615. Many ask themselves: "Will I shine?" Again let us not forget that radiant adamant!

616. If scientists 200 years ago had dared to hint at the great antiquity of the planet or to suggest inhabited world, their contemporaries would probably have resorted to the well-tried remedy of the stake. And one may be equally sure that even now some moderate theory though based on experiment will be assailed as a fraud. Much persuasion is required to remind mankind that in all the promulgated covenants the fiery era has been foretold.

617. No one understands that the obduracy of nations cannot be settled by the methods of the past century. However, nothing should deter one from sharing his knowledge and encouraging the growth of consciousness.

618. Verily every physician will bear witness that without evil there would be no suffering. Truly the passage of good thru the furnace of Agni eliminates the sense of suffering. This fiery transformation even on Earth lifts one beyond suffering. One should not evade suffering, for without suffering earthly achievement does not exist. Someone has asked "How does the Lord discern those who approach Him?" "By their heartfires."

619. Assuredly if even the gas from dung fires is very harmful to the intellect, what of the exhausts from factories and above all what of war gases? This last is the crown of human hatred; a healthy generation cannot be born if evil is set into the foundation of life.

620. The conscious collaboration of witchcraft with the dark forces is no less horrible than poison gases. It is impermissible to allow the dark forces to succeed in annihilating all evolution. Everywhere stress the danger of sorcery.

621. For assimilation of guidance devotion is needed. Let us envision perfectly clearly the ladder of ascent. Agni facilitates the understanding of the language of each plane of existence; the intercourse of beings becomes more refined as the ascent is made. The being who can discover the cause by himself will actually ascend more quickly. Truly ascent is accompanied by the joy of new companions and finally the earthly asp of envy falls away, and thought-creativity no longer is impeded by malicious currents.

622. The light teaching transforms life when the spirit voluntarily recognizes the necessity of ascent. Therefore do not burden people with admonition, people will improve and attain by themselves. By its light each spirit finds its way toward light. One must calmly accept man's peculiarities.

623. By what means have many warriors and leaders escaped direct danger? Precisely thru the link with the highest ones, demanding constant retention of the image of the Lord in one's heart.

624. It is instructive to note how the decrease of Agni in man's consciousness permits the manifestation of animal propensities. Agni the savior leads to beautiful realms, but one must cherish it and not forget its existence. The timid fear everything existing, forgetting the light that draws to the beautiful, and fear is a poor counsellor.

625. A saturated solution forms crystals; saturation of thought produces action; saturation of karma produces physical consequences. A fiery spirit wisely hastens karmic consequences, understanding that loose and torn ends of life's fabric can but hinder the ascent. He recognizes in heart that the inevitable comes due, only rejoicing that everything is passed thru via the vital Agni within.

626. Giving is the fundamental principle of fiery divinity. From the crudest forms of life to the highest, giving is manifest. Beings of lofty degree understand giving as joyful duty, and in this approach one may enter into balance with the fiery principle where giving becomes receiving. And in accelerated exchange inflow of energy takes places. Broad interchange raises the general level, erasing the seeming boundaries of high and low.

627-8. The reverberation of vibrations around the Earth is heavy. The loss of religion has shaken forward movement.

629. People are not ashamed to reveal anger and irritation in basest mode, but sacredly conceived love is met by confusion and even derision. From this confusion of fundamental concepts issues world chaos. Only darkness can harbor all insidious crimes; no law justifies ill will. By what means may one prevail against darkness? Verily by fiery love.

630-1. People do not consider that chemical ingredients must be tested over a century, for a simple generation cannot determine the symptoms of evolution and involution. The problem of restoring health does not enter their thoughts. The decline of the earthly garden is dangerous.

632. In the acquisition of qualities one cannot keep to one system or one sequential order. With all the discipline of the Greek philosophic schools yet imposition on a pupil's freewill was forbidden. The heartfires kindle the chakras according to the individuality. We so insist upon a natural transformation of life, for otherwise the effects of deviation from the very nature of striving will result in a violation of all foundations.

633. In thinking one should form the habit of straining thought, so to speak, thru heartfire. This must be applied in action.

634. Self-control is a very complex quality comprising courage, patience and compassion. It must be remembered that in approaching Light one must carry one's own lamp unspilled. Therefore experienced people ask for tests--how else can they affirm strength?

635. He who understands the magnitude of thought-creativity values the sublime in all earthly creativity. Hencle let us perceive the one great path and give over the fruit of our labor for those who follow and continue the perfecting bond.

636. The erstwhile rivalry of ancient clans was child's play compared to presentday hatreds, thus let us manifest self-control.

637. he who dares the stream chooses firm stones; he understands to whom and when he may entrust the Teaching. The bird of life, the radiant swan, also reveals keenly where lies the range of usefulness, not calculable physically. A great test lies in the acceptance of homelessness. The feeling of pride and egoism rebels against the absence of secrecy, but co-workers of Hierarchy understand this degree of cooperation. The successful mastery of all trials lies within our hearts and consists in our love for the Lord. One cannot think of beautiful expanses in the midst of a fog of contentment. He who touches the Light is transformed into a bird of life, the radiant swan. So long as the bird of life remains a poetic expression, that spirit is still unready.

638. The joy of ascent must transcend any earthly joy; it must shine and by its light be a beacon to many. As one rejoices at flowers, seeking in thought to penetrate into their wondrous structures and into the creation of a small seed, valuing fresh fragrance, one already has contacted the subtle plane, which is preparation for the gates of the fiery. Chiefly, one must not be dead to beauty. In what can one find a better setting than in beauty for devotion, aspiration and indefatigability?

639. Let the days of great heroic deeds live in your memory. It usually happens that a great spiritual toiler does not know his true co-workers.

641. Economy of forces distinguishes him who has entered the current. It is impossible to compensate for the excessive expenditure of Agni. he who can admit dark whisperers does not safeguard Agni.

642. Deathlike contentment and senseless dissipation of life are actions contrary to nature. The inception of heroic achievement in itself denotes the acceptance of the propelling blows. let us not forget the formula of propelling blows.

643. Obsessed or mentally diseased persons are like open gates, not only attracting entities to themselves but creating a kind of channel for all surrounding people.

645. Fiery consciousness is beyond numbers and creates thru immutability.

646. Though does not create fatigue. Mental disease issues via numerous excesses. Churning is a symbol of cosmogony.

647. Any seaman can tell you about the need of ballast for a ship. Equally useful is a load amidst earthly tempests. Do not fear burdening, it only reveals the fire of the heart.

648. A man of fiery embracement seeks fiery substance in all his surroundings. Many signs are bestowed on mankind, only let us not forget them. As the tablets are shown one must just read them and courageously walk on toward the Light.

649. You already understand why it is better to tell too little than too much, how the unprepared consciousness can distort instruction. So many earthly considerations are brought in in order to apply non-earthly measures to Earth!

650-1. In case of retreat, search nearby. Has the heart maintained all its force? Has not self-pity arisen? Did not doubt allow clouds to set in? Often it seems to a man that he has reached his limit but he is deceived by faulty vision. Prematurity leads to misfortune. Agni points the way to that land where victory of the heart is preordained. The fiery realm summons to victory.

652. Self-perfecting is simplified primarily when Hierarchy is accepted. Everyone should realize that perfecting of consciousness contains all other aspects of improvement. Self-perfecting is the most difficult achievement. Observe how brief the periods of materialism have been in mankind's history, invariably ending in bloody convulsions.

654. An ancient Chinese tale tells of eight blessed ones seeking variously the elusive decrees, one by jumping upward, one by hand over fire, one by standing in an icy stream. Thus a passerby concluded that he himself should strive mightily for the higher purpose lest it escape him.

655. Only a fiery consciousness focuses its entire attention to meet the characteristics of the listeners.

657. People often look upon good as a prime pretext for disunity. Thus let us ponder upon each act of friendliness, already a spark of cooperation.

658. Blasphemy not only repels light, it inherently carries an actual infection. The appearance of numerous mechanical inventions has destroyed to a considerable degree the evidence of culture; indeed the forces of disintegration strike all that is beautiful with putrescence, infection and insensateness.

659-60. One can recall instances from the most ordinary lives when mothers have saved their children and in so doing have withstood the most furious assaults of the elements. A certain substance transformed their strength. What can establish the undaunted joy of the spirit if not the realization of the fiery domain? One must cultivate this realization like a precious flower. Fiery discrimination in the seed of the spirit requires evoking from the storehouse of the unmanifest. Love everything that can uplift the heart.

662. Simple maxims must not be arrogantly scorned, in them the most essential is attested simply. One should not understand fire as a chemical formula. Know that the cognizance of higher fire is useful in overcoming the lower fires. One may rejoice when at each progression of consciousness the ancient acquisitions of the spirit come to life. One may rejoice when the essence of life is regenerated thru the proximity of a kindled heart.

663. The play of the World Mother is in joy; She enfolds the enlightened ones in her veil of joy. It is necessary to realize and remember that you have succeeded when you rejoiced.

664. We treasure the Ashrams where purifying Agni is gathered. References to the importance of pure places are found in world scriptures. We rejoice when We mark the rise of new Ashrams.

665. The yogi understands the great need to kindle the fire connected to good. The thought of good is the measure of consciousness. People do not wish to understand that the quality of fire borne by them depends upon themselves.

666. Light attracts. Let friends be not merely curious, let them find within themselves a steadfast bond with the beauteous. Let the sacred image guarded in the heart serve as signpost.

Do not forget that Agni is nourished by joy, courage, endurance. Let us follow the path.