228. In Fiery World We write for those few willing to think of the oncoming cycles.

231. The expulsion of Fire from thought generates decomposition. As the caster knows the proper quantity of metal for a group of figues, so does Fire act upon the unifying of peoples. We must strive for the formation of collectives of the spirit. The monster Golem remained without the fire of spirit and therefore self-destructed. The spirit is a fire-bearing magnet.

232-3. He is wise who looks not back, knowing that Fire is inexhaustibly invoked. I remind you that the chief basis is the one anchor.

234. Individuality is safeguarded by disunity--such is the logic of darkness. let the spear not slumber over the dragon.

235. Earthly destructions are as nothing compared to those in the subtle plane. As links of a coat of mail are gradually strung together, so too the fiery plumage grows invisibly for the one who affirms fierily.

236. It is impossible to conceive of an instant without fire. Extraordinary is the structure when that which is most fundamental remains invisible but ready to be manifested everywhere in the simplest way.

237. One can think confusedly as if drowsy, and energy is hardly gnerated by such weak pressure.

239. Not only people attuned to Fire but those attuned to the other frequencies can draw from the chalice of fohat/Fire. The Egyptian Mysteries pointed out the special power of a thought sent thru flames. Thus one can turn the attention of people to fohatic spheres.

240. Least of all can Fire be compiled with egoism.

241. Thought in all its constructiveness creates our own future happiness.

242. It can be affirmed that irritation requires tenfold energy. Fiery energy surpasses all belief. Fiery armor protects one from hostile arrows.

243. Simple prayer toward perfecting opens the best gates; simple truthful attitude assists in cognizing the actual rhythms of the cosmos. Experience in the beautiful keeps one within the bounds of authenticity. Only acute observation helps affirm beauty.

245. Not to notice wiliness or falsification means not to be discriminating. discrimination only on the morrow is not worth much. In each school the development of swift thought must be taught--without it how can one pass thru the flame?

247. Nothing so irritates the fiery element as disorderly thinking.

248. Singular strong striving attunes as it were the entire chord of being.

249. The fiery realm is a true representation of uninterrupted evolution. Each realizer of Fire feels evil with especial keenness as the direct antipode of his being.

251-2. The apparatus of Edison remained imperfect for the subtle plane because the energy of Agni was not applied, due to personal unbelief. Agni must not only be guarded but cherished.

254. Various dogmas are especially harmful in that they propound a rigid formula regardless of the level of consciousness. New consciousness does not come from mechanical formulae.

255. It is necessary to interrupt the work of the eyes, closing them briefly. A principal error is to take external conditions as something immovable.

257. The borderline between fear and suspicion is almost indistinguishable. A guard must be alert but not suspicious. Equilibrium is not created by suspicion. Courage seeks the cause but does not suspect.

259-60. Verily the rapprochement of worlds is necessary. The increasing coarsening of finer energy is the most terrible disease. Pseudomaterialism, which assumes that everything is for everybody under any circumstances, interferes.

261. Whole ages are not needed where the viper of treason has built its nest. It is astonishing how beneath our very eyes the dignity of a nation crumbles.

262. Let mankind become accustomes to transmitting and receiving thought. But it is not useful when the fiery substance is mixed with intruding coarser currents.

265. Wherever the truth is manifested it will remain as such.

267. How often do adults forbid all improvisation, forgetting that this is the song of the spirit! Though technique be imperfect, how many beautiful seeds can be implanted thru such heart utterances!

268. One should not assume that Fire is not essential during conscious appeal to Hierarchy since living fire is the best purifier.

269. Freedom of choice, enlightenment and self-perfecting are the paths of Fire. Everyone must be led thru these gates, otherwise destructive factors arise.

271. Without a blow matter is not brought into motion.

272. Each unlawful deviation and destruction arouses the so-called black fire. The more naturally the Fire is kindled the more beneficial it is. The substitution of fear or covetousness for love results in black fire, which does not transmute the particles of dense emanations but acts just reversely.

274. Who would believe that the chalice of the yogi can send out salutary currents for a great deal, both far and near? One must understand that such transmissions strengthen the fiery place; coordination of such degrees of Fire is not easy!

276. Do not try to convince of the fiery realm a heart ignorant of Fire. Such coercion leads only to the black fire. If one counts the number of servants of darkness created by various coercions, the number terrifies. One must possess utmost sensitivity in order to understand when one can turn the key the second and third time in the lock. Only heartfire knows when karma and the consciousness of a brother will not be overburdened.

278. Only Agni, the pure fire, can oppose obsession. A great number of physicians will regard Agni as a superstition and belief in obsession as ignorance. People so often endow others with their own qualities.

280, 283. When approaching the obsessed, one should remember not to hold even the conjecture of obsession too definitely in mind. Every obsessor seeks to express his own ego, becoming irked without an outlet.

281. Only concentrated attention and perseverance without discouragement will lead to the discernment of the manifested laws of life.

283. The concept of the Guru greatly helps to safeguard from obsession.

284. Not without reason is said, let us rise to the fiery level, words are no longer needed there.

287. It is a great delusion to think that everything rests in safety. Only the acceptance of the cross and the ascent of the mountain where there are even five-legged calves--only such valor carries one over the abyss.

288. Only true discernment of freedom's indestructibility permits adherence to collective labor. Thru true mutual respect we realize harmonious labor. Coordinated collective force multiplies finer energy tenfold.

290. Labor serves as the best purge of all abominations.

291. It is fitting to feel one's insignificance before every cosmic law. However, fiery wings are bestowed for the approach to the fiery realm.

293-5. Let a physician develop within himself wise and thorough suggestion. One must do away with the narrow command and forbiddance now used by hypnotists. A crude force cannot follow the complex course of a disease. Only an enlightened mind can encompass the laws and methods of suggestion. One should project the will from heart to heart. The longer both consciousnesses are mutually balanced, the more potent the suggestion is. Each experiment should take place unexpectedly with physical conditions favorable like pure air. During suggestion the subtle body is in great tension and attempts to leave the body, cautious forbid its departure. Naturally, all commands should be mental not oral.

298. Gradually the rock of joy is affirmed and an exalted solemnity begins. Joy is the health of the spirit.

299. It is easier to observe what is in the distance when we know what is close by. Many stand upon the threshold of such insight but are prevented from attunement by a spasm of selfhood.

300. Only thru realization of the brevity of the earthly path may one comprehend grand infinity and learn the process of spiritual perfecting. If the planet is equilibriated by inner fire, each being also finds support in heartfire.

303. You yourself see how difficult it is to establish a solemn unity even as a salutary remedy. Everything is unstable, the ladder of Hierarchy alone is firm.

306. One should observe how a man passes along small wayside stops. One who is aware of his mission hastens, well-disposed toward everything he encounters. The other contrives some confusion at each stop, disturbing the surroundings. Only an experienced traveller knows that a night's lodging is not a destination and understands how carefully one must treat things which may be of use for the caravan following.

307. One can accustom oneself to useful thought, such exercise prepares for the fiery realm. Although not attained quickly, this practise leads to fiery realization.

308. Self-perfecting is light, self-indulgence is darkness. One can so build one's life that each day is a close-out, one can so illumine one's life that each hour is a beginning.

309. If you have a clear conception into subtle and fiery planes, no earthly convolusion can veil the inalienable radiant tomorrow.

310. From the East the White Eagle--thus We reveal a new consciousness. Nothing is possible without the East. The history of mankind was created either by or for the East.

313. None can rightly form an opinion about cosmogony without having studied the fiery element. The contemporary state of mind is so remote from salutary integration!

314. Often it is impossible to avoid the accumulated tensed malice, so one splits it up.

315. Acupuncture, a Chinese method, is not curative but only a temporary relief. Ancient Egyptians produced the same reaction by pressing upon the corresponding centers. Thruout life one should eliminate irritation/discord by means of corresponding complements and by heightening the vitality. One can notice the fieriness of the manifestations of vitality. Precisely, China has valued ginseng and a prolonged use of musk.

317. It will require decades to restore to health Earth's destroyed crust. For such especially beneficient measures mankind's cooperation is needed. Is not every effort toward unity met with derision? We speak of the great Agni yet scarcely a thousand minds dare consider its undeferability.

320. Field flora is a combinational panacea--who better than nature harmonizes neighbors! Proportion and adaptation rest in man's hands. Political economy should be based upon an understanding of the values of nature and their wise use. People generally prefer for the sake of plunder the bony grin of the death's head on the sand; people themselves are horrified when a disruption of the fundamentals takes place. Fire is the affirmation of life.

321. One must persuade people to conserve their own treasures. Every desert was once a flowering meadow. Similarly man's consciousness has crumbled into grains of malice.

322. One can build beautiful structures by willpower or remain on rubbish piles. One can instantaneously assimilate the spirit mode or remain deaf and dumb. Each perceives in accordance with his consciousness. The subtle plane is a state of true justice. The bazaar-colored emotions of Earthdwellers bear little resemblance to love. In the subtle realm love is the key to all locks; there, offense, bitterness and vengeance even for an average consciousness drop away as worthless husks.

323. One should not abandon vast spaces and gather in fratricidal congestion on infected and bloodsoaked sites. Today science itself favors the balanced peopling of free spaces. The very forces of nature called into cooperation render healthful Earth's diseased condition. Then only may one hope that labor will be valued and that co-workers rather than hirelings will be born.

325. The fiery state so greatly surpasses the earthly that the best earthly balance is required to permit Fire communion. Many earthly conditions must be reconciled in order that thought may comprehend the fiery body.

Fiery World 1933: