Mighty Victory, Washington D.C., 4-17-38, excerpts:

Friends of the light! O what a wonderful word friendship is. It is the great impersonal activity of life which by the inner law of its own attraction creates what we know as true friendship. Tonight come with Me into the garden of my heart! May the fullness of thy infinite power, o light within each physical form, find its response in the garden of my heart and gather the flowers which will bloom forever in the gardens of their own hearts. May they stand glorified in all that the great law holds for mankind. It has waited until the attention of mankind would give it the opportunity to flood forth. Today many gardens of life are being set into divine order, and the beauty which is gathering there is exquisite to behold, after many centuries of neglect.

Tonight allow Me to help you in designing or calling forth the reappearance of the design of your garden of life. It waited so long to again take form. In the center of that garden of life is your Home, the Home of Light--exquisitely beautiful, filled with all the treasures that your kind deeds have done, have brought forth and given life. Will you for a few moments allow Me to enter your garden as I have invited you to mine? Let Me assist in the rearrangement of your garden, to put everything in order, so when you bring back the conscious memory of your first visit there you will bring back the victory of light, its rejoicing, its great calm peace, its great and full feeling of mastery over all outer conditions. This is for everyone who will hold his attention to the Presence of light and life, of victory, wisdom and power. Sink you shadows into oblivion, wither and disappear! Come my friends of the light, take your dominion in my household, my Palace of light. Then, as the essence of life fills the crystal cup will you hand that crystal cup to your friends of light following on and say to them: drink of life in its purity and be free!

Behold the mighty Director of your life, the Presence of all life, who thru your higher mental body is the Arranger of life. I hold you within my heart of light that you may rest there in peace, so the fullness of all that life holds for you may flow and never cease, until its great abundance has charged your world with light, has lifted you into the garden of love--into your Palace. Your perfect sight lifts and holds you there in the light and beauty of life. It holds you free and lifts you above all outer strife.

Call with all your heart! Be my friends forever in the light and I will call and lift you thru the power of God's own light. Then, We will move together in the Presence of all that is--all perfection, all life--its beauty and peace in the eternity of light. I thank you and bless you for being willing to enter my garden, that I may enter yours, and We shall, arm in arm, hand in hand, move forward together to your victory in the light.

Victory's Garden

I hold you in my heart of light so you may dwell in peace,/ Then all that life still holds for you will flow and never cease:/ Until its great abundance too has charged your world with light,/ For now the garden of my love is your own Palace bright.

Your Presence lifts and holds you there, its beauty your own life./ The I AM holds and sets you free above all outer strife./ O call to Me with all your heart, my dear friends of the light!/ And I will raise you by my power--the Great Command--My Might!

So arm in arm and hand in hand with Legions of great light,/ We move together ever free in gardens dazzling bright--/ The garden of your heart and mine, life's glory you now see--/ You are my dear friends of the light, I AM your Victory!

Saint Germain, Los Angeles, 1-24-1937, excerpts:

My precious children of the light, great happiness is building each day with a glory and certainty in the onrush of the light in and thru you and out to your world. O it is so much greater than you quite realize. Any moment that your courage wavers just stop a moment, still yourself and think: "What nonsense! My Mighty I AM Presence is giving me life with which I think and speak and move about. therefore I give it the full power to take command in my world and produce perfection. Then just become still and get your human self out of the way a little more. Do you not see that is the principal thing required? We dare not come forth physically until you have Self-control enough not to requalify our energy.

In the morning when you get up, hold your arms to the Presence and say "Mighty I AM Presence, I feel the glory of your energy, health and strength today. Charge them forth into my world, send them everywhere, harmonize and bring everything into perfect condition, and where I physically arrive see that all is prepared. See that there is only joy, harmony and successful achievement."

O what tremendous things it means to your life--just think--when you have served the light enough, the light turns and serves you. Is that not one of the most wonderful things in the universe? It is marvelous, precious ones, to realize and watch your feelings and see what is accurate and what is not. It is training that you need and is what you are going thru. You are getting this training to make you alert to the inner promptings of the Presence thru your higher mental body, making you quick and alert by its action.

"In the great silence or stillness is God's greatest activity."

Why does one need to make the call daily? Because, precious ones, you are moving in a seething vortex of discordant feeling and suggestion from mankind, and you must keep calling to the Presence until you have gained the momentum to be your sustained protection. Every morning call the Presence to draw around you the mighty tube of light as an invincible protection to repel everything unlike the perfection which it is.

The love, blessing and light of the great host of ascended ones, the Legion of light and the great cosmic beings enfold you always unto your ascension. I thank you.