Courtesy of Maitreya Samgha

Ur is seed-syllable for the fiery light. From time immemorial the radiant principle has attracted many hearts. Thus from olden covenants let us transport ourselves into unfolding attainments.

1. People quarrel over a pice in the bazaar but they have no desire to stretch forth their hands to the treasure. Much that has been told about the heart must also be applied to the fiery world but with particular acuteness. Fire--the most all pervading, creative and life-bearing element--is least observed, least esteemed. The impetus of fire is as strong as crystal-structure. Live embers are needed for purifying consciousness; the rainbow flame affirms spirit striving. Fiery applications are revealed strikingly. From ordinary visible light-patterns to complex heartfires we are led into the Fiery World.

2. The earthly eye tough it be highly sensitive does not usually assimilate even the subtle manifestations. It is as if these sparks compel persons affinitized to fire to withdraw from contact with other elements, and those elements do not like these fiery orbs. Yet one cannot crossover the earthly road without contact with the fiery--hence it is better to know its essential nature. Fiery beings do not find it easy to be in the midst of all other combinations. The fiery angel rushes to save the world; his phosphorescent wings brush against the rocks of Earth and are scorched, and the angel is weakened thereby. Thus is disclosed the marked difference between earthly and fiery realms. Strivings are necessary for a natural affinitization to the fiery realm. Fire-sparks shy from mixing with other elements and these elements generally are not drawn into the fiery orbits.

3. While the fiery realm may heal wounds, it can also strain tissues. Let us then be cautious.

4. Tongues of fire have been manifested above the heads of people, but they do not wish to accept the existing reality. A new dawn for mankind comes with the understanding of universal fire, Agni. One must have an open heart to face the flame. By not applying innate fires of his organism, man cannot refine fiery manifestations much past crude usage of electricity.

5. The chief danger of inflammation lies close to the heart, solar plexus and larynx. These centers being the most integrating may be exposed to the most unexpected attacks. The use of fiery energy requires care; great is the evil of needlessly spending the fiery energy of another. Fire can be allayed only by fire, by the heart-energy flowing magnetically. Heart-fatigue actually opens the gates to the enemy. Wise is the law of eternal giving. It may seem that sacrifice and the fiery have nought in common, yet flaming sacrifice exists in all covenants.

6. One can imagine how easily an undeveloped brain deteriorates when the heart is silent. The morals of people droop like a withered appletree. One must observe that ignorance clearly affirms dark foundations.

7. Just think! Each person carries within the one fire. The heartfire alone unites thru its magnetization all world structures. Necessarily this treasure must be utilized in the entire structure of life.

8. The rhythm of tension alone changes the tones of flame. Intense ruby-toned tension is rare, for not every heart can endure it.

9. In order to accept and admit fire as the path to Hierarchy, as the path of love and compassion, it is necessary to affirm irrevocably with one's entire heart.

Precisely in straitened times do we learn to distinguish the significant from the mediocre. Oppression and tension not only increase vigilance and impetuousity, they also make requisite innermost fresh fires. Straitened conditions are a horror only for the ignorant; for the knowing they are simply a source of events. One must leave behind dark determinations. Only the fire of the Lords kindles daring. Solemnity is a key to the protection-lock against all disease. Verily the best fire is kindled thru joy.

11. During intense fiery manifestation one may observe how surrounding objects appear translucent. Fire seemingly transforms all fiery substances and reveals the luminous matter at foundation of all existence. But the uncovering of luminous matter can be extremely dangerous amid crude conditions. Do not resist the fiery manifestations if they do not overburden the heart.

12-3. Approaching fiery waves are terrifying when one does not know of and assimilate them with the fires of one's own heart. Fire, the highest vibrating element, is approached only thru higher consciousness.

14. Blood! blood! cry peoples East and West. The salutary fire is transformed thru ignorance into a devourer!

15. Growing callous people began to forget what fire the wise indicate. The fire became then physical and magic circles of fire made their debut. No resin can compare with heartfire. Only fiery illumination can restore the broken bridge of ascent.

16-7. Great exertion is needed to transmute the heart for integration with higher energies. "Knock and it shall be opened to you." The heart may become sunlike, reducing all microbes to ashes. A man clad in the protective armor of fiery immunity succumbs to no contagion; one can increase this resistence thru unity with Hierarchy.

18. Cancer bacilli exist. They can be detected and killed primarily by heartfire. The roots of many plants contain potent vegetable kingdom fires, useful where heartfires are as yet inactive.

19. Each coercion may bring irreparable harm. One should not inordinately facilitate the child's striving since excessive help creates weaklings. Clairvoyance and clairaudience are essentially fire-voyance and fire-audience. Fire is needed as the intermediary for all exalted actions. Fire does not tolerate hard compulsion of nature. We affirm the definition of Fire as a triumphal ladder thru this book's sections. Not fire-worship but attainment brings the body to the fiery realm.

20. Every pilot cautions not to turn the rudder too sharply. Fiery accumulation is a spatial joy.

21. Contemporaries do not readily admit the imperfection of the apparatus and especially their own inexperience. Patience will be found to follow the longest roads also. During these conceptual reiterations on Fire a useful accumulation occurs. The chief requisite is steadfastness when the heart knows there is no other way. Etherealization occurs via Fire.

23. Yogis pass thru fire by inducing heart-energy as a counteraction. Yogis can extend their inner protective energy to lead others thru fire provided they can completely transport their consciousness into the heart of the yogi.

25. Even in the Middle Ages valorous men were found who did not fear to speak about the essence which they perceived and sensed within themselves.

26. The fiery serpent rising above the chalice (in the heart) in the form of the serpent of Moses like the Arabic figure 8 indicates fiery tension of the chalice. Primarily we are fiery beings and with such conviction only do we grow the so-called fiery wings. Let each fiery reminder serve as an infilling with solemnity.

27. Approaching Fire we begin to discern energy-rhythm. Even lowest consciousness is being drawn upward. Serving Fire we can cross all dark abysses!

28. It has long been said that sinners themselves feed the fires of hell. The fire of benefaction borne aloft by the vortices of far-off worlds creates most beautiful transmutations.

29. The fiery essence is under many atmospheres of compression; in order to burst forth the pressure and power must be matched.

30. One cannot leap from state to state without a fiery tempering. One kindles the spatial fire only by heartfire. Let him remaining in darkness blame only himself. All dimension past the ordinary three (line, plane, sphere) become hideous nightmares when not illumined by heartfire.

31. It is said that Abraham walked before the Lord. Let us understand this as full cooperation.

32. Polluted strata should not have existed--pople create them, hence they must purify them. Prana is purified thru highest fire, only this makes it creative. One can observe how a sincere heartfelt sigh becomes like a long drawn out trumpet-call.

33-4. One must become accustomed to the fact that each thought is fiery communion. Let us not permit confusion and denial, for these turn the tongues of Fire against us.

35. We cannot name any fiery path without its carpet of calumny.

36. Those who stand on one spot are a thousand times more exposed to danger than those striving in heart and mind.

39. True cooperation can only be attained by heart-cultivation and by understanding the natural quality of Agni (Fire).

40. There are many who wish to evade the future, preferring to call themselves dust.

41. Let the word Shambhala be known to but few; only under the flaming Dome are all equal.

43. People frequently speak of the same thing, but in such different terms that there is no possibility of reconciling these concepts with words. So let the fiery energy work.

44. Remember that the fiery energy grows and works incessantly if the heart be aflame.

45. Work like sculptors whose hands know the approach to stone that is not distorted. Heartfire gives the sign to the consciousness. Achievements are preserved in heartdepths surrounded by etheric fires.

47. Rare are the heroes who shed their blood for the good of their fellowman, yet their inner impulse fills the organism with new forces.

48. The fiery is not madness but demands highest co-measurement, profound circumspection and caution. The pillar of co-measurement even in Agni must be a safeguard.

49. None should approach the fiery with fear or hatred because Fire is love!

50. When a hero dedicates himself to man's salvation his strength multiplies tenfold. Fire cannot be formed out of any elements or compounds, one can only manifest Fire. Many scoff at the mere word regeneration but even a snake renews its skin. Should not people be primarily mobile in thought?

53. Subtle energy as a sort of condensation of fire can absorb the fiery surplus found in fiery sicknesses. Do not confuse heartenergy with external magnetism and hypnotism, which are artifically forcing and temporary.

55. Observe the relationships of nations, the magnet of ideas, the dissemination of thoughts, all signs of public opinion.

56. The best matrices of crystals are molded by fire. Thus the invincible heart is also formed by fiery activities.

57. Over and above the usual conditions one should touch the most unexpected angles.

58. Musk and hot milk with soda will be good preventives, penetrating into the chakras.

59. Fire bears within itself an understanding of beauty; it envelops creativity and transmits imperishable records into the treasure of the chalice.

62-3. People do not age because of advanced years but from the extinction of Fire. It is especially harmful to tear man from his customary labor. Even thru lowest forms of labor man manifests fiery energy. Decay of life is opposed to the law of existence. Energy generates energies. Do not interfere in the festival of the spirit. To send a smile to the festival of the spirit is the most flaming flower of heart-offering.

68. Stand more firmly than a rock. Miraculous fire is intensified by steadfastness of spirit.

69. Consciousness is strengthened by life itself, observation likewise is strengthened. In their egoism people see only their own delusions.

71. The world has been set aquiver by the flames of malice.

73. The disturbance of equilibrium leads to premature destruction of the lower body.

74. Can one be reconciled to the fact that heads of state, prelates, Freemasons, rebels, judges, criminals, physicians, the sick and healthy are all at work in the same black magic field?

75. If you notice merciless cruelty, be assured this is a sign of the dark ones. Each teaching of light is primarily a development of compassion. Compassion is the gateway to higher frequencies, its essence is the substance of the chalice.

76. As in nature long before clous appear the petals of flowers turn increasingly toward the sun or at twilight promptly fold up, so also the fiery lotus senses the approach of cosmic storms.

79. This Agni Yoga includes Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine. Similarly Christ's gospels were the wisdom culmination of the classic epoch, Moses' commandments culminated ancient Egypt and Babylon.

80. In the people's understanding fire has solemn significance.

81. As fire when brought into a place filled with inflammables will unfailingly ignite it, so fiery thought pierces space and infallibly attracts seeking hearts to itself.

82. The kindled heart transmits rhythms and currents along the line of Hierarchy.

83. Life has been turned into trade, but who of the teachers of life has ever been a shopkeeper?

86. Precisely the fiery principle preserves the durability of things.

Fiery World 1933: