Some portion of the great cosmic tapestry your lifestream alone can fulfill. Some part of the great solar scheme only your own Causal Body and your own stream of qualified light can manifest. Some keynote in the great cosmic symphony of eternity you alone can offer and all of our universe waits on the acquiescence of the outer self to the Will of the God that beats your heart that you may externalize the perfection of the divine plan.

I bring to your consciousness again my strong conviction that it is merely a matter of accepting the perfection of your Presence, the beauty of that Holy Christ Self that it can externalize in every cell and atom of your being. Today with all the power of my own heart I charge into your mental body, I charge into your feeling world, I charge into your etheric body, I charge into your physical body the glorious power of the Resurrection Flame to reverse the currents that have tied the energies of those bodies into the appetites, passions and lusts of the lower octave and formed the magnetic pull and gravity pull that has bound you to the Earth! You shall be free! In the name of God I say to that energy, return to the Christ from whence you came! In the name of Light I command you to never again connect with the discord and the appearances of the outer world! Remain focused on that light until the magnetic power of the Holy Christ Self draws even the flesh structure into self-luminosity and every cell and atom of every one of those bodies becomes a radiant conductor of the God quality and virtue for which your lifestream came into being!

Opportunity in our realm always gives Us joy because as conditions arise & experiences occur, We emit light, more light and more light until thru those very experiences We become greater conductors of the love and light of Heaven.

Beloved friends, I AM grateful for the attention of mankind upon our particular Brotherhood. At the Christmas season We are given a little more attention by the masses but for the most part the services of the Archangels has been little understood. Our illustrious Lord and Prince, beloved Michael, has for the most part been before the consciousness of the mankind of Earth. My beloved brother Raphael has had a limited acquaintance with the spiritual students upon the path and I have had the questionable merit of being a master performer upon the wind instrument (trumpet) by which the dead are called to life. However, my service goes far beyond that! I AM so eager to be accepted as a power to resurrect within you, if you will alow me, the powers that are latent within your lifestream.

You are fired for the moment with the enthusiasm of our Presence and the pressure of our Auras and our Light, but so soon you slip back again into the acceptance of the chains of your karma, the heritage of your race, the thoughts of age and general decrepitude. It is NOT necessary, beloved hearts, to slip back again into that acceptance of limitation when you have been raised into your freedom time and time again within our Presence, when you grasped with new hope and assurance the conviction of your God mastery and reality! Then you again closed the doors and windows of your consciousness and allowed sense avenues to report to you that the appearance world is real, unyielding and master.

I command your freedom from the domination of your own outer senses! I command your allegiance to your own God consciousness! I command the sustenance within your feeling worlds to accept the conviction that you are God-master by light! Will you accept that in the fullness of your hearts? If you find yourselves returning into a consciousness of frustration, invoke Me! Use my name, my name and my power! I AM the Angel of Resurrection that stood by the recumbent form of the master Jesus and at the moment when the Resurrection was to be completed FLASHED my flame together with the Maha Chohan thru that body and it stood forth, master over death! What I have done for Him, what I have done for the members of the Retreat at Luxor, I can do for any man, any woman and child on the planet who will choose to have Me for a friend! Your own worlds are full of shadow, looking upon them my heart is wrung. Standing here this morning listening to your mighty songs and invocations and seeing yet the chains in which you are bound, seeing burning within the crucible of your heart the fire of freedom, I long for the consciousness that can accept Us, really stand within the promise given by all God-beings thru the ages and which can be fulfilled thru flesh. This shall be done one day.

I Gabriel AM speaking into your hearts, REMEMBER ME! Call forth that Flame of the Resurrection. Let that which seems dead within you live! The light of god, the youth of God, the sight of God, the hearing of God, the beauty of God, the love of God, the all-encompassing nature of God is alive within you. There is an ember in your hearts, else you would not have a physical form. There is a spark in which is the all-power of the Almighty and I breathe upon it with the flame of my spirit--Come now forth, ye that sleep! Stand revealed in mastery and be God Free! I thank you.

Mighty Orion, dictated thru G. I., Oct. 3, 1954, in full:

I AM Orion Elohim of Love, that divine love which has caused to come into being every sun and galaxy in the universe, every star and every planet, every form, from the great solar galaxy to the tiniest elemental and atom belonging to this planet.

Divine love is a positive and not a negative quality. I come into the atmosphere of Earth this morning on the wings of divine love, bringing with Me the concentrated flame of that love. This flame has been the magnetic cohesive power which drew into being the Earth upon which your feet stand, the very physical bodies in which you presently function and every other manifestation which appears here. Every form which you enjoy is a part of my being, held together by the flame of my love, for if divine love, which is cohesion, were to cease to be all in the universe would return to the unformed and become again part of primal life.

This morning I bring into the atmosphere of Earth the fullness of that pink flame and ray individually for you! I bring it as a melting, dissolving spiritual alchemy to remove those resentments and pressures of energy within your feeling worlds, deeply imbedded within your memories. These pressures are caused by the records of many unhappy experiences of the past which have formed wounds and scars within your etheric bodies. These wounds and scars burst open upon the slightest provocation, spewing forth again the poison of past enmities, past feuds and past misunderstandings.

Man knows not what he carries around with him, buried deeply within that realm which science calls the subconscious mind, that realm in which there are atrophied the memories of every experience in every embodiment from the first day the lifestream fell from grace up to the present moment. Sometimes those from the God-free realms who guard and govern the destinies of world movements almost shudder when they look upon the ever-weakening scar-tissue which the glorious Builders of Form seek to weave over those hurts and distresses in the etheric body. However, in order to fulfill itself, the divine plan brings together again and again certain lifestreams, each one of whom carries these memories of past enmities between them, the divine plan presenting over and over agin new opportunities to make things right. Sometimes the very proximity of these individuals to each other, even in divine service, will cause provocations to arise which are similar to those which made the original wounds. Then these wounds are likely to burst open once more, tearing asunder the etheric body. This releases again into action those feelings of rebellion and buried hates from the past which originally destroyed the comradeship and affinity of these lifestreams for each other and weakens those ties which should bind their hearts in wondrous love.

Beloved ones, will you now consciously give me your attention, please? If you know of any lifestream with whom in this Earth life you are not in complete accord, consciously draw the image of that person before your mind's eye now and let Me give you the pressure of my feeling of unconditional loving forgiveness toward that one. If you will accept this, it will cut you free from the recoil of the energies of those past mistakes which made the enmity in the beginning. Experiences of physical embodiment, good or bad, weave ties that if they are not worked out here on Earth will have to be balanced in another realm thru your inner vehicles.

This hour I blaze and blaze and blaze into, thru and around you the most concentrated action of pure divine love, increasing its intensity and pressure until it will be impossible for you to even retain the memory of injustice or to allow again the stirring of so-called righteous indignation. Accept this now and be free! This is the gift of love which I bring into the heart and world of each one of you who will accept it.

Creation by the Elohim--Orion continues--

I AM one of those whose great joy it is to paint upon the cosmic canvas, responding in love to intelligences who desire to bring into being whole universes. Our first activity is the making of the decision wherein We will to comply with the design created by some God-being. Then We look upon that pattern held within the bosom of the great being known as the Silent Watcher and in order to begin such creation first We join together our energies in love and consecrate them unto the completion of the God-design. We love to use our life to unfold some portion of the divine plan in some galaxy or system. The great God-parents Themselves designed a system with their own hearts and consciousnesses, a series of potential planets, each to provide habitation for the evolutions which were to come forth thereon. These God-parents created that entire design in love. Why did They do this? You have been told that God divided the rays in order to have something to love. He gave intelligent consciousness to you so that you might share the joy of creation.

When Helios and Vesta had completed that design, it was love in the heart of the great Silent Watcher that answered their call and brought Her before Them. Then the Silent Watcher accepted into her bosom their divine design for this particular system. She held it within Herself exactly as She received it from Them, until such time as the Elohim gathered around Her, looking upon the divine plan of this creation which She held. for this gigantic task the beloved Helios and Vesta summoned to their assistance the Seven Mighty Elohim.

First the mighty fiat of Hercules went forth to those of Us who work as one body. Said He: "A new system is to be born, a new set of God-parents has chosen to create a series of planets. I AM called upon to give the decision as to whether or not the Seven Elohim will choose to cooperate with the manifesting of this plan. Do you, my beloved associates, choose to be a part of this creation?" In answer each one of Us rushed forth in love, grateful for opportunity to serve. Each of Us said "I WILL!" As Spokesman for Us all, Hercules then preceded Us to the Thrones of Helios and Vesta and announcing our decision said: "Beloved God-parents, WE WILL to create your system for You. What now is Your design?

It was love which enabled Us to have the courtesy to accept the design of those beings, rather than to project our own. Then, in their great wisdom and light Helios and Vesta asked the great Elohim Cassiopea to pass his golden flame thru the body of the Silent Watcher and reveal the magnificent divine pattern for this solar system. We all stood looking upon it with love, interest and admiration, seeing the size of each planet and the number of lifestreams which were to come upon it. In love We looked upon the hope of the God-parents of this system.

Then in the activity of my ray began our service of creation. Love, the universal magnet which all life must obey, drew primal life from its quiescent state at my command and that primal life obediently took form according to the pattern which We perceived in the bosom of the Silent Watcher. Thus We proceeded in the creation of each planet.

Dictations via Geraldine Innocente: