Cyclopea dictation concludes with Yearly Informal Gathering at Shamballa

Beloved ones, while you are standing here the love and light of the King's Highway now opened is releasing the gifts of its light to the universe. At this time Shamballa's blazing Altar holds upon it the immortal Threefold Flame of Life which the beloved Sanat Kumara has brought here from Venus and sustained by his very life all thru the ages. That great one now walks among his guests, greeting and blessing them. The masters too greet each other and walk arm in arm. Some of them have not seen their friends for a very long time, having been engaged in specific services in various places, also the angels and devas in restraint but yet in great joy meet and clasp hands....

Tonight this is an informal gathering. All of the great Chohans, all of the great masters, all of the angels connected with Earth's evolutions look forward all year to this annual return to Shamballa. In a way it is similar to the way you feel when you are returning home, only much more joyous and glorious because each one knows something of the great welcome he will receive from the King, and tonight all are in informal attire. Most of those present are in long white tuniics or tunics of various colors.

The beloved Lady Venus has come and She and Sanat Kumara have been walking together among the guests. Someone has placed a beautiful lei of flowers around Venus' neck. Beloved Victory is also present. Many of your more recently ascended friends are at this gathering tonight, especially all of those from this group here who have ascended some time since, and when you leave your body tonight while it sleeps, you too will come and join Us.

The doors have been opened now to the great Central Temple wherein abides the great Sanat Kumara. Those of you who are familiar with the procedure here will remember that a bouquet of the favorite flowers of each master is precipitated before that one as he or she enters the Temple. This is a personal gift from the host, Sanat Kumara. So, everyone is adorned with flowers. Some of the Lady Masters wear them in their hair, if it is piled high upon their heads or if the hair is loosely worn, they wear the flowers as a corsage. Some of the Gentlemen wear them in the belt of their magnificent tunics.

All the air is filled with such joy because as each newcomer enters and sees a heart-friend there is a burst of music. This outburst of melody is a natural expression of their feelings of gratitude for this blessing of renewed friendship. There is that feeling of reunion after having been separated by variations of service in the field for so long. In the background there is soft music playing, instrumental music only. However, in the distance you can hear the happy singing of the Cherubic Choir. Wherever great numbers of the Cherubim are gathered in cosmic activity, especially at Shamballa, They express their happiness in song. It is just their natural expression of joy. You can hear the overtones of that beautiful music in the distance as the Cherubim float in the atmosphere.

Beloved Lord Maitreya is also here tonight in informal attire wearing golden sandals and the white garment which is deeply embroidered in purple at the bottom and at the cuffs of the sleeves. This color brings out the magnificent violet of his eyes. The eyes of Lord Maitreya re beyond description in their beauty I think.

Tonight's activity is preparatory to the great formal ceremony of next Saturday--Transmission of the Flame activity--but the Flame is already present upon the Altar and its radiation is a tremendously vivifying blessing to all. As you look at the festivities and see everyone with happy smiling faces you will note that once in a while a quiet group will enter who stand by the great pillars and do not seem to mingle with the guests. These are chelas who have left their physical bodies while they sleep and have been drawn here by directing their attention toward Shamballa before entering sleep, hoping to get there! They are a little on the timid side and they stand on the fringe of the activities. However, a little later they will be approached by one of the angelic envoys and drawn into the happiness of the occasion. Later this evening you too will come to Us in your finer bodies

Every guest who enters Shamballa brings our beloved host a personal gift. The harvest of this year's endeavors will be brought to his Altar next Saturday (Transmission night) but these gifts of which I now speak are personal to Him. Sanat Kumara already has many leis of flowers around his neck, He wears flowers in his hair and carries others. Sanat Kumara is so gracious, He never refuses any gift that is given, however small it may be. From time to time beloved Meta, beloved Lady Venus and some of the others relieve Him of this overflow and They bank them upon a table which is nearby. Then in a moment or two He is literally covered again with these beautiful expressions of love.

The Archangels and Archaii are here, the Seraphic Host in Their great dignity are present also. Beloved Maha Chohan appears with unbound hair tonight. This is most unusual for Him in a public gathering. Pallas Athena, who usually wears her hair piled high upon her head is wearing it just hanging down her back tonight and it is held together at the nape of her neck by a jewelled barrette.

Now I AM told that our gathering here will listen if you care to sing your song to beloved Sanat Kumara and send your love here. This will help you to prepare for the greatest Transmission of the Flame activity this Earth has thus far known. (Group sings.)

All of these happy smiling friends at Shamballa are now sending their positive, powerful feelings of love to you which I know you do feel. Consciously accept it and ask that it be eternally sustained, all-powerfully active and ever-expanding.

By the way, dear hearts, when our beloved guests come to Shamballa, they use the music of that lovely melody from Lemuria ("Auld Lang Syne") and when they leave Shamballa they use the melody "God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again". You have tuned in to this in your selection of the music of that hymn as your closing song in your meetings.

Now as you move freely about in the heart of Shamballa tonight, tomorrow night and Saturday, you will bring here the harvest of your year's endeavors. Just think how much that is this time, every lifestream incarnating on Earth this year has taken the vow to serve Sanat Kumara, hundreds of the Sleepers have arisen from their beds, some of those have been sleeping for centuries, thousands of discarnates having been removed from all of the continents, and one hundred fifty of the most difficult of the lifestreams from the Compound are now willing to enter the Halls of Karma and stand before the Karmic Board. This is a mighty harvest for which the Karmic Board as one--and I as Their Spokesman--give you Their eternal gratitude.

Persevere in well-doing! You have proven to Us what can be done. This coming year more children will be born with better bodies, with limbs that are straight and strong, with eyes that can see, ears that can hear, lips that can speak, hands and arms perfect and not withered and with balanced minds which will be able to consciously connect with the God-self. Besides all this there has been the dissolving of the great cloud of that shadowed substance over Africa--the third episode of Washington's Vision. This latest accomplishment took place within the last two weeks. O what a harvest! No wonder there come to the Earth now cosmic envoys from the Great Central Sun! Weary not in well-doing! Persevere! When your manifestations seem to lag, think of Me and say, If Cyclopea (or Vista) had not persevered, my feet would not be standing on the Earth today, nor could I look at the blue sky. There would be no America and no focus on Earth for the freedom flame. Cyclopea had no more with which to work than I have, He had only light, consecration of purpose and concentration of energy to follow thru, follow thru, follow thru to victory in God's name!

I thank you.

Gabriel dictates thru G. I., 12-27-1953, in full:

Hail, sons and daughters of the living God incarnate! I come from the Throne of the King of Kings to bring you remembrance of your divine identity, to bring to you again remembrance of the heritage which awaits your claiming so that you may externalize it to the glory of your Father and the redemption of the Earth which has so long been your greatest and most patient protector and hostess.

I come from the realm of the Light of God That Never Fails into the shadows of the Earth plane and I say to you, Gods and Goddesses! Why sit ye in the shadows when within your heart beats that fire of immortality? It contains within itslef the power to redeem, to transmute, to harmonize, to purify, to heal, to supply and to regulate every condition, even with the speed of thought!

I AM known as the Archangel of the Resurrection. It is my privilege and honor working with Hierarchy to bring to life again the consciousness of mastery which is the preordained destiny for every man, woman and child belonging to this evolution, as well as those who are the vowed guardians of it.

Time and again as the ages have unrolled have I been sent forth by the King of Kings to flash the flame from my own heart thru the consciousness of some seeking souls who had been caught in the meshes of human thinking and feeling and had forgotten the dignity, the mastery of the God-dominion which should be externalized by every lifestream. When that soul in honest, earnest searching came to a point of momentum in individual application where the Father of Light asked Me to give the pressure of my flame and feeling into that consciousness, illumination took place! In India Lord Buddha experienced it and the mental aphorisms and truths that He had accepted in thought suddenly flared into the flame of acceptance and feeling and He became a God-free being on that instant. He knew then in every fibre and cell and atom of every one of his seven facets the full truth that He was Himself the God-power externalized to expand the glory of the kingdom and to bring to all life more of the opulence and perfection, the natural activity of that kingdom.

Before the birth of the beloved Mother Mary when She was given the great opportunity of accepting the responsibility of mothering the Brother Jesus, She asked that after her incarnation when the time of her great mission would be upon her that I be permitted to bring the remembrance to her outer consciousness of that mission and the beauty and perfection of the Electronic Body of the beloved Jesus. The King of Kings gave Me permission, I gave her my vow, and before She took her earth-body I said "Mary, I shall be there!"

Some years later I stood by her side and fulfilled that promise. I said the words that have come down from generation to generation and which form even yet a cosmic bond between Mary, Myself and the mankind of Earth who have incorporated them in their prayers.

Well do I remember that hour! Well do I remember the beauty and innocence of that exquisite Lady of Light, the strength within that lifestream and yet the gentleness and grace. I could say with all honesty "Hail, thou Mary full of grace! The LORD is with Thee." So I say to you today, daughters and sons of the eternal God of Light: Hail thou children! May you remain ever in a state of grace until that hour when your feelings can accept your own divine blueprint, your divine image, the glory and perfection of your Holy Christ Self, and you can manifest that to the glory of God and to the encouragement of your fellowman!

I ask with all the power of my accumulated momentum of light thru the ages that there be resurrected within your consciousness this day the memory of the powers which are yours to use in expanding the borders of the Kingdom of Heaven!

I dwell within the Fourth Realm and Sphere, and I work with the great Serapis and the Holy Christ Selves of almost the entire human race. I AM therefore well acquainted with the divine perfection for every lifestream belonging to this evolution. I worship in the same temples. I stand side by side with your Christ Selves day after day. I AM well equipped to convey to you the feeling that it is time that you open the doors and windows of your soul to the reality of that exquisite majestic divine Presence made in the Image of the Father and the Mother of this system which it is your duty and responsibility to externalize!

For this were you born not once, beloved ones, but millions and millions of times! For this have the forces of the elements given up their freedom and made for you body after body after body. For this has the ceaseless stream of electronic light flowed from the heart of the Sun sustaining your consciousness and individuality. For this has your groaning Earth continued to revolve upon her axis. For this has the Sun shone in the heavens and the green harvest produced for you the sustenance for your bodies. For this does Aries fill the atmosphere with an air to animate your lungs. For this does the water element provide for you refreshment and purification. All this exists for no other reason than for you to achieve God mastery, to externalize the nature of your own Father, your own Mother, to move forward in the dignified perfection of the princes and princesses in the House of the Lord until your pattern, your manifest example of serenity, poise and dignity, opulence and beauty, perfection and balance shall raise all mankind by that very example.

O beloved people! The mankind of Earth are prisoners of the senses. The beam of energy and light which animates the human body and flows uncontrolled thru the senses anchored into the substance of earth is the gravity pull more strong than the power within the soul to rise into a harmonious state of being!

If We could thru those of you who profess to love Us manifest an example of God mastery which would register thru the sense consciousness of mankind, Our Victory would be assured. The mission of the master Jesus remains yet one of the most brilliant comets which has flashed across the pages of history because that mission was performed thru the flesh of his body thru his works and not only thru the words from his lips!

The transfiguration, the resurrection, the ascension were manifest facts which the sense consciousness of mankind confirmed and could not deny. The risen dead, the sick made whole, were manifestations of the law externalized, proving the mastery of the God-life. That must come again thru men and women willing to live in a state of grace. Mankind has played with that word for centuries. I would ask you to think upon it deeply. The vibratory action of heaven is harmony. The vibration of every master and angel and deva, of the Godhead Himself and His great celestial counterpart is harmony. When you are within a state of harmony toward life, you are in a state of grace. That means that your energy can connect with the harmonious energy of any ascended or cosmic being on an instant, and that they in turn when occasion demands may use you as conductors to flash the flame of protection, of healing, of balance thru a city, a nation or an entire planet.

Energy and vibration are impersonal, beloved ones, and the state of the vibratory action of your inner bodies either connects with the ascended master octave or the psychic and astral realm in which unfortunately your physical bodies are presently forced to move. When you are in a state of harmony, of tolerance, of kindly peace, your vibratory action is one with the Kingdom of Heaven which swings all around you and at any moment the master powers of the universe may reach you as the requirements of the hour demands. If our beloved Mary for instance at the moment ordained for the visitation and the annunciation had for some reason not been in a state of grace, the moment would have come and gone, and I should not have been able to connect my energies with her world. Think of it! Who knows when that moment may be! A constant state of spiritual preparedness has been advised in our Biblical lore. Please maintain a constant state of vigilance, a constant preparation and sustenance of purity, harmony and balance within your inner bodies, for no one knows the hour that the Bridegroom cometh. For each man it shall be a different hour. For each lifestream the moment of contact between the Holy Christ Self and the outer consciousness will be at a different moment, dependent upon the momentum of the centuries, dependent upon the contemplation of the lifestream and certain cosmic currents that the Holy Christ Self would utilize.

I do not like to give you a sense of over-responsibility because your sincerity is so great. Your presence with Us is proof of your desire to cooperate. So often when We point out truths which could assist the earnest ones upon the path, We succeed only in creating a further tension in an endeavor thru human will to accomplish. However, I would like to say that I have seen more than one lifestream destined to receive the cosmic call from the Presence and, just before that time, lose that state of grace and for that entire embodiment lose the opportunity of that freedom!

Religion is not a matter of ceremony alone. It is a matter of daily, hourly living. It is a matter of plain ordinary common sense. It is a matter of discipline, self-control, contemplation. It is too of course the development of love and gratitude for life itself and for the God who has given that life and sustained your presence in the universe for millions of years, hoping to fulfill thru you a destiny which cannot be fulfilled thru any other individual.

Dictations via Geraldine Innocente: