Excerpts courtesy of Maitreya Samgha

542. Spiritual development gives the muscles a special tone.

543. Why should evil sometimes seem to be the victor? Only by the instability of good. Evil emerges along with imperil from irritation but can at first produce only a strong flash, afterwards it begins to deteriorate and gradually destroys its own progenitor. Moreover during the duel between evil and good, in other words between imperil and Agni, the latter grows proportionately as imperil putrefies its possessor. Only mature consciousness can encourage one to withstand evil. It is useful to remember this and to gather not only strength but patience in order to conquer that which is in itself doomed to annihilation.

544. I do not advise Our physician to make all experiments and observations on himself. He has a great number of examples around him.

545. People should have enough feeling to understand where the ineffable begins. Some nitwits filled with conceit think that everything is permitted them. But when they lose their teeth they should not be amazed but should look nearby for the causes.

546. The very principle of Fire is transmutation and constant giving. Fire cannot exist without the sacrifice of giving, likewise the fiery seed of the spirit exists thru giving. But a mental and compulsive sacrifice is neither natural nor divine. Only when sacrifice becomes an inalienable attribute of life does it become inseparable from the consciousness. Thus the Fire qualities teach during our ascent. Let each who wishes to attain cognizance affirm "I will be like Agni." Without this self-sacrificing striving it is not easy to rise above the claws of evil. One must approach sacrifice not by the path of despondency but by the path of fiery splendor.

547. The stronghold of darkness is like a cardboard bull, one has only to know its character.

548. It is best to be very careful with the store of fiery energy. Though some assert that no fiery sendings exist they themselves eagerly devour other people's strength.

549-50. Spatial thought engenders a certain substance which in a vortinginous movement becomes a generating center for various inceptions. Only the most lofty and intensified thought produces an energy that is sufficiently powerful. The average result of civilization is complete degeneration of thought. Lacking the correct coordination of attraction and repulsion, insignificant thoughts form as it were ugly conglomerates and pollute space. So many of the best frequencies are clogged by chips only because mankind does not respect thought. The collective slime of petty thinking impedes transmission of long-range thought. Even a little care in thought produces beneficial results.

551. One can observe many scarcely perceptible impulses that lead to definite gains; one can only esteem such fireflies along with wayside guideposts!

552. Every yogi knows the silver thread of higher contact as the sole guiding star.

553. Thruout the entire world rises the sound of wailing; it is apparent that this cannot go on.

554. Observe that on the border of mediocrity, lack of faith and egoism lies self-annihilation.

555. It is as easy to fall prey to obsession as it is difficult to effect the cooperation of the subtle domain. Create heroes, it is ordained. The present time is unprecedented and can inaugurate a new era.

556. One must be able to envision Hierarchy up to the transcendent, and when peak imagination is exhausted then one must find all daring to turn to the great fiery images.

557. All killing is contrary to the fiery nature. Everyone drawn to ethereal fires not only should not kill but prevent the shedding of blood. Never burden your companion with persistent definition; direct thought toward the essence of a concept is beyond customary expression.

558. Self-defense is another case--each can defend himself firstly by the strength of his spirit. But the fiery heart does not limit itself to picturing a shield of protection, it sends forth the spiral of Agni, blunting the most malevolent arrows. Courage and resourcefulness are needed for such action naturally.

559. Since the vortical waves of Fire resound a sensitive ear can detect this great resonance in complete silence. It is said that Lao-tse often conversed with waterfalls. He listened to the natural resonance and sharpened his hearing sensitivity to the point of discerning fine vibrations.

560. Above all physical considerations let us lift our spirit toward loftiest strongholds. This must be affirmed as the shield of great service.

561. The Agni yogi is firstly not a hypochondriac, he summons all those strong and joyous of spirit. There beyond the most difficult planetary ascent the fiery realm immutably beckons.

562. Wherever there is no thought about good the evil tongue is always ready.

563. A tale for a difficult day: "A certain demon decided to tempt a pious woman. Dressed as a sadhu the demon entered the woman's hut, counting his beads. He asked for shelter, the woman not only invited him in but set food before him and asked him to join in prayer. The demon decided to accede to her request. The woman asked him to tell of the saints' lives and the demon began to recite like the best of sadhus. The woman rose to such ecstasy that she sprinkled holy water in the entire hut and some over the demon himself. Then she proposed they do pranayama, and gradually she drew such power that the demon was unable to leave the hut and remained to serve the pious woman and learn her best prayers. A passing Rishi looked in and seeing the demon joined him in praise to Brahma. Then all three sat round the hearth chanting the sublime. On High this cooperation occasioned no horror, only smiles; even a demon can be drawn into devotions."

564. Another heart story: "Some people gathered together to boast of their prowess. One remembered the heart which had remained unnpraised. All began to think how heart-strength could be estimated. Finally a newcomer said "You have discussed various types of competition, missing the element so near, magnanimity. Let your teeth, fists and skulls be at rest and vie with each other in magnanimity." It must be confessed that all became greatly concerned, not knowing how to manifest magnanimity. Thus the manifestation of love stayed sealed up because the gateway to it was not admitted in their contest of prowess." Verily if magnanimity is found, heartfires kindle in love.

565-6. The time comes when all life conditions will drive people to an understanding of the one Hierarchy. Is not 1933 a time of utmost disunity? This is the dawn of the accomplishment of unity. One must warn people of their dependence upon the subtle realm.

567. Thru its imbalance, its chaotic state, mankind has brought on a coming uprising of Fire. One must understand that the finer energies of Agni can be the interpreter of oncoming cosmic energies. Fire is at the very threshold!

570. An unusual od is sometimes used for the purpose of ensuring better remembrance; this is a very ancient od.

572. One can turn to the trite example of oxygen in its solid, liquid, gaseous and even etheric states, but people never apply this to the fiery element. So utterly undeveloped is man's imagination that it doesn't conceive the extension and refinement of the crude form into infinity. They prefer to blame the fiery domain rather than ponder upon the state of their consciousness.

573. Thought cannot be limited by a mechanistic conception. Even the greatest mathematical minds have acknowledged something above mere formulas. But mediocrity has no flight of thought and prefers to come up against a wall rather than look upward. One must straighten out that which is backward.

575-6. Cosmic fires must consume painfully that which should have been dissolved by the light of Agni willingly. Only by meticulous spiritual cognizance can one burn the unnecessary rags here in advance in each day's smile of love. Only by degrees do we come to realize the beauty of the spiritual. When one hails from the fiery domain one preserves the fiery solemnity wherever one is.

577. Not pridefully or in self-disparagement but in simplicity dwells the fiery nature.

578. People during earthly life transform their appearances thru their emotions. How greatly is this quality of justice magnified in the subtle domain! Thus some become luminous, some darkened, some even disfigured horribly. Not thru fear of punishment but in anticipation of their own destiny should people turn to purification. Cruelty is a ferocious disease! Thus I call to mind those who have forgotten heart, the fiery realm and Hierarchy.

579. It is better and wiser to send to the evil one a wish that he be freed of his hideous mask.

581. A mother told her son of a great saint: "Even the sandgrain beneath his foot becomes great." That saint passed thru their village, so the boy took up a pinch of dust from his footsteps, sewed it in a bag and wore it round his neck. Reciting school-lessons while holding the bag in his hand, he was inspired. His teacher inquired what he ever held in his hand. The boy replied, "Earth from beneath the feet of the saint who passed thru our village." A neighboring shopkeeper heard this and the rejoinder: "This hallowed earth serves you better than gold." So he said to himself, "What a stupid boy to take only a pinch of this golden earth! I will await the passing of the holy man and collect all the earth from where he trods. Thus I can obtain the most profitable merchandise." The shopkeeper sat in his doorway and waited in vain; greed is not akin to the fiery realm.

582-3. I repeat that the nation that has forgotten its teachers has forgotten its future. Fire is at the threshold! The mutual aspiration of teacher and pupil reveals the world of wonders. To open the eyes of a pupil means to share with him the love of great creation. The archer affirms that one must have a firm foothold if one's goal is afar. let us learn to cherish everything that affirms the becomingness. Fire is at the threshold!

584. Let every heart draw strength for achievement from the Savior's Chalice. The time of crucifixion and killing must end. There cannot be two centers of rotation. When an earthly body hastened to accept the sacrifice for the regeneration of all the world no words describe the reasons. Permit no slander or blasphemy even from the ignorant; each blasphemer plunges himself into the darkness of madness. Teach the affirmation of spirit's salvation in the Day of the Fiery Chalice.

585-6. The devices of falsehood do not cease until the heart becomes pliant and purged. Even plants know enough to stretch toward the light. Only he who floats on the lotus knows the joy and valor that free one from earthly fears.

588. One can remember how people mocked the great sacrifice. Has not the entire world answered for this savagery?

589. He centered in Himself all light. One should ponder deeply within one's heart in order to glimpse the fiery realm thru the help of the great examples. If but momentarily one could find oneself in the lotus boat, breasting the tide of all the waves of chaos! And breaking them up!

590. From power one can borrow, from light one may become illumined.

591. Many raging voices shriek from out of space, intent on hindering the course of the ship! The black eagle struggles with such fierceness, but out of dawn comes the white eagle with streams of benefaction!

592-3. Good cannot sanction cruelty! The glorifying of good is not merely symbolic but is the constant heartfires. To advance one must apply active goodness. The heart that has expelled cruelty recognizes all seeds of good and ends up with magnanimity and love.

594. Absence of memory often makes criminals of men. People often do not know how to think of the good existing, regarding themselves as insignificant. yet the fiery seed of spirit emanates from the one Fire and strives toward Light eternal. It does not matter where burns the torch that points out the way to the lost traveler!

595. Much is impressed upon the consciousness thru simple thinking. Nature should be regarded as a great guide in everything.

596. Great the despondency when fiery energies are directed against itself. Often We see those closest to Us concealing the ancient knowledge under cover of dead husks of fear; one must pity those sick in spirit.

597. The greatest misconception lies in people preparing themselves for death rather than educating themselves for life. Considering transmutation in itself greatly helps our organism to assimilate this process into consciousness.

598. When one succeeds logically and intelligently in visualizing the primary qualities of the fiery realm, one can immediately begin to assimilate its reality.

602-4. Ahamkara is the state of the fiery seed as it affirms itself without egoism. Already in the middle spheres of the subtle domain the feeling of enmity withers because of its uselessness. Verily all distinctions between peoples fall away before the higher realm. People understand the voice of the envoy of Light. Like a powerful dynamo the fiery realm emits a shower of the best formulations.

605. You know that the black wings of darkness do not withstand the fiery sword.

606. Egoism is engendered by a lack of Agni. Around the bait of egoism flock the influences of family, clan and nation. Let us regard the attraction to the higher realm as luminous duty; it is not fitting to consider the predestined assignment as a unique achievement.

607. One should cease to think of limitations. Since the fiery seed is bestowed one should rejoice that we carry the great pearl in the trust of Hierarchy.

608. Thru compassion one can repel the most daring attack. A beast cannot withstand the look of compassion, whereas it attacks when it senses the trembling of fear. The inventions of evil are begotten of ignorance.

609. Treason is the most destructive to the monad. When the traitor crosses from the matter plane to the subtle plane, being entirely without lifegiving energy, he is sucked into chaos and doomed to disintegration. Treason is never impulsive but ever premeditated, thus its fate is aggravated. It must be understood that the return to chaos is firstly inexpressibly painful. The traitor is filled with conceit. The traitor not only condemns himself but infects vast strata around him, generating firestorms. For young children the fiery tempests are especially dangerous; they impose a special nervousness upon the heart-action. Beware of treason even in thought. No treason is small--it is great in evil and hostile to the universe.

610. One must adjust one's actions commensurately with the cosmic grandeur. It is instructive to observe from the scientific point of view the atmospheric nature of the subtle and fiery realms when this atmosphere condenses into physical manifestation. One may sense a coolness as of mountains even accompanied by fragrances, in other cases piercing cold or an unpleasant odor. Unprecedented is the time when events are poured cosmically into the Chalice of the Archangel!

612-3. The directed consciousness can lead the spiritual eye to the string of pearls which loses itself in infinity! Among the many causes of evolution thought-creativity has a primary significance.

614. Precisely, as above so below, one should not aggravate a situation by irritation. One should follow the Hierarch in full trust as the Hierarch follows his own Hierarch. One must cleave to this path wholeheartedly so that any other mode of thought becomes impossible; verily by such devotion are worlds built.

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