you create for them something they can fashion? Make it interesting for them, make this form you create more powerful than yourself and let yourself sort of fade away until the personal self is no more and the elementals are then able to create a flower, piece of fruit or whatever it is that will be of benefit to the kingdom which they serve.

I chose something simple that would be of beauty and use on this planet Earth, the maidenhair fern. It is still growing here on Earth today and was a gift to your planet from God thru My consciousness. That day I stopped before I entered the Temple and I said to Myself: Mary, You must decrease now so that this form which you have created in thought and feeling may increase and be the predominant figure before the attention of these elementals. You will know whether it is You or Your service which is greatest by the reaction of these little mirrors here. I held that maidenhair fern which I had created before My tiny audience and I endeavored to let Myself just fade out, impressing that form on their little consciousnesses.

The happiest moment of My life at that time was when they ceased to be little Marys and began to be the embodiment of the form which I had designed for them. I knew then in that was their mastery. Now why do I tell you this? I tell it not because My life is of any particular importance to any other being but because you are now dealing with the forces of nature all around you. You are now dealing with a world which is in the process of decay. You can believe this or not. You are dealing with the water element, with earth and air! What is that elemental life going to do when it sees turmoil and fear? It will just magnify, mirror and increase that turmoil and destructive creation unless it can see mastery, control and balance. You know even with an angry animal how it will act when it smells fear. However when there is serenity and mastery present the animal creation recedes and the love principle acts!

When you have anything unusual happen--an unexpected sound, the dropping of some article or something of that nature--there is a shock to the emotional body. What do you think it would be like if you were to have a trembling of the Earth, the rising of a tidalwave or perhaps tremendously destructive cataclysmic activity? What do you think that would be like in the masses of people who have no conscious knowledge of the law, no spiritual training, no discipline, little balance and not much control of their energies? Yet the nature kingdom would mirror the feelings of those people! Suppose there were ten million people filled with fear. Add to that the energy swirling in the atmosphere were cataclysmic activity has already begun and you will have all that distress mirrored in the oceans, in the air and in the earth as well! If you have a few, only a few, who can decrease the personal self and hold the same mastery Jesus did when He stood in that boat on the sea of Galilee and commanded it to be still, then you can handle the energies of the nature kingdom!

The nature kingdom always knows its master! However if there is no master in a city, if there is no master in a nation or on the planet the elementals will follow the patterns of the masses because they mirror and outpicture that which they see. Think this thru! Think it thru, beloved ones, and become friends with the forces of the elements. Be positive in your desire for mastery, be prepared to be master of your own energies and master of all the energies you contact in the world about you! As the beloved Kwan Yin continues Her service I hope you will dedicate and consecrate the decree class you intend to hold tonight to the forces of the elements, getting a warmth of feeling for them, a feeling of friendliness and a consciousness of their Presence. If you will give a few hours of your life not in tension or fear but in the release of happy energy you can render a great service.

Beloved ones, having taken much of your time this morning, I give you My love, the love of a Mother for Her children, the love of My blessed Jesus who will speak to you on Sunday, the love of holy Lord Maitreya who guarded and guided both Jesus and Myself, the love of John--every wish I had He always tried to fulfill. On every occasion where I required help John always stood by. Truly He was love. To you dear heart friends whom I knew in Judea, to you with whom I broke bread, to you who walked with Me and Our beloved Master Jesus, who accepted and enjoyed the glorious resurrection morning, who walked up Bethany's hill and saw his shining radiance in the atmosphere, to you a happy and a holy Easter! God is with you until We meet again!

Dictations via Geraldine Innocente: