Orion: Love is Practical Christianity

This morning I come as a messenger of God to bring to you the activites of Orion and to give you some comprehension of love as practical Christianity.

Precious hearts, it is not the law that one should remain in a state of negative harmlessness--a Pollyanna consciousness--that is not love! Love is a very positive quality. To fulfill the law one is required to be positively good. Would it be love for one to stand on a riverbank and watch a man drown? No! Love would plunge into the stream and bring the man out while there was yet life in the body. It was love which took Lord Buddha from the glorious peace, freedom and opulence of his kingdom and made Him walk the paths of Earth, trying to find a way to relieve his fellowmen from those distressing appearances of poverty and suffering which shocked his sensibilities. It was love that kept him rising in consciousness thru sphere after sphere of God perfection until He reached the very heart of creation itself. Then He returned to the limited appearance world and his own physical body in order to bring to his fellowman the truths which He had learned in those great heights.

Let me tell you that after one's consciousness has been enmeshed in the discord and limiting appearances of physical embodiment for so many ages it takes great love not to succumb to the beautiful peace of the inner spheres after one has arrived there! Quite naturally the tendency then is to just lie down in the first green pasture, saying "This is it!" It takes a great deal of divine love to desire to keep rising in consciousness from realm to realm, pushing ever onward until one has found the source of all truth and then rest--even if just for a moment--on the bosom of the eternal Father. Then, what love it takes to deliberately determine to come back into this world of form with its forbidding shadows, after having successfully made that journey and felt the beautiful Presence of God Himself! It was positive love which brought Buddha's spirit back to Earth thru sphere after sphere of beautiful God consciousness, back into the hot burning sands of India to walk again just to carry truth to others.

Love is Action at the Moment When the Requirement is Greatest

It was love, precious children of God, which spurred Moses on to draw the reluctant people of Israel away from the flesh-pots of Egypt in an endeavor to find their Promised Land. It was love which made Him walk across the deserts and in the extremity of their need part the Red Sea which stood between his people and the protection they desired from Pharaoh's army which followed them.

It was love which took Moses up the side of Mt. Sinai when the clouds of discontent, fear and lethargy of the Israelites had all but put out the fire of his vision and somethimes He knew not whether He was still a Messenger of God or whether He had become a victim of fantasy! It was love which held Him on the pinnacle of that mountain while God in his great mercy gave Moses the positive affirmations of truth, the Ten Commandments. Here He received them and cut the words thereof out of the very rock itself. These same Ten Commandments have remained at least a portion of the law from God to man ever since that day. However, thru the shadowed consciousness of mankind those commandments, representing divine law, have been distorted into the negative form of "Thous shalt not".

It was love of those who stood with Moses which upheld his arms at the time which, because of the very pull of gravity, He could no longer hold them up Himself in his endeavors to magnetize the power of the Lord to give his people victory.

In Galilee it was love that enabled a young man with a body of such perfection as has not been known since on the Earth-plane and filled with a love of springtime) to willingly lay that body upon a cross, submitting to the crucifixion. It was love which burst the tomb asunder on resurrection morning and love again which enabled Our beloved Jesus to make the visible ascension in the presence of some five hundred people. It was the love for God which enabled a man who had a greater capacity for affection and friendship than any of unascended mankind have yet known that enabled him to renounce further association with his beloved Mother and his loved ones to answer the summons of the eternal Father--proving that the conscious ascension was possible for all!

After that ascension (resurrection is probably more accurate here--2002 note) had taken place, it was a positive love which carried Mary into Bethany with John, Peter and James and it was love which enabled Them to establish there the unit which held the spiritual connection with beloved Jesus thru all that long period of thirty years and more before Mary was called home.

It is love which brings Lord Michael from his realm of perfection to serve in the psychic plane of Earth twenty hours out of every twenty-four, as He has been doing for some years now and it is love which brings the assistance of all the other ascended masters and cosmic beings into the atmosphere of Earth to answer your calls. Love is positive concentrated action to assist mankind at the moment of the need, according to the receiving capacity of the lifestream which makes the call.

It is love which sends certain lifestreams to the leper colony, joyously willing to give whatever assistance they can to the afflicted there. It is love which makes the men of research work so persistently, often at considerable self-sacrifice, to bring forth those scientific findings which have proven to be of such assistance to the race. It is love too which brings the comfort and convenience of your inventions into the use of man in his everyday life.

Without love nothing is permanently accomplished, without it the clearest vision remains but a cloudy vapor!

Love is constancy under the most trying of circumstances and action at the moment when it is needed most.

Love was signified by Abraham when He willingly laid Isaac upon the altar of sacrifice. That which was dearest to him He offered to the Lord!

Love is the pouring forth of the full-gathered momentum of the good of your own lifestream for the good of all. Let lips be sealed which speak of love if they cannot manifest that love in action--in service--not mere words! It was love which brought Me here this morning and love which brought you too: Love of God, Love of service and Love of yourselves, all these entered into it and brought you here.

Recent Blessings, Each Soul Alloted, Karmic Ties, Father-to-be

Now before We close the address today let us take up some activities concerning the incoming children and youth, which subjects are so dear to My heart. I AM very grateful indeed for the real sincerity with which you have entered into your calls for their protection, purification, illumination and general well-being.

The month of May in each year is the month of consecration of these lifestreams who are to take physical embodiment here on Earth during the ensuing year and it is the time when they all stand before beloved Mother Mary in her Temple of the Sacred Heart at inner levels. The children who were consecrated in May of this year of course are not yet born into the world of form, so you have a little more time to decree upon and develop the seed ideas of ways and means to help them, which seed ideas were given you by various of the great ones who have recently addressed you on this subject. By such endeavors perhaps you can increase the number of perfect bodies and balanced minds which will be allowed by the great Cosmic Law to be given these incoming children this year for without your calls I assure you that some of those bodies would not be so comfortable for them to wear.

Now as this time I would like to describe something of what takes place in the physical octave of Earth while these prospective incoming souls are preparing at inner levels for physical embodiment here, especially in thru and around the expectant parents who have a very definite and sometimes quite detrimental effect upon the being and world of the soul who is taking embodiment. As unascended lifestreams who are already in embodiment here, because you are the authority over the substance and energy of the octave in which you abide, you can if you will make the calls to the I AM Presence, ascended masters and angelic hosts for the protection, purification, illumination and general assistance to these parents and such calls will assist them tremendously.

First of all, the etheric body is the memory world of the individual. It carries the records of every experience in each Earth-life, as well as the experiences at inner levels where the soul abides between embodiments. The etheric records of the Earth-life of the individual determine the pattern of the etheric envelope which the soul occupies while it is in the higher realms between embodiments. In other words at the close of an Earth-life the realm to which the soul is drawn for instruction and assistance between embodiments is determined by his consciousness at the close of that life, which consciousness is the sum total of his use of life thru his own freewill, whether that be constructive or otherwise.

While the soul is in the higher realms the etheric body gradually throsw off the appearances of age and disintegration of the Earth-life because, being sustained by a body elemental, it mirrors that which it sees and by which it is surrounded. You have been told that all elemental life is imitative in the extreme. It mirrors anything and everything to which its attention attaches thru sight, hearing or any of the senses. Therefore when the soul is assigned to a realm where there is perfect balance and symmetry of form, the etheric body will automatically drop the appearance of age and the distresses of its Earth-life and mirror the more perfect appearance of those with whom they associate in the temples there, as well as those of the master who is their teacher there.

However, when it comes time for the soul to come again thru the gates of birth into the physical octave, it is allotted its karma both good and otherwise for the next embodiment. Such karma is of course the result of all the activities of that soul in its previous Earth-life, as well as in all the other lives it experienced theretofore. The pattern for the new body is determined by this karma and the new body's appearance, comfort and effectiveness to the soul is determined by that which the soul has earned in past lives. If many of these etheric records are of a destructive nature, this causes the distortion of the form of the incoming physical vehicle and the body elemental copies that karmic pattern. You see, the body elemental works here with the etheric body and therefore it would be so helpful to the incoming lifestream if it were to have its etheric body purified, cleansed of all distorted forms and destructive impressions, before its physical body is builded.

This morning we are going to deal with several other phases of this activity which will be beneficial to the granting of the dispensations of the day and if your energies are vital enough I shall ask you to contribute to this service even though it may be in a small way.

Greatly blessed indeed are the lifestreams of those who are being prepared to be the parents of those incoming souls who are wanted! The desire for the child and the parental love which accompanies such feelings are of tremendous assistance to the lifestream to be born. This love also automatically draws the deva of the builders of form and the angel or angels who stand guard around the mother-to-be, particularly during the period of gestation.

However, when you come to the condition where women are bearing children out of wedlock or reluctantly and the qualities of fear, resentment, rebellion and shame are strongly charged into the feelings of the mother, these destructive feelings have a very detrimental effect upon the mind, brain structure and emotional body as well as the flesh body of the incoming soul. Besides this, the censure of society, which is a great living mass entity in the atmosphere of Earth, drives its energies against these women and does more to cause unbalance in the minds of incoming children than almost any other one thing, other than their own individual karma. That entity of which I speak is one of arrogant pride and scorn, terrible in its appearance, and I hope you never have to look upon it! This entity forms a pressure of unhappyt feeling around the expectant mother and incoming child, against which pressure the body elemental must work. A goodly number of those who are to take embodiment this year must face this condition and even now their new bodies are already encased in the substance which is charged with those unfortunate qualities.

I AM going to ask you now to sing a song, the energy of which We are going to qualify with violet fire and dedicate to the melthing away of that substance from those incoming souls. At the same time We shall establish a protective shield of pure etheric substance around both mother and child. In this We shall be assisted by beloved Mother Mary, beloved Kwan Yin, beloved Meta and beloved Nada, all of whom last evening offered to give their special assistance to these incoming children, if you would so cooperate today by making these calls.

You may ask, and rightly so too, why are incoming souls given into the keeping of those who do not want them? One reason is because of the pressure of the times, a certain number must be born within the course of one year, especially now when the planetary evolution is accelerated. You see, karmic ties between parents and children often play a very important part in the fulfillment of the divine plan, individually and for the planet.

Sometimes a woman will want a child, but when the pressure of the feeling world of the soul she is to bear touches her aura, if her previous association with that soul has been unhappy, a great distaste and dislike for that incoming soul comes into the feelings of such mothers-to-be, stirring up memories of past inharmonies with such an incoming one. Then the mother-to-be often decides to abort the incoming soul because of the tremendous antipathy which karmically binds them together. In such a case one who had previously prayed sincerely for a child will suddenly not want it.

This is sometimes equally true of fathers-to-be. It is the cause of so many conditions of discordant home-life where fathers resent the children and jealousies ensue. This is because between the child and father there is an old atipathy created by previous discordant associations in other lives, which associations often extend far back into the past. In his outer consciousness the father-to-be does not realize this and often takes a violent dislike to the child, the mother meanwhile suffering unnecessarily, feeling the lack of the father's love for that infant.

One of beloved Meta's services to life is to raise up in the world of form those splendid lifestreams who privde places where these unwed mothers are allowed to bring forth their children in privacy without the censure of society upon them and where these children are given a better start in life. Beloved Mother Mary, Nada and Kwan Yin, as well as many more of Us in Our octave, also serve with beloved Meta in this capacity.

Now I shall appreciate very much if you will sing one of your songs this morning which will embody the call for the removal of this entity of fear, rebellion, shame and society's censure from the parents, particularly the mothers, who are to bring forth these unwanted children. If you will do this, I feel sure that the great Karmic Board will allow Us to grant these incoming souls much better bodies than they would otherwise have had, even before the activities of the morning are over. (Group sings song to beloved Kwan Yin.)

Into the great Coliseum made of pink marble-like substance veined with gold which has been built for that purpose at inner levels where souls are awaiting embodiment this morning We have been able to draw the inner bodies of all those who are to be parents during this coming year. As those great flames of the violet fire of mercy and compassion pass thru their inner bodies, actual sheaths of substance which have been qualified with fear, shame and rebellion, are being transmuted into light. Even as We speak, the beloved Lord Michael with his legions has offered to endeavor to completely dissolve that mass entity of scorn!

Another distressing factor in the environment into which the incoming soul is born is the selfishness and sense of irresponsibility of the fathers, particularly of the unwanted. That irresponsibility will requuire such a parent somewhere someday to take care of that same lifestream again, perhaps the next time under very much more unhappy circumstances and in very great lack--also the lifestream so cared for may be in very unpleasant conditions of mind and body.

Individuals who have the care of invalids over a long period of years often wonder what caused this responsibility to fall upon them. Nearly always it is because in the past they where those who walked out on the responsibility of parenthood. Such individuals are bound to meet a karmic debt of retribution. So We now ask you to join your energies with Ours in a call to make every man stand by his rightful obligations and become a kindly Saint Joseph--a guardian of the young. (Group sings "Love's Opportunity".) We shall take up your energies so released and qualify them with that which will assist these gentlemen.

As We are watching this activity from Our realm today, the inner service for which you call is being rendered. These mothers-to-be who are awake in their physical bodies at this time are present with Us in their Holy Christ Selves, instead of in their etheric bodies as are the others whose physical bodies are asleep at this time. As you sang this latest song, it is the first time this has happened since the Fall of man: the incoming lifestream which has been assigned to each set of parents has kneeled before them and both parents have placed their hands on the head of that soul, giving that one the benediction of opportunity. The beloved Venetian and the Brothers of the Third Ray are now giving to all of these concerned an anointing of the divine feelings of harmony and balance and here may I ask each one of you individually and silently to make the call to the Holy Christ Self of each of these lifestreams concerned, that the outer self shall remember this inner pledge. You see, when there is unity of feeling between parents and children there can be built a much more perfect vehicle for the incoming child. (Group sings "O Mary Dear We Love You So".)

With such cooperation at inner levels it would seem that the birthrate this year will increase even more than usual because so many of those who would otherwise be denied a body doubtless now will get thru. Besides that, We also have the promise of a grant of five hundred thousand more perfect bodies. These are to be given to those taking birth this year who otherwise had better not known birth at all, because of the deformities of mind and body into which they would have had to be born.

\ Now We are having a very interesting experience in Our realm this morning. The Master Paul the Venetian has asked the beloved Maha Chohan to be present with Us during these ceremonies and the Maha Chohan asks that your great petitions continue down into the four-footed kingdom which has been so much neglected by the prayers and interest of mankind in general and which must now be loved free.

Do you realize just how many unwanted animals are born, for instance how many stray cats there are in one city alone? Beloved Maha Chohan asks that you remember that kingdom from now on. Many many mothers in the animal kingdom cannot supply enough food to sustain their litters and the beloved Maha Chohan has applied to the group souls who govern the various departments of that kingdom asking for the gradual decrease of the size of all litters. This is the beginning of the final removal of animals from the Earth, for the necessity of elemental life to find the completion of its cycle in an animal form, without an erect backbone and a conscious thinking mind. Bod bless you for being a part of this release to them today. I feel that your intensity of love for the animal kingdom will increase as you realize that that form will much more speedily evolve into a more constructive expression of life and thereby know great release.

Today I bring you the full benediction of Helios and Vesta, Sanat Kumara, Lord Maitreya, all of the Elohim and Archangels, all of the Chohans of the Rays and Myself. I also bring you the extreme gratitude of the incoming souls whom you have blessed by your calls, as well as from the elemental kingdom. May the great God Presence of your own lifestream quickly make you know and feel the gratitude of the God-free for such service as you have enabled Us to render, especially here this morning.

Whenever you wish to use and expand the activities of the Third Ray--divine love--whose qualities are adoration, magnetization and gratitude to life--I AM your servant! Thank you and good morning!

-The Seven Mighty Elohim Speak, Bridge to Freedom, 1957.

Dictations via Geraldine Innocente: