Raising up the mother light, the inherent wisdom, awareness of tai-chi or harmony, is the hallmark of the entry into the unfolding new age. Aquarius is the waterbearer of pristine energies. One may overturn the worn habit patterns of intellectualism & banalities, the old ruler, for the freshness of mother nature's simplicity, patience, steadfastness and willingness. The turning 180 degrees of the poles of the earth may well reference the poles of one's own earth when the soul has determined to become its true potential despite the overlays of worn habit. This is a true revolution because it is one's own resourcing of life. In the I Ching revolution is the inverse of T'ing, the cauldron.

Because the mother light has been lifted up thru the ministrations of St. Germain and other exponents of freedom in America and the world, there is tremendous opportunity to ratify the revolution in higher consciousness within by one's daring to engage life in the raw honest one-on-one manner. For those entering the path of awakening via soul determination which will not accept less than one's rightful inheritance (inherent nature), the poles do shift! The old modes do go under and are treaded under via nature's wisdom vibrant and rising to one's crown cycle by cycle as one so discovers this!

To some, life comes in renewing hope and courage to forge ahead despite the wreckages of civilizations via vain repetitious commandeering of resources, mental manipulations & such. Man needs foremost to command himself, then by developed consciousness he may help all life to be wholesome and capable. Supply accompanies such an endeavor due to one's magnetizing energy to oneself naturally (things generate after their own kind). Five examples of commandeering of resources, mental manipulations and the like are reviewed in the next sections for those who need to look into recent politics.

Five Political Riddles Reviewed

The five are 1. Benazir Bhutto's corruption charges and her disbanning from Pakistan elections; 2. US agricultural subsudies; 3. India's Gujarat religious violence; 4. bombing of French at Karachi; 5. the killing of Johas Savimbi.

1. In the Benazir Bhutto administration she and her husband Zardari headed both the prime ministry and finance ministry. They could have posted their income to show kickbacks of around 5% or more that they received on various Pakistani state contracts, from gold monopoly trade to customs reorganization to arms deals, all documented online. Or, they could have admitted subsequently to the impropriety involved, but they have preferred to stonewall this matter, and so the Musharraf regime holds them accountable.

2. Pres. Bush is expected to sign the 2002 Congressional measure allocating $190 billion over 10 years to US agriculture in subsidies. Because US finance policy prefers world market basic commodity prices to be held low in order to afford the running of the expensive American economy, there is manipulation long practised. Meanwhile, US farmers of all stripes are generally caught in the low price squeeze, so Congress is choosing to redress somewhat this matter thru huge subsidies.

3. India required Pakistan to deliver 22 most wanted terrorists to India for trial as minimum recompense for the New Delhi Parliament bombing and other acts launched with support from Pakistan. Pakistan refused, counting on her nuclear weaponry in case of war with India, those arms in large measure due to alliance with Peoples Rep. of China. Therefore, Hindu tension toward Pakistan found little primitive passionate outlet, until police authorities in Gujarat were instructed to back off from safeguarding minorities.

4. Similar to the crude India psyche "salve" applied in Gujarat is the Pakistan anti-foreigner "salve" applied by Muslim militants to temporarily bring "relief" in terms of Westerners in their country. That the French happened to be working on Pakistan submarines did not keep them from getting targeted; all are weakened when harmony is not maintained minimally amongst nations and individuals. Naturally other countries also pay this price too of weakening these days.

5.The Angolan civil war between Marxist Luanda regime and Unita took a major turn in 1991 when American foreign policy, under pressure from oil companies, recognized the Luanda regime and dropped the backing of Unita. Five years later the US government supplies Luanda with $200,000 in military assistance. The UN Security Council and the African Development Council took stands in the late 1990s against Unita as well. In autumn 2001 Pres. Bush reaffirmed "the strategic interests of the US in Angola", namely 5% of US imported oil comes via contracts with Luanda regime(this percentage expected to rise in the coming years) under Dos Santos. In 1999 Dos Santo decreed the death of Savimbi, head of Unita, for Unita controlled diamond-producing areas of Angola and continued to resist the Luanda regime. Savimbi's 2002 killing came from a combination of Western hightech, scorched earth policy and employment of mercenaries, along with the Luanda army pursuit. For Condelisa Rice, NSC advisor, to speak of democracy as a great boon to developing countries runs directly counter to the NSC policy position of dealing with the Luanda Marxist regime, and Pres. Bush received Dos Santo in the week following Savimbi's killing. Meanwhile, Dos Santo is scheduled to become head of the Southern Africa Development Council, even though--thanks to?--one-third of Angolan oil revenue being secreted in offshore companies banking in the Bahamas, as Global Witness reports. Luana, the Angolan capital, will experience 98% eclipse of the sun in early 2002, the main city on that eclipse's path.

Entering the Aquarian Age, part 2

Middlemen come into the gap that often forms between professionals of all key fields of life and the general populace who are usually laymen in a given specific field of devotion, say, physics. The basic reason why this so often happens is that most professionals are not well-tuned enough to make crystal clear to the general populace how matters stand in their field, and then there is also the element of taking time and energy to do so. Thus middlemen arise to fill the gap.

The middlemen are often simplifiers, sometimes clarifiers, but they may also make the populace dependent upon their services and thereby middlemen acquire bureaucratic tendencies.

Now every key advance in life tends to reorder things and shake out, at least for awhile but sometimes permanently, the bureaucratic overlay which like habit overlay clogs the freshness of life and so diminishes clarity and swiftness which are imperative to life. Truth for example requires clarity and swiftness. Therefore the internet has been a tremendous boon to the flow and development of life, since middlemen as a whole are far less necessary in internet usage where the initiator of ideas can well achieve directly, without middlemen, great opportunity in providing access to the general public. What is nowadays suddenly extant across the world is a new landscape of opportunity thru the revolution of the internet and thru the scientific ideal of free exchange of ideas.

For example, America and Germany manufacture and release many chemicals into the environment. How is it that both in Canada and Denmark are many leaders presently in environmental control of chemicals? Because, simply, Canadians and Danes live next door to the chemical powerhouse countries and they experience and choose to express their understanding of the dangers so involved. Because the internet now exists, this process of awakening can be exponential, and because scientific innovation so often is exponentially advancing, so must general consciousness, lest dangers run wild and too few heed, as Einstein pointed out.

The champions of the general good have to arise because the weight of neglect on the Earth is stupendous. The champions of the general good are not so limited anymore as communication has opened. The champions of the commong good must help bear the burdens of ignorance. The reason why is simple but profound--freedom is won on two fronts, within oneself & in the world at large. Within anyone are some taints of error, folly, failure, discord, pridefulness or such. These are burnt up in the fervency of one's championing of the common good, even to the degree that love of freedom for all and of one's brothers does heal both wound and neglect. However, as Aesop's fable of the Lion and Mouse has it, let the leonine champions appreciate the cautious value enough not to just try to roar their way thru everything by valor alone that lacks due caution.

-Mt. Shasta, CA, 5-12-2002, Sunday