143. With some a routine of negation is formed imperceptibly, and it becomes a habit with them to feel offended. Thus, the most benign thought recoils from obstruction of resentment. In everyday life a routine of resentment must be recognized and ejected as a most noxious insect.

144. Much is going on roundabout and especially where there is a Magnet.

145. Not only in the subtle plane but physically on Earth the exchange and assistance of consciousness goes on. Consciousness on a flight thru the subtle plane is as it were sifted. Observation of this transformation requires well-developed keen-sightedness.

146. To discern the principle at work and to remain on the path to it means to proceed to victory.

148. It is possible to impel cosmic fire to remove all obstacles. Wavering breeds a cloud of doubts. Clarity of reception of the higher fades not only due to the receiver's own confusion but also from that of those karmically about him.

149. When photographing auras is instituted one will see that the aura in complete repose will equal in intensity the one in great tension.

153. He who desires light gives access to it, he who sinks into a twilight of thought receives that to which he has limited himself. Thus We speak of clear consciousness, boundlessness of thought and containment.

154. One can see how people who have lost the hierarchial link lose their place and slip into oblivion. One cannot sever the threads with Hierarchy with impugnity.

157. The earthly world is like an impasse--either ascent or destruction. The earthly azure is lofty but like wool compared to the fiery radiance. Nirvana is actually fiery ascent. People in their confusion forget that fiery communion has been ordained, they excel in counteraction.

158-60. Each one thru attentive observation of the reflexes of his being can note a great number of fiery characteristics, thus one ceases to consider the fiery realm as an abstraction. Many remembrances, aversions and inclinations may be products of the subtle plane. Everyone can discern in himself dense, subtle and fiery elements. From these fragments a whole fiery conception of life can be formed.

161. There can be either an increase of strength or disintegration, there can be no third condition. Growth of the heart comes not from a whip, and a beautiful garden is grown only by beautiful actions.

162. The eggshells is a transitory manifestation, the eggwhite is nourishing but not for long, and then the fiery yolk. Man represents the synthesis of all kingdoms, yet the symbol of three planes is everywhere evident.

167. It is not necessary to seek a mountain of good, for good may appear as a grain of sand. One should not seek shelter from a black cloud only. Calamity creeps in more easily than the smallest worm.

168. Fire has as antipode earth and water. Fire has no specific constant state, being eternally evolving or involving in progression.

169. One must know manifest deranged rhythm. Hold fast to Me--to Lionheart--as the only support. Execute My decree precisely, precision is issential as small clefts are very dangerous.

170. Once a certain ruler after a state council smashed an earthenware vase before their eyes. "I remind you of irreparability." A ruler is one who lays out the paths thru all realms. He is no true ruler for whom fire exists only at match-end;his scope is equal to his concepts.

171. People usually do not tap their minds but limit thought by others' conventionalities.

174. The transitional state linking to Hierarchy is called the wisdom-spark. This is not emptiness, apathy, coercion, but completely conscious heart-opening.

175. People are unwilling to notice how the capacity for observing finely is leaving them.

176. One must understand how many different tensions must be harmonized in order to strike upon the central integration, the essence.

177. Does an Arhat rest? The true repose of an Arhat is his musing upon the beautiful. Amidst various labors thought upon the beautiful is bridge-power-stream of benevolence. In beauteous conception the Arhat beholds the ladder of ascent. Let us not sully or bellitle this path! Only thereby do we attract that which seems so miraculous. This miracle is the indissoluble bond of Hierarchy.

181. We can but send a vision or dream wherever something concerns the common good. At present the world especially needs these indications, otherwise the confusion of minds may close the principal path. The spirit has been rejected and mater forgotten--the bazaar has remained!

183. It must be understood that the benefaction of Agni grows naturally, but when darkness blankets the perfecting process then Fire imperceptible, though chemically ascertainably, departs from the worthless receptacle.

184-5. Do not think of soulless people as monsters. In various fields they even attain mechanical preeminence, but Fire has left them and their works have become darkened. Of course everyone is at liberty to determine his own destiny and even final disintegration. Do not regard it as an exaggeration that almost half the planet's population is exposed to this infectious condition. Amid past cultures the fires of spirit died out like smoky bonfires--all smoke is poisonous unless some useful substance is added to it.

186. The fiery imperative will manifest. Let us not be superficial upon the essence of being.

187. It is correct that the best are the containing ones. This is no time after the fashion of cave dwellers to flaunt ourselves as chosen workers. All are workers along the entire line of Hierarchy; let none obstruct the unfoldment of fiery imperatives.

189. Measure is cognized by the heart; words are unfit for the expression of measure.

190. Though We be regarded as fanatics on the subject, people will nevertheless hearken and become attuned to culture as the one defense against disintegration. Thus We introduce brain patterns.

191. Friendliness, solemnity, magnanimity--let us complete the square with gratitude.

192-3. Transmission of light connotes the transmitter's expansion. Let each good spark be blown to flame. Even with one spark of light absolute darkness is no longer such.

194. What good is education if the brain remains crafty and the tongue false?

195. How cautiously one must follow one's path of awakening lest one finds one's feet on differing paths.

196. The Arhat ever solemnly bears the chalice of achievement. The heart-power becomes dormant as soon as He ceases to feel the hierarchial thread in his hand. To strive ever vigilant is not easy when the dust of decay whirls about.

197. Magnets of higher purpose are placed in ways most unsuspected by mankind, with many conditions taken into account. One part of the world determines the destiny of the century; the history of all movements has marked it sufficiently.

200. Irrepressible striving must also embrace complete resourcefulness. Intellect ought not to delay a traveller.

201. One should welcome each fiery vibration as a purifying principle.

202. One must know the complete immutability and eternity of life in order to proceed without fear. One can accept only an unchanging value, thus we learn to safeguard and affirm it. Striving toward the rocky path is not acquired externally, it grows from within solely thru cumulative experience. We carry the ark of the monad, knowing that by uplifting it the world is benefitted.

205. One may throw a ball with an unvarying physical effort, but by accompanying it with different thoughts the force imparted to the ball willof course vary.

206. Correlation of discoveries pertaining to the fiery domain can lead to most useful results.

207. Let us begin to comprehend feeling as eternity, unbounded as is the fiery domain. The root of feeling is its boundlessness.

209. Any ignorant thought primarily rebels against the heartfires.

211. There has never been a nation which did not dream of Agni, gathering for it the bet consonances. A one-sided consciousness inevitably stumbles over dogmas and is frightened by sophistry.

212. I approve of the Kalachakra now being compiled. Not reason but wisdom gave this teaching. Many domains of knowledge are united in the Kalachakra.

213-4. Treatment of glandular tension by means of pure air reduces the tension of the fiery centers via pranic fiery harmony. Wormwood, rose oil and the roots of igniridaceae have fiery curative uses.

217. During fiery tension it is especially useful to gather together--only without irritation--and to give the fire a fresh direction. So too moments of silence are a balsam of tranquility.

219. The fiery heart is an integrating essence and cannot be fitted into purely conventional categories.

220. Let us learn to discriminate--thus we become generous.

222. In the future adequate prophylaxis together with application of finer energy will make diseases entirely non-existent.

223. By losing rhythm people have forgotten the significance of vibrations.

224. It is so fundamental that one should affirm justice in each statement. Whoever wishes to think fierily must also know of fiery responsibility--most weight, as it includes the most contrasting inceptions.

225-5. We must intensify all energies, hence reciprocity is especially needed. It is possible by degrees to achieve many useful things.

227. The presence of fermentation or stagnant water attracts undesirable entities. Of the pure aromas one must prefer the rose, it contains a very lasting oil.

Fiery World 1933: