Orion: Loving Cooperation in Rhythm, 7 Steps to Precipitation, Lack of Peace Disintegrates

First, there was Hercules' will to do, then there was Cassiopeia's perception, then came My love--the focal point--the immortal flame within the heart of Our creation. Then came the activity of the Elohim of Purity, holding true to the original divine design so that, even unconsciously, there might not be imposed upon this pattern some change of form coming from some other galaxy which We were completing at other hours of the same day. This beloved Elohim held to the purity and symmetry of the divine design in courtesy to the great beings who chose to bring it forth. Not one of Us would presume to enter upon the creation of the planets of the system if, in illumined obedience, We were not willing to follow the design of those who drew it forth.

Then came the concentration of energy by the Mighty Cyclopea, or Vista, so that all the elementals, angels and builders of form could coalesce their energies and talents around one planet at a time when that one was being drawn forth into form.

This concentration of the mighty Cyclopea was so important, staying with the divine plan for the creation of each planet so that when the Manu of the First Root Race was ready and his people were ready to take embodiment We had not dissipated our energies in creating something which was more pleasing to Ourselves. Besides, in following the divine plane given to Us, it enabled Us to have planets ready on time.

Then, as the radiation and power of the mighty Cyclopea increased, We drew the activity of Arcturus, the rhythm of the outpouring of each of Us. This is one of the most important factors in creation, for rhythm provides nourishment for the form. In your physical bodies the rhythm of your heartbeat and that of your breath determines the efficiency of the physical form you wear. In your own precipitation the rhythm which you establish will determine the symmetry, beauty, accuracy, efficiency and general perfection of your manifest design.

For instance We the Elohim offered to give a certain amount of our time each day to the creation of this one planet and We all arrived on time, rhythmically, no matter where We had been or what We had been doing--mind you, other galaxies, other solar systems were being created at the same time! Perhaps We had better explain that We do not use days in the same sense as you do here: We use the words days and hours because We must have some measure of expression which you will understand in order to be able to convey to your minds a rhythm of application.

Our Seven Flames fed our infant planet, breathing into it the cosmic application of creation. The mighty devas who govern the building of form also came in rhythm and gave their service; the angelic host came and gave their service rhythmically too. The directors of the elemental kingdom and the elementals themselves also worked in rhythm with Arcturus, the great and mighty Elohim of the Seventh Ray.

Here again there is the inversion of the action of the Sixth and Seventh Rays in the Elohimic activities, so far as the building of planets is concerned. Here the Seventh Ray precedes the Sixth. The reason for this is that the rhythm of building is a part of the service of the Seventh Ray in order to permit the coalescence of universal light into form. The Sixth Ray is the solidifying of the perfect design. This now takes seventh place so that when the Earth was completed, as it first began its own revolutions upon its axis, the music of the spheres began to pour forth from that planet.

Therefore, lastly came the radiation of the Elohim of Peace which held the form of the Earth from disintegration because where harmony, peace and tranquility abide, that which you have drawn forth cannot either be taken away from you or disintegrate. Just as you shellac certain things to preserve them against rust and decay, so does the activity of the Elohim of Peace enfold and seal all creations in the entire planetary scheme brought forth by the Elohim for the period of existence designed for that creation by the divine plan held in the mind of the Universal First Cause.

Again came the importance of rhythm as the beloved Amaryllis brought springtime to our Earth successively for nine hundred years. Only then was Our planet ready for habitation.

In this same manner We proceeded with the creation of the other planets of this system. These are the seven steps to precipitation used by the Elohim and Builders of Form on a cosmic scale. You and every individual who desires to become master of the creation of form must also learn to use these same seven steps.

First: you must will to do! You must make a decision in your heart, mind and spirit, a decision based upon prayerful thought and application so that you are sure it is the right decision and that your feelings concerning it are enthusiastic about bringing it forth.

Second: after you will to do, take the time to call into action the flame of Mighty Cassiopeia to give you its perception--the perfectly clear picture of what you want to do and the directions as to how best to bring it forth, to qualify the abstract idea so that your form is something of benefit to life.

Third: love your manifestation into form. The more sincere feeling of love you can put into it, the more beautiful will be your form and the more quickly will it manifest. This is true whether it is something you wish to create for your personal use or whether you are altruistic enough to so create for the benefit of a world movement. The more love you put into your service, the greater will be your manifestation; the higher will be its quality and the more plentiful its blessings to the world of form.

Fourth: then be sure to hold firmly to the original divine design. In as much humility and selflessness as possible hold to the purity of the pattern which you have received from God and do not attempt to constantly change it with every passing whim.

Fifth: next comes the power of concentration, following thru with one thing at a time, staying with it until it is wholly completed. It is better to do one thing well than to do a hundred things imperfectly. Your phrase "Jack of all trades and master of none" refers to this wavering consciousness. Do not allow fear and doubt or ridicule of the outer world to make you feel that it cannot be done! When a mental picture is flashed to your mind and you deliberately call it forth again, you begin to draw forth the reality of that picture. Your fundaments, given to you for your use years ago by the ascended master St. Germain gave you this instruction. For instance, if you want financial freedom hold to that idea and see that substance visible and tangible in your hands and use now. If you want youth in your bodies so that they do not show age and if you want freedom from certain limitations of mind and the flesh body, greater freedom to serve this cause, get the definite picture of just what you do want and stay with that one idea until you have brought it forth into outer physical manifestation! Let there be no ifs or buts in your consciousness and your universe concerning it. When that which you have conceived and willed to bring forth hurts no man or any part of life it will be a blessing to the universe. If you will love life enough to stay with it, if you will be humble enough to let God do his will thru it, if you will concentrate upon one thing at a time, you can produce your manifestation!

Seventh: now your idea which you wish to precipitate into form must be nourished in rhythm, with at least as much regularity as you take your meals into your flesh body each day.

Sixth: last but not least, when your manifestation finally appears in the purity of form in which you have desired and designed it, you must hold the peace and harmony of feeling which seals your entire creation in divine protection.

When these seven steps have been completed according to this divine pattern, you will see and know that the creative powers of the Elohim are universal and can be used by anyone at will!

You know, there was no such thing as disease, decay, disintegration or fermentation before mankind lost their feelings of harmony. Rust, old, everything that is unpleasant even in the nature kingdom, has appeared because the quality of the Elohim of Peace is not manifest in the form which has been created. Look at the magnificent homes, temples and cities which have come forth in the past from the minds and energies of man, creations which have crumbled into decay today. Whole continents have sunk from sight beneath the waves of the sea, all because the final activities of peace and harmony were not sustained.

In your personal lives think of the perfection of the body which was given to you at birth. Of course you cannot consciously remember it but I can tell you it was beautiful, precipitated into the world of form. It would never have known decay or imperfection of any kind if the flame of peace had been sealed around it, protecting it from the mass consciousness of disintegration. The activity of disintegration is as far from that of etherealization as darkness is from light. Etherealiztion of form is a part of the divine plan of the universe. Every ascended master or cosmic being, every God intelligence on any star or system when wielding the powers of precipitation deliberately wills the length of time thru which any form of manifestation shall endure. Then at his conscious direction, when that form has served its divine purpose for being, it is harmoniously and beautifully returned to the unformed without any marks of disintegration, such as odor or appearances of imperfection. This etherealization is done beautifully to music and the substance which has thus served is given a definite blessing by the being who originally drew it forth.

Decaying bodies and molding form are the records on the Book of Life of inharmony. Now, as the beloved ascended master El Morya chooses to build a new activity which will be the heart of a world movement to make our Earth freedom's star, I tell you truly today that the greatest wisdom, the strongest will, the most powerful application will not sustain and expand that new activity unless the feelings of divine love, peace and tranquility are held uninterrupted by those who love these qualities more than they love having their own way!

From the time of the Fall of man many, many magnificent civilizations have come into being and returned to nothingness because of the lack of sustained harmony and peace. Hundreds and thousands of times all thru the ages you have drawn forth one physical body after another, only to have them periodically disintegrate into formlessness after they had served you for a time--all because of the lack of sustained harmony in your feelings and the feelings of those about you. Now I think perhaps I AM projecting Myself into the discourse of the Elohim of Peace and I should give Him the courtesy of allowing Him to describe his own activities in the universe. However, since He is such a mild and harmonious one, methinks He would not be as vehement in his plea for sustained harmony as I have been here. Perhaps I shock you with My fiery insistence upon sustained harmony, for you would not ordinarily expect this from the Elohim of love.

Dictations via Geraldine Innocente: : Orion
Dictations via Geraldine Innocente: :El Morya