Elohim Astrea, Philadelphia, 11-1-37, excerpts:

Last night in your city another black magician of some momentum was seized and taken from the earthy atmosphere. This individual, or shall I say these individuals, always have physical bodies which give them power to act within the atmosphere of Earth. That is the reason why they act sometimes very powerfully. This individual is one who has spread so much discordant feeling among the people of the Christian Science Church. that is one of the reasons for many of them feeling so antagonistic to this Work. There is no outward reason why any Christian Scientist should oppose this Work, not a reason in the world. It is only the fulfilling of the law, beloved ones, of all activities of the light which have come into the consciousness of mankind on Earth. Every angle of the truth, beloved ones, has contained some more or less portion of the truth, but no one thing has ever yet contained all the truth, until mankind understands the Mighty I AM Presence, the individualized God Presence. It frees them forever from the wheel of birth, rebirth, all limitations and all binding power of the earth. I trust I AM not speaking out of turn, now that this is to be accomplished, when I reveal to you the great intensity with which the staff has been calling for this to be done. Only the greatest blessing in the world can come from issuing that entity decree, because if the entities are not able to free themselves, then the Great Divine Director, the Authority for the Earth, will give them assistance or send Legions of light to give assistance and take them out, for they cannot do that of themselves.

This is the first time I have flashed my own words direct to the children of Earth, and it is the beginning of my work which will clear the atmosphere of Earth for the incoming Golden Age. I should not be surprised to see a very great change in the atmosphere of Europe in the next three months. I trust it will be so. Do you know that there are hundreds today who call themselves communists that are not communists at heart? Such suggestions dominate individuals thru hate and fear, and it is all the work of the black magicians. They have tried various means of holding the attention of mankind upon destructive things in order to destroy them; but the light knows its own and while many times thru the centuries there has been the so-called battle between the light and darkness, yet because of the great cosmic wheel, certain things could not be done until it revolved to a certain point.

Thus far there is no one yet drawn under this radiation who has not known this law before, who has not known great perfection. Then mankind says "Well, if that be the case, how did I ever get in this condition?" Because you turned away from your Mighty I AM Presence. Until something came forth to draw their attention once again to their source, their God the Mighty I AM Presence, there was no means of holding the attention with sufficient continuous action for any permanent accomplishments to be made. O these unhappy individuals who have tried to turn students aside from this stream of light! Individuals must be earnest, sincere and keep up those great currents of energy and their application long enough to let consume all of the discord and disturbance which has been generated. The light of your Presence will flood your body, even the atomic structure of your body. It is in the same identical manner as the light floods this room when you press the button or turn on the switch. Do you not see how magnificent, how easy the operation of these magnificent laws of life are? That is why some occult students felt very unhappy toward the Messengers, for they thought they were running wild and overstepping all bounds because those individuals did not know the authority which was back of them.

We speak with authority. We are the Authority. We are the Law when We speak these words to you. These words are crystal cups just as tangible as the crystal cup in this Messenger's hand on the side of Mt. Shasta. O your privilege is so great! I say to you, the change which has taken place in your feeling world since you entered this room tonight--let Me use just one word, amazing! None of you could ever be the same again! Now when you go forth, do not let your human begin to accept the old conditions of the outer world. You must be the guardian there. Remember! You are the guardian at the gate of your feeling and the first moment any discordant thing attempts to express in your feeling, say STOP! You can say it just as firmly silently as verbally of course. When the great ones give the slightest intimation of a thing for you to do, let alone a request, instant obedience to their idea would bring such blessing as no one in human form can imagine.

Release the great power of life, its great great kindness! Let it flood forth! Remember, when something urgent needs to be done, then is the time to be still and let the great power of divine love from the Mighty I AM Presence flood forth to harmonize your world. All are coming to understand more each day that self-control, dominion and harmony in the feelings are the open doors to the perfection of the whole universe, for thru those feelings the Presence will flood into your world and find expression there. It is the law of life! It is a natural law. I insist that my feeling enter into your world and hold its dominion there until you gain the full confidence and victory of that which I know to be and which I know is in you. One day when We meet in the great octave of light, you shall shake my hand and say to Me: "I remember that night on Earth when my freedom came."

I charge it to be ever sustained and active there, giving you the courage, confidence and strength to stand dauntless in the light of your I AM Presence until its full power comes forth, finds its dominion and expression in you and your world, releases you from all limitation and then gives you your ascension in the light. Enter into the glory of your Palace of light, your Home in the light! I thank you.

Kuthumi, Los Angeles, 12-19-37, excerpts:

The time is so short--the radio broadcasting and transcriptions make it possible to reach enough of mankind to hold the balance. Do you realize that his means the balance of the whole Earth, dear people? If America cannot call this balance into action, then balance everywhere is lost to the Earth! I do not mean that anyone should feel unduly responsible, but you can with a joyous and happy feeling in your heart make the necessary call not only to your Presence, but call the Presence to reach its hands out to touch the hearts of mankind and awaken them everywhere that they may come into this light and the Understanding of their Mighty I AM Presence--for it is the only means of bring the release which will hold the balance for the people.

Call on the law of forgiveness and do not ever look back! To the degree that you are out of harmony do you add to the downpull of mankind into greater chains. Unhappy individuals do not understand that their viciousness is their own destruction. The pity is that they must meet and reap it all, but it cannot affect mankind! It does not! A few who may be temporarily disturbed soon right themselves and go on in the light. You are not resposible for anything else except what flows thru you.

Our beloved St. Germain has accomplished more in three years than Morya and Myself did in the many years of our humble efforts. I shall never forget the night in Philadelphia when the Goddess of Liberty announced Herself as the one who gave Washington that vision of America's three tests. I shall never forget the Messenger's feeling, for he had long wanted to know. (Likewise, some longed to know who depicted the Chart of the Presence originally, that was Arthur Brooks of New York; who is the Tall Master from Venus--Mighty Victory.)

Do you understand what it means, beloved ones today, for great beings of freedom to come forth willingly to give you the assistance and do for you what you cannot do for yourselves? The light just flows into your world and that is the end of human creation. Do not kid yourselves. You have all authority, ability and power to keep yourselves harmonized and allow this great infinite power of light to flow forth and do its perfect work for you. These things are mighty! It is no one's imagination.

When you begin to feel your dominion and feel more and more humble each day, then as you gain strength, power and energy in the release thru the call to your Presence you will pour forth such a power of freedom and blessing to your fellowman, your environment and your associates as you never did before. For your great earnestness, We have just stopped and given praise and thanks to the source of all life that it is possible today for mankind to be so awakened, to be so earnest in this call that is tangible and visible to Us. Today in this radiance here you are raised (in light vibration). Will you please take advantage of the opportunity and determine to stand in it and remain there? You can positively do it! When you really see the glory which you really are, nothing will stop you again. It is your Presence which accomplishes the victory.

The people of California have made it possible for much to be done which otherwise would have been impossible, financially and otherwise. Ere long in the cities of the east there will come this same great awakening in numbers. You have been so ready and willing. I feel the great strength in every one of you and know that you are going forward quickly into the fullness of your victory, everyone of you! I thank you for this opportunity today to speak my heart to yours and to let you know that I rejoice with you in the sure and steady victory you are winning. Blessed people of California, you have made it possible for this light to be carried to the rest of America. It is magnificent!

In the fullness of the infinite power of light, the glory of God the Mighty I AM Presence, I call its almighty power into action to enfold you in its infinite protection, direct you by its mighty intelligence, cause all human mistakes and discord to cease at once in and from your world forever, to set you free and to give you such courage and confidence in your call, your application that everytime you apply the law the answer comes quickly. May it give you the full consciousness of your victory in the light now! I thank you.

Maitreya's Era: