87. Observe that the waverer usually does not doubt himself but others only, and thus he gives admittance to decomposition. So long as we wander among illusory allurements we will not be affirmed in the sole basis of life and thus will not come close to ascent.

90. Fiery particles invoked for a definite combination but subsequently ignorantly dissipated remain discordant for cycles, when double effort is required to again utilize them for creation.

91-2. The most delicate golden network of nerves--perceived by the third eye--forms the foundation of the chalice, that in turn contacts Fire, thus the impregnation of thought-creativity.

93. Luminosity manifests more frequently than people hold, but prejudice and sophistry ever draw their own conclusions. The heralded emancipation about which people like so much to speak will be primarily not slavery of opinion. At times a simple yet most beautiful heart sets ablaze a new force of the fire-bearer. Naturally, the worst atmosphere is stale poisonous air, suppressing heart-emanations.

94. Not everyone can be asked to help in thought. One must be certain of the quality of thought and of the concentration of heart-energy. During world tension equilibrium can often be created precisely by thought.

96. Misfortune is begotten by disparaging achievement.

97. Mankind passes over with equal shudders all wells of knowledge in the various realms, and people will shudder just as much over Fiery World.

98. Try to divide people according to the elements. Not only according to bloodtype but also according to the character of nerve substance.

99. During every illness one can apply thought as a means of healing or relief, but such thought should eject the sickness from the organism with full force, without hesitancy or delay. However, if such force be lacking it is generally better not to think about the sickness at all, but to leave to the lower manas the carrying on of the inner battle. It is most harmful to waver in thought and to visualize a victory of the sickness. Observations should be made in hospitals concerning the effect of thought upon the progress of illness.

100-1. One should become accustomed to the most rapid orientation--what could better contribute to this than integration; even trusted sentinels have perished from striving in only one direction. I summon to magnanimity not to weakness; one must test goodwill in the fire.

103. Just as storms ever supply Earth with purified prana, so does the fiery world constantly pour forth waves. It is a pity that receivers are few by lack of application.

104-5. Dead hearts fill the world with disintegration. Cruelty of heart is death of the heart. Clarity of consciousness is true integration. One should preserve especially the covenant on clear integral consciousness, natural correlate of steadfastness and mobility--how imperative it is for the fiery world!

106. The master smelter counseled the new worker: "First, keep in mind all rapid transitions and fluctuations from heat to cold. In the tension of the flame you will find not terror but the tremor of ecstasy--a proper conception of fire will fortify your being." At the start let us bring complete devotion and cultivate that step of love which acts as an inextinguishable light.

107. We teach the eye to become nonreceptive to the repugnant. We often experience the attacks of dark entities, which attempt to annihilate everything dangerous to them. One should not consider these dark engenderings as superstitious fancy.

108. Beyond certain boundaries the fiery realm is disclosed like a vision. It cannot be defined by time, nor can the cause of its emergence be determined. Fire is entirely beyond earthly dimensions. Let us gather courage for the ascent. Ask Urusvati (Sanskrit: ~Dawn Mother) to tell of the multifaceted fires She has seen.

109. How could it be possible to so conceal the other beautiful higher dimension! At no time has ancient wisdom insisted upon only three dimensions. When the lamps of the heart become extinct people begin to concern themselves with limitations.

112. To transform consciousness means to enter a special realm, to acquire a special evaluation of all that occurs, to go forward without glancing back, to leave behind all complaints and to acquire goodwill.

114. The absence of doubt is stronger than all dark snares. If you should find a lion in your flower garden, no doubt there would be an uproar in the house. To the dark ones you are that very lion in their backyard.

115. The fiery substance is a touchstone, as it were. At its contact some subtle bodies are intensified in fiery capacity, whereas others immediately disintegrate. Thus, one can compare a series of remarkable ascents and deserved departures.

116. Effort is needed for the directing of fiery energy, which for abbreviation We call Agni. In the East people understand this lightning-speed quality. In Western speech there exists no designation for this most subtle concept (fohat in Tibetan).

117. Attention needs to be directed to the wonders of each day. Let us pursue from the cradle the entire path of trust and self-perfecting.

118. The path of goodwill actually should be expanded, being essence. Let us not forget this talisman even for an hour. It is like the wonderful stone of which some know. Forget not its quality, affirm it by Our Banner.

119. All that has vital capacity should be welcomed. From sparks grow Fire.

120. If samadhi is a natural manifestation of higher fire, then the flame of alcohol is a destroyer of Fire. Nothing brings such misery later in the subtle realm as do unnatural attempts such as opium use to evoke Fire outside a fitting purification. In the subtle realm a drunkard or doper is tormented by his craving but suffers still more from unnaturally manifested Fire, which instead of strengthening him consumes the tissues prematurely.

121. From every manifested terror let us turn to magnanimity. This is the last chance for many to realize it.

123. The state of illumination is called fiery aid. Thru many observations it is possible to realize what a most subtle substance consciousness is.

124. It is not easy to cure eyes darkened with the dust of discord. An eyewash of true magnanimity is the first expedient.

125. People think to entrench themselves in a bog, but whole mountains are splitting as a result of the oncoming.

126. Evolution should be accepted from life, amidst life, for life. Remember well evolution as vital capacity. Thus we approach complexities wherein the symbol Aum is not an inscription but expression.

127. Only a very attentive scrutiny of the spiritual condition of the individual in question will give the right guidance to the indications needed for him. One panacea only--uplifted consciousness!

128. The life of the spirit is the basis of evolution.

129-30. Torn tissues may serve as a magnet via nerve outlets for fiery waves. Spouts and spirals of energy can be created by the disordered strivings of surrounding people, though not with bad intentions.

131. Seeing a dark star signifies a very great danger.

132. We are ready to assist and to rejoice with each one. We unceasingly insist on observations. We direct to attentiveness in every way. We speak of reality, not abstractions. Thus We wish that physicians and scholars of the West too would consider justly Our collaboration. It must be understood that the hour strikes to clarify fact by discarding husks.

133. Do you not evoke smiles of pity when you mention the invisible fiery realm?

134. In the subtle plane a fiery mist can be sensed. How many shocks must be experienced in order that the visualization of existence uplift the consciousness in all fearlessness! By honest thinking and a developed imagination one should advance beyond the monsters of superstition.

135. Hypnotic suggestion is a coercion of Fire, whereas thought creativity is a manifestation of basic law. When We spoke to a certain sahib on permeating his dwelling with Our aura, it was a propos that space saturated with thought-creativity concentrates the fiery power. Thought-creativity devoid of self provides the way thru karma and maya. Kindness, cordiality and cooperation likewise help, while the fog of unsteadiness is a particularly poor guide.

136. Any rivalry and quarreling are already a tribute to darkness. The most deadly dagger is not at the belt but at the tip of the tongue.

138. Friendliness is not the rouge and powder of malice. Let us not be afraid that people in general cannot yet return to friendliness--there is enough of it in each of us. But let us not make of this fiery quality weak will, subserviency and pitiful hypocrisy. Friendliness is inseparable from expanded consciousness. How imagine the transformation of fire mist into a whole beauteous domain without having the strength to purify one's own thoughts from small splinters?

139. People should be advised to get used to thinking even a little of the beauteous. A dark state of mind is the source of all misfortune. Where there is aspiration there are no confused dreams, all details clearly impressed. What danger if the striving be base or trivial!

140. One should understand wholeheartedly how many of the subtlest conditions there are that can determine important changes in all life. Yet how necessary it is to knock for admission into circles here--despite being met by an absolutely hostile stream of requirements, to submit to derision in order to reveal that which is basically open to all. Golgotha is erected by lack of understanding and ignorance.

142. A demon stole some most sacred objects and offered them to an anchorite with the words "Wilt thou accept these from me?" The demon hoped the hermit would not accept the gifts and thus betray the holy objects. But the hermit rose up in indignation at the double-bind proposal and commanded the demon to leave the objects on the ground, saying, "Dark spirit, thou will not retain these objects, thou wilt vanish, annihilated, for my command has been manifested from above!" No dark force is able to keep back the flame of the spirit. Each toiler of light undergoes attacks.

Fiery World 1933: