472-3. Only the mediocre craftsman deplores everything unusual. the true master develops great acuteness and resourcefulness within himself. The blessed influence of his craft frees the master worker from discouragement. In the name of one essence the master gathers each blossom and constructs in eternal harmony. but people are ready to extinguish all fires around them only to proclaim that there is no Fire within them. One should not pig-like keep one's eyes directed only toward the ground.

475. At times one is surprised at the degree of observation and easy flexibility of the fiery eye as compared to the earthly eye.

476. Dealing with many details in life impedes fiery receptivity. Fiery consciousness affords that invincible optimism leading to truth.

478. Manifest the best disposition. Gather all treasures of good for the voice of the silence has said "In good we ascend!"

479. Our task is to remind men that as the highest potential manifestation they can be centers for uniting the reams.

480-1. Coarseness and the lowering of the level of thought lead ultimately to disillusion and annihilation. To be with Us means to know, to apply the Teaching.

482. Let us not forget that mass killings, whether in war or slaughterhouse, equally pollute the atmosphere and violate the subtle realm. It must be recognized that every conscious killing shakes the entire surrounding atmosphere. We deplore the conscious vampires and necrophagi. People are perfectly aware that a handful of barley or wheat is sufficient to sustain life, but their animal instinct tries to drag their minds back to a bestial state. Do not beasts try to tear each other's throats? It should be noted that it is necessary to have some raw vegetables or fruit each day, raw milk is also preferable if the cow is known, also bread of a somewhat coarse flour. Only consciousness of the grandeur of the revealed fiery realm leads to the path of unity.

483. It is our duty to refine our organism in order that it be a worthy receptacle.

485. During constructive spiritual endeavor one must exercise one's entire imagination in order to find the consonances of so many diverse conditions.

486. Nervous system diseases are contagious under many forms and have one common basis, precisely, affliction of the subtle body.

487. One can note a series of events from anti2quity to our day as links of the guiding thought. One must probe historic fact deeply to still more consciously understand the wisdom of the construction.

489. Warnings should be given in initiatic schools that until the thirtieth year not all chakras are ready for higher manifestations. It is necessary that the youth know how wisely to prepare body and spirit for the labor of ascent. It is necessary for teachers to be leaders in life; many pure spirits are ready to join in conscious labor seeking the right approach.

490. If magic denotes artificiality of conditions it is indeed unsuitable for the regeneration of life. Luxury is a form of magic but where there is beauty no magic is needed.

491. Constructiveness is especially abhorrent to mediocrity. In fact to mediocrity the fiery domain is a most frightening bugbear.

492. There are many events--you must learn to discern amidst this multitude of dissenting voices the one plan for achieving the new world.

493. Magnetism along the fiery channel responds primarily to the natural state of a substance. This is also the core of all fiery communions. Naturalness and directness constitute the essence of fiery energy.

494. Everyone conscious of the power of Agni can quite naturally draw upon this inexhaustible energy. The main thing is to begin with small things, watching one's inner impulses.

495. Unfit is the teacher wanting to standardize all disciples, thusly demeaning himself and violating the karma of those who have come to him.

496. Justice is primarily observation. One should take into consideration all qualities of the disciple and estimate the extent to which he is able to assimilate new advantages.

497. In all domains of life people have tried to deny everything connected with fiery energies, every inch of fiery understanding has been gained by fighting ignorance with the greatest courage. Nothing has required so much self-sacrifice as the affirmation of the fiery realm. Even the most ordinary manifestation of light has called forth an explosion of suspicion.

498. The fiery eye projects a ray of light if it focuses its attention upon a significant object. It is magnetic guidance--thus do the great laws permeate life, and it is fortunate as they are directed toward good.

499. Is not fear of Fire caused by the fact that only its destructive aspect is apparent to the physical eye, whereas its fiery creativity is not realized in the earthy state? We must not be like small children who are courageous today but may tremble with fear tomorrow; nor must we be like pampered ones seeking daring adventure today but on the morrow burying themselves in downy pillows. Of all elements Agni does not tolerate fear; comprehend Agni as a creator not destroyer! In these two aspects of Agni lies the true touchstone of our nature.

500. In the midst of grave days one must exert extreme caution, solemnity and magnanimity.

501. Think of Fire with greatest goodwill. One must coordinate one's spirit with the tension of the element.

503. The fiery force knows no distance--it is like an observer on a summit who sees where the paths on the earth below meet. One must cherish the illuminations of Fire as an entrusted sacred treasure!

504. One must have a developed consciousness to comprehend actual godlessness and to understand the weapon of light with which darkness is struck. Gather about yourself so much light that there can be no room for darkness.

505. Collect all possible causes of fear, and one after another they will fall away like dry leaves against the light of calm discernment, discrimination and determination. It is true that precisely on earth one should absorb many feelings and lay a foundation of receptivity in order to tread the fiery waves more easily.

507. In each earthly object let thought find the spiritual essence which will create a beautiful vision in infinity. Let us be ashamed to send a vile thought into the realm of beauteous life. Why should one fill space with vile thoughts?

508. It is easy to imagine an entire life as a continuous stream of usefulness to others. Not shame so much as suffering will compel quests for salvation. Neither cruely, robbery, treason nor falsehood help one to withstand the fiery waves.

511. In all qualities connected with fieriness directness is needed. In connection with Agni disordered unrhythmic work is especially harmful and it is necessary that a rhythm should be regular without being forced. Then one may expect Agni to become indeed a self-acting armor. Self-initiated action is a fiery achievement. If courage once takes root nothing can eradicate it.

513. Let the people be so saturated with the reverberations of Agni that they accept it as inalienable to them. The aim of the first book of Fiery World is to affirm and accustom people to an understanding of Agni. One must absorb into one's consciousness an attractive instructive image; even the entoning of the sound Agni is useful.

514. I attest that people as watchmen for the planetary integrity can gather a treasure of thought which in rhythm with cosmos creates the new day. An unpopulated world easily disintegrates; man must feel himself to be a watchful guardian of the Earth. The element of fire, the most active, speedy and spatially oriented element, is manifested in the midst of the tension of thought.

515. One can observe an unprecedented obduracy coincident with the decline of Agni in men's hearts. All violence, personal and national, retards men's discovery of finer energy. Let them not ask for My manifestation where hatred and lack of understanding prevail! We are on great vigil!

516. It requires no special talent to keep Agni alight. Only the kindling of the centers produces uninterrupted vigilance of consciousness. It must be explained that spiritual ascent is indeed a manifestation of Agni.

517. The dark ones can only obscure, they have many inventions. If they are asked how to improve things they become wrathful, for their goal is not to make things better but worse.

518. Irritation like a death-shield blocks all fiery channels; magnanimity protects from irritation.

519. People plead for a miracle but numberless miracles are about them. They have merely to cleanse their eyes of irritation.

520. One can visualize a dark legion which makes an onslaught upon each break of the aura. It is dreadful to feed such vermin with the inner layers of radiations. The protective net alone blocks the attack of the dark forces. Each breach in the aura also threatens one with obsession.

521. Notice that murderers and sinister criminals do not sigh. This tension occurs in relation to higher emotions such as prayer. There is no reason to regard benevolent reflexes as moral abstractions--it is better to accept them as foundations of health.

522. Among the privileges of the bodhisattvas, solicitude for everything that exists is the gem of their crown. Solicitude should be welcomes as the kindling of Fire. It has been said that the smile of a rich man is of slight value, but the poor man who retains his smile is the companion of God. So does folk wisdom value a smile amidst cares.

523. Nothing can prohibit a man from setting himself the greatest task of his own conception. Only thus can care be illumined and thought filled with solemnity.

524. Advancing movement generates a magnetism drawing one in the designated direction.

525. The welfare of nations is achieved by Hierarchy selecting a focus upon which a current can be directed. Also indispensable is a certain quality on the part of the people themselves--trust in and recognition of the power.

526. One can feel weightlessness during ecstasy of the spirit and at the beginning of an epileptic fit. But it occurs differently with a medium--then external elementary energies participate.

527. Only combined cooperative rhythmic effort summons the fiery reserves.

528. Was it not by experimentation that Egyptian priests arrived at the magnetism of lightning fire? One can imagine a specially condensed state of fiery energy during such powerful discharges.

529. Obligatory learning is only an entrance to real knowledge. In their decline men are indifferent even to their own future. Yet for a simple holiday people like to dress in their best; is it possible they think it behooves not to secure an attire of light for the solemn abode of Fire?

530. It is right to rejoice at nature as the refuge from fiery epidemics.

531. Fire burns away all dross. Man's energy must come into contact with cosmic fire.

533. It is good to feel one's foundations, but each ignoring of enemy forces is unwise. It is better to prepare for the enemy approach and know that fearlessness sustains in full strength.

534. Buddha when noticing some kind of offense immediately sent away the disciple, saying "Go and bathe in cold water."

535. Insight is not easily obtained. Many generations each add their mite to the consciousness. Understand that the affirmation of Fire is achieved by many incarnations. The root of thought provides the way to other root realizations.

536. One can realize only with difficulty how greatly needed for the earthly plane is finely coordinated labor. Therefore We rejoice when the prototype is already completed.

537. A refined organism mirrors the macrocosm. Not only earthquakes but all hidden convulsions of the planet do not pass unnoticed by the fiery heart. Furthermore as a planetary convulsion is accompanied by pressure upon the poles, so the convulsions of the body may be accompanied by pressure on the kundalini and the third eye.

538-9. Since Agni is a connecting all-pervading element, it is actually the principle of equilibrium. It is a good exercise to occasionally spend a day without disparaging. Let us not think of weariness which comes from yesterday.

540. Anxiety is inevitable when the confusion of minds evokes the tremor of the lower strata of discordant vibrations.

541. People have continually seen that precisely the heroes have been tortured and killed before their very eyes.

Fiery World 1933: